Christian Short Sketch Review of The Police Pay a New Year Visit

By Ouyang Shuo

When we speak of the sketch, most people are familiar with it. Since the first Chinese sketch Eating Noodles, performed by Chen Peisi and Zhu Shimao, went on the stage of CCTV in 1984, this new type of performance form has won over large audiences in China. Soon after that, the sketch has sprung up like mushrooms throughout the country, and only in several decades, sketches of various types are too numerous to count. Today, during Chinese New Year and other holidays, the sketch is also a necessary program on many TV stations.

Recently, a Christian sketch The Police Pay a New Year Visit came into people’s view. Upon the foundation of reflecting the ways of the world and true stories in life, the sketch vividly shows a series of means used by the CCP to monitor Christians and stop them from believing in God. It is humorous but with revelation and sarcasm, and also makes people feel pity.

The Police Pay a New Year Visit

First of all, the name The Police Pay a New Year Visit is full of meaning, taking the policemen’s visit to the Christians’ home in the New Year as the topic. There is a line of Officer Zhu in the sketch: “Haven’t I visited you these past few years more often than your own daughter?” Euphemistically and ironically, it reveals the frequency of searches of Christians’ homes that the CCP carries out. Meanwhile, it also shows that under the banner of righteousness, the CCP usually secretly does things unknown by people.

For example, in the early 1950s, the Three-Self Patriotic Movement, also known as the Three-Self Church, was established under the control of the CCP. It promotes a strategy of self-governance, self-support, and self-propagation. The Three-Self Manifesto says, “The Christian churches and groups in China thoroughly support the Common Program and under the leadership of the government, oppose imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism, and strive to build a new China, independent, democratic, peaceful, unified, prosperous and strong.” Many Christians believe that Christ is the head of the church, and that the Three-Self Church is completely controlled by the CCP United Front Work Department, and isn’t from God; they also think that since they believe in God, they ought to listen to God’s words and obey Him instead of being constrained by people and listening to people. Therefore, they refuse to join the Three-Self Church. However, many of them are imprisoned and undergo all kinds of humiliation and torture. Not only this, but the pastors in the Three-Self Church are under strict orders of the government to first speak about “loving your country” and then speak about “loving your church.” Additionally, the pastors are not allowed to talk of Revelation, but only allowed to propagate the Communist Party’s policy and propose that Christians take the path of building wealth. Under the leadership of the government, the Three-Self Church is filled with secularism, so is such a church a place where Christians worship and honor God? We can surely imagine that under the pretense of the Three-Self Church, the CCP in fact has the intention of controlling Christians and restricting their freedom of religion. This usual means of the CCP is thoroughly revealed in this sketch. For example, Officer Zhu smiles hypocritically, saying, “We just came to show our Party’s concern for you!” However, their “concern” actually is taking the opportunity to line their pockets, install surveillance cameras in stairwells to monitor believers in God, and disguise themselves to search believers’ home for the evidence of their belief in God. These “services” really cause the common people a great deal of trouble!

The paso doble in the sketch expresses the spirit of Christians’ fighting the police without fear. Even if facing death, Christians will still risk their lives to keep God’s words and their belief in Him. In particular, those words of God they repeatedly emphasize are profoundly meaningful: “All this time Satan has been working on man, in the vain hope of swallowing up humanity and thereby causing God to destroy the world and lose His witness.

The story is only over twenty minutes, yet its contents are very rich. Not only does it show what Christians treasure most, but it involves the real scenes of God’s words leading Christians to victory over the police’s persecution and disturbance, which conveys the importance of God’s word to Christians. At the same time as watching the sketch, the audience will also see clearly the Christians’ situation and crisis of belief in China.

Full Christian Short Sketch: Christian Short Sketch “The Police Pay a New Year Visit”

Christian Short Sketch – The Police Pay a New Year Visit II

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