Chris Tomlin – Resurrection Power

Chris Tomlin – Official Music Video for “Resurrection Power.”

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The Meaning of “the Resurrection of the Dead” – Bible Study

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Why Did Jesus Appear for Forty Days After Resurrection? Jesus worked for three and a half years, was nailed to the cross and tasted life’s bitterness and sweetness. Why did He appear for forty days after resurrection?
The Diverse Meanings of the Lord Jesus’ Resurrection If the Lord Jesus had not been resurrected, the work of God’s incarnation would have been buried by Satan, and man would not have believed His work during His time in the flesh or ...
God Guides Me to Cast Off Arrogance, I Relate Well to Manager Being deeply afflicted by the arrogant disposition, I couldn’t relate well to my manager. However, God has changed me and I can relate well to my manager now.
Examine My Life Anew After Being Betrayed by Husband A happy family was in a fragile state because of my husband’s betrayal. When I was in pain and confusion, it was God’s word that guided me to regain happiness.

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