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A Desolate Church Is Revitalized

After the brothers and sisters at the meeting place of Elder Liu Zhizhong’s church cast aside the shackles of the Bible, they read online about the work of Almighty God in the last days. By reading the words of Almighty God, they were nourished by the living water of life, and were able to restore their original faith and love and to confirm in their hearts that Almighty God is the Lord Jesus’ second coming. When Elder Liu Zhizhong saw this happen, was he able to put down the Bible and seek to investigate God’s work in the last days? Please watch this short video!


Endless Praise | A Cappella “Praise the Accomplishment of God’s Work” (Official Music Video)

Follow God Along the Rough Path-Love God Without Complaints | (Official Music Video)

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Explore Eastern Lightning – Where does the Eastern Lightning come from? Is the Eastern Lightning the second coming of Jesus? Come explore with us.
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