What Does the “Judgment in the Last Day” Spoken of in the Bible Refer To?

The answer from God’s word:

Some people think that God may sometime come to earth and appear to man and personally judge all mankind, testing them one by one without anyone being left out. Those who think this way are the ones who have no knowledge of this stage of work of incarnation. When God judges men, he does not judge them one by one or test them one by one. That is not the work of judgment. Aren’t the corruptions of all mankind the same? Isn’t the substance of all men the same? What God judges is mankind’s corrupt substance and man’s substance of being corrupted by satan. He judges all man’s sins but not man’s minor shortcomings. The work of judgment is representative. It is not a work done only for a certain person, but a work to judge a portion of people, which represents the judgment upon all mankind. The work done by the flesh is to work personally on a portion of people, which represents the working on all mankind, and then it will be spread progressively. This is also true with the work of judgment. It is not to judge a kind of people or a portion of people, but to judge the unrighteousness of all mankind, such as, man’s resisting God, not fearing God, disturbing God’s work, and so on. It is to judge mankind’s substance of resisting God. This work of judgment is the conquering work in the end time. The work and word of the incarnated God, which people see, is the work of judgment before the great white throne in the end time, which was in people’s notion before. The work the incarnated God does today is just the judgment before the great white throne. The incarnated God of today is the God who judges all mankind in the end time. This flesh and his work and word and all his disposition are his all. Although the work done by the flesh is limited in scope and does not directly cover the entire universe, as far as the substance of the work of judgment is concerned, it is to judge all mankind directly. It is not just for China or merely for a few people that he carries out the work of judgment. When the God in the flesh works, although the scope of his work cannot cover the entire universe, the work he does represents the work of the entire universe. And after he ends the work within the scope of his work in the flesh, he will immediately spread it to every place of the universe, just as the gospel was spread to every place of the universe after Jesus resurrected and ascended. Whether it is the work of the Spirit or the work of the flesh, it is done within a limited scope but represents the work of the entire universe. With the end-time work, God appears as the incarnated flesh to do it. The God in the flesh is the God who judges man before the great white throne. Whether he is Spirit or flesh, the One who does the work of judgment is the God to judge mankind in the end time. This is decided by his work, not by his appearance or several other aspects. Although people have notions about this, the fact that the incarnated God judges and conquers all mankind cannot be denied by anyone. No matter how people think of it, the fact is the fact. No one can say, ‘The work is done by God, but the flesh is not God.’ It is a fallacious saying, because this work cannot be done by anyone other than the God in the flesh.Because it is to judge corrupted man, man of flesh, not to judge satan’s spirit directly, the work of judgment is not carried out in the spiritual realm but among men. As to the work of judging the corruption of man’s flesh, only the God in the flesh is most suitable to do it, and only the God in the flesh is most qualified to do it. If the Spirit of God judged directly, he could not deal with every aspect, and that would be difficult for man to accept, because the Spirit cannot come face to face with man. Simply because of this, it could not produce immediate results, much less cause man to see more clearly God’s disposition which is not to be offended. Only if the God in the flesh judges mankind’s corruption does it mean defeating satan thoroughly. Also being a man who has a normal humanity, the God in the flesh can directly judge man’s unrighteousness. This is a mark of his being originally holy and a mark of his being different from others. Only God is qualified and in a position to judge man. Because he has the truth and righteousness, he can judge man. One who has no truth and no righteousness is not qualified to judge others. If the Spirit of God did this work, it would not mean overcoming satan. The Spirit is originally greater than mortal beings, and God’s Spirit is originally holy and victorious over the flesh. If the Spirit did this work directly, he could not judge all man’s disobedience or expose all man’s unrighteousness, because the work of judgment is done through man’s notions about God but man has no notions about the Spirit. So, the Spirit cannot better expose man’s unrighteousness, much less disclose man’s unrighteousness thoroughly. The incarnated God is the enemy of all those who do not know him. Through judging man’s notions about and resistance against him, he discloses all the disobedience of mankind. The work done by the flesh produces more obvious results than the work done by the Spirit. So, the work of judging all mankind is not done by the Spirit directly but by the incarnated God.”

from Corrupt Mankind Needs Even More the Salvation of the God Incarnated in the “Flesh”

