God Is My Reliance in the Midst of Religious Persecution

By Yang Lin

Outside the window, a cold wind was rustling and there was a nip in the air. It told people the winter had come. Yang Lin was lying on the bed counting the days with her fingers. It had been several months since she left home. When she left, her husband was still working out of town and their child lived alone. She didn’t know how they were at present, and in the winter, if there was someone looking after their child, buying him warm clothes, offering him the heating and cooking him a hot meal and waiting for him to return home from school. All of those things were done by her before and her child was dependent on her all the time, but now … Thinking of this, Yang Lin couldn’t help feeling an anguish at her heart. The scenes of her leaving home recurred to her again …

God is my reliance in the midst of religious persecution

Getting up that morning, Yang Lin prayed and practiced spiritual devotions properly as usual. Suddenly she heard a banging noise on the door. She thought: “It may be a customer coming to buy things in my shop.” Then she wrapped up the book of God’s words and put it on a small windowsill in the kitchen and then she went to open the door. To her surprise, when the door was opened, three policemen in uniform barged in. They looked around as if they wanted to find something. One policeman asked her darkly: “Do you believe in God?” She didn’t say anything for a short while. The policeman stared at her fiercely, gritting his teeth and saying “Humph!” and then he began to make a mess of everything in her shop. At that moment she was very nervous, and she worried about the two books of God’s words placed in the cloth on the counter, which was given by a sister just a few days ago. If the books were found by the evil policemen, they would be the evidence that the policemen arrested her, so she felt very nervous. At the moment, she could only pray to God silently and told everything to God. The evil police made a mess of everything, but they didn’t find anything about the church. Seeing this, she breathed a sigh of relief. All of a sudden, one evil policeman straight walked before the counter and stared at the bundles of cloth with fixed eyes. Her heart jumped into her throat again. She bowed her head in silent prayer immediately and didn’t dare to leave God in her heart. Just then she thought of God’s words: “You should know that all things in the environment around you are there by My permission, I arrange it all. See clearly and satisfy My heart in the environment I have given to you. Do not fear, Almighty God of hosts will surely be with you; He has your back and He is your Shield” (“The Twenty-sixth Utterance”). Her heart calmed down at once. She took a towel and dusted the counter, pretending as if nothing was wrong. She felt God was with her and her heart produced a kind of power unwittingly. She thought: I will submit to God’s sovereignty whether the evil police find the books or not. If I am arrested, I will stand testimony for God even if I die. I absolutely will not sell my brothers and sisters or betray God like shameless Judas. When she got everything ready, she saw the evil police felt this or that bundle of cloth. He felt for a while but didn’t find anything, leaving the counter disappointedly. Yang Lin thanked God silently in her heart.

But unexpectedly, the evil policemen went into other rooms to search because they didn’t reconcile themselves to a failure in finding the evidence here. Yang Lin remembered the book of God’s words she read this morning was still on the windowsill in the kitchen. She thought: The book surely will be found. The three policemen walked into the rooms quickly and searched them through but they found nothing. At last, they went away in dejection. Yang Lin ran into the kitchen and saw the book of God’s words was still on the windowsill. She was so happy. She kept praising God. She knew it was God that covered their eyes, so that they found nothing. Meanwhile, she experienced personally God’s almightiness and sovereignty through this type of environment and she had more faith in God.