In the past, it was said that judgment would begin with the family of God. The ‘judgment’ in this word is the judgment God does today on those who come before God’s throne in the end time. Maybe some people think that when the end time comes, God will set in the sky a large table covered with a white tablecloth, and God will, sitting on a great throne with all men kneeling on the ground, disclose the sins of each of them, by which he will decide whether they will go to heaven or go to the lake of fire and sulfur, and so on, which are supernatural imaginations. No matter what men imagine, it cannot change the substance of God’s work. Men’s imaginations are merely conceptions of their mind, are from their brain, and are summed up and pieced together from what they have heard and seen. So, I say that no matter how wonderful men’s imaginations are, they are just a cartoon and cannot replace the plan of God’s work. Men have all been corrupted by satan after all. How could they fathom God’s thoughts? Men imagine God’s work of judgment to be very fantastic. They all think: Since God Godself does the work of judgment, it must be on the grandest scale, must be incomprehensible to the world, and must be sky-rending and earth-shaking; otherwise, how could it be the work of judgment done by God? They think: Since it is the work of judgment, God must be very majestic-looking and very imposing when doing it, while those who receive judgment must be wailing loudly, begging for mercy on their knees. The scene at that time must be very spectacular and very exciting. Everyone imagines God’s work of judgment to be very miraculous. But have you ever known this: When God has already started the work of judgment among men, you are still lethargically asleep in your cozy nest; when you think that God’s work of judgment formally starts, it will already be the time God renews heaven and earth. At that time, you may have just understood the meaning of human life, but God’s merciless work of punishment will have brought you who are sunk in sleep into hell. At that time, you will suddenly become awakened, realizing that God’s work of judgment has already ended.

When the word ‘judgment’ is mentioned, you will think of the words Jehovah spoke to every place and the words Jesus rebuked the Pharisees with. Those words, though severe, were not God’s judgment on man but only words God spoke at that time in different circumstances, that is, in different backgrounds. Those words are different from the words the end-time Christ judges man with. The end-time Christ uses the truths of many aspects to teach man, expose man’s essence, and dissect man’s words and deeds. These words contain the truths of many aspects such as, man’s duty, how man should obey God, how man should be faithful to God, how man should live out a normal humanity, God’s wisdom, and God’s disposition, and so on. These words are all directed at man’s essence and man’s corrupt disposition. Especially the words exposing how man rejects God are directed at man’s being the embodiment of satan and at man’s being the hostile force against God. In doing the work of judgment, God does not thoroughly speak about man’s nature with a few words but exposes, deals with, and prunes for a long time. These exposing, dealing, and pruning in various ways cannot be substituted with ordinary words but are substituted with the truths man does not have at all. Only such a way is judgment, and only such judgment can subdue man and can cause man to be sincerely convinced toward God and have a true knowledge of God. What the work of judgment brings is man’s knowledge about God’s real image and man’s knowledge of his true condition of being disobedient. The work of judgment causes man to understand much about God’s will, understand much about the purpose of God’s work, and comprehend much about the mysteries man could not understand. And it also causes man to know and understand the substance and the root of man’s corruption and causes man to discover his ugly face. All these work results are brought by the work of judgment, because the substance of the work of judgment is actually a work that God’s truth, way, and life are opened to all those who believe in him. This work is the work of judgment God does. If you do not value these truths and if you always want to avoid these truths and always want to search for a new way out outside these truths, then I say that you are an extremely sinful man. You believe in God but do not search for the truth, do not seek God’s will, and do not love the way that brings you closer to God. Then I say that you are one who escapes the judgment and you are a puppet, a betrayer, that runs away from the great white throne. God will not let off any rebel that runs away from his eyes. Such people will suffer a severer punishment. Those who come before God to accept judgment and are purified will live in God’s kingdom forever. Of course, this is a future thing.”

from Christ Does the Work of Judgment with the Truth

The conquering work of today is a work to reveal men’s outcomes. Why do I say that the chastisement and judgment of today is the judgment of the last day before the great white throne? Can’t you see this clearly? Why is the work in the final stage a conquering work? Isn’t it for the purpose of revealing the outcomes of all kinds of men? Isn’t it for the purpose that all men will be divided into their kinds after they show their true self in the conquering work of chastisement and judgment? It is not so much conquering mankind as revealing the outcomes of all kinds of men, that is, revealing all kinds of men after judging their sins, and thus deciding whether they are evil or righteous. After the conquering work, it will be the work of rewarding the good and punishing the evil: Those who have become completely obedient, that is, those who have been thoroughly conquered, will be put in the next step of work, the spreading of the work in the entire universe, and those unconquered ones will be put in darkness and there will be disasters coming upon them. In this way, men will have been divided into their kinds. The evil will return to evil and will no longer have the sun shining on them. The righteous will return to good and will receive the light and live in the eternal light.”

from The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (1)

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