sun and winter

On the same day, Yang Lin related that to the church soon. On her way home, a sister living in the same village with her came to tell her that after her leaving home, a policeman in disguise walked back and forth around her house all the time and it was very unsafe that she went back home. The sister asked her to hide herself first. Yang Lin knew that her house had been under the Chinese Communist police’s surveillance and she couldn’t return home. At that moment, she felt miserable, and meanwhile, she could feel the flames of fury raging in her heart. The CCP, the atheistic regime, didn’t arrest the evil doers who robbed and stole things; however, they persecuted and punished the good men believing in God. They truly couldn’t tell good from evil and confounded black and white. To avoid being arrested by the CCP, Yang Lin could only choose to leave home to fulfill her duty. Following that, she heard the sister said that after her leaving, the police went to her house every two or three days to question closely where she had gone. At this time, she knew she couldn’t return home any longer. Her heart suffered with wave after wave of dull pain. She thought of God’s words: “For thousands of years this has been the land of filth, it is unbearably dirty, misery abounds, ghosts roam its every corner, tricking and deceiving, making groundless accusations, being ruthless and vicious, trampling this ghost town and leaving it littered with dead bodies; the stench of decay covers the land and pervades the air, and it is heavily guarded. Who can see the world beyond the skies? The devil tightly trusses all of man’s body, it puts out both his eyes, and seals his lips firmly shut. The king of devils has rampaged for several thousand years, right up until today, when it still keeps a close watch on the ghost town, as if it were an impenetrable palace of demons; this pack of watchdogs, meanwhile, stare with glaring eyes, deeply fearful that God will catch them unawares and wipe them all out, leaving them without a place of peace and happiness. How could the people of a ghost town such as this have ever seen God? Have they ever enjoyed the dearness and loveliness of God? What appreciation have they of the matters of the human world? Who of them can understand God’s eager will? Small wonder, then, that God incarnate remains completely hidden: In a dark society such as this, where the demons are merciless and inhumane, how could the king of devils, who kills people in the blink of an eye, tolerate the existence of a God who is lovely, kind, and also holy? How could it applaud and cheer the arrival of God? These lackeys! They repay kindness with hate, they have long since disdained God, they abuse God, they are savage in the extreme, they have not the slightest regard for God, they plunder and pillage, they have lost all conscience, and have not a trace of kindness, and they tempt the innocent into senselessness. Forefathers of the ancient? Beloved leaders? They all oppose God! Their meddling has left all beneath heaven in a state of darkness and chaos! Religious freedom? The legitimate rights and interests of citizens? They are all tricks for covering up sin!” (“Work and Entry (8)”). From God’s words, Yang Lin was aware that the CCP government detests the truth all the time and it is the enemy of God. It hangs banners promoting “freedom of religion” and cheats the ignorant people. The so-called religious freedom was put there for foreigners to see, but in fact, they arrest and persecute Christians cruelly. There are countless Christians’ families are persecuted by them, causing their families to be destroyed. Many brothers and sisters are hunted, so that they are unable to return home, hiding themselves everywhere, and besides, many brothers and sisters are arrested, imprisoned and tortured cruelly. Some of them have even been injured or killed. But many people are blinded by the CCP and they don’t know the fact that God saves man, so they are still fooled by the devil. She had good fortune to get the opportunity for God’s salvation in advance and so she had more responsibility and duty to tell the will of God’s salvation to more people, making the people who hunger for the true light come before God to comfort His heart. She understood that righteousness is incompatible with evil, it is doomed that the people believing in God will be persecuted by the CCP and choosing the true way, people will be sure to suffer, but she was willing to follow God to the end.

Yang Lin was lying on the bed thinking back the experiences of these days and her heart couldn’t calm down for a long time. She experienced deeply that she could come before God was because of God’s predestination and her being able to fulfill the duty of a creature was God’s exaltation. Although she was persecuted by the CCP so that she couldn’t return home or look after her family by their side, she felt at peace when she thought God’s words: “Why don’t you commit them into My hands? Do you not believe in Me enough? Or is it that you’re afraid I will make inappropriate arrangements for you?” (“The Fifty-ninth Utterance”). She knew clearly that God holds sovereignty over all things and He supplies and guides everyone’s life. All things of her family were in the hands of God. She could rely on God and so she was more secured in her heart. Today, she didn’t feel lonely. She had the feeling of sureness and peace in her heart which came from having God with her and His protection of her. She looked at the night sky and saw the little stars twinkling as if they were smiling at her. At this moment, she felt a little sleepy and fell into a deep slumber unconsciously.

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