Can the Frozen Dead Be Brought Back to Life?

By Jiali

In all ages, both emperors and ordinary people long for eternal life, which is always the dream of human beings. In this so-called high-tech, modern times, people even more eagerly hope the dream will become a reality. Next, let’s read two pieces of news:

News One: Following an authoress of Chongqing Du Hong, a person from Shandong Province had a body freezing operation after she died. Her body was preserved in a two-kl container of liquid nitrogen at minus one hundred ninety-six degrees centigrade. This operation is considered as the first whole body freezing operation in the Chinese mainland. Meanwhile, she is the second Chinese in the form of cryopreservation.

News Two: Since the 60s, a new biotechnology—cryogenic technology has been developed. This technology is to rapidly cool living cells and organisms down to excessive cold in order to preserve them for long. It has been learned that the world’s two Cryonic Centers are situated in America. And many people chose to be frozen after death with the hope that some future medical technology could advance enough to bring them back to life. However, to this day, none has even been brought back to life yet.

So far, there has not yet been any success story about this. But people still hold the belief that though it is impossible now, this does not mean will never succeed at it. They anchor the hope of being resurrected from death to the cryogenic technology, thirsting to live in the world once again sometime in the future. Then, can the dead really be raised through science? Can our lives really be continued by means of freezing?


I thought of the words of God, “Mankind’s existence is predicated upon the incarnation of soul in turn. In other words, each person gains a human life of the flesh upon the incarnation of their soul. After a person’s body is born, that life continues until the greatest limit of the flesh, that is, the final moment when the soul leaves its shell. This process repeats again and again with a person’s soul coming and going, and coming and going, thus maintaining the existence of all mankind. The life of flesh is also the life of man’s soul, and man’s soul supports the existence of man’s flesh. That is to say, each person’s life comes from their soul; it is not their flesh that originally had life.” “The death of a living being—the termination of a physical life—signifies that the living being has gone from the material world into the spiritual world, while the birth of a new physical life signifies that a living being has come from the spiritual world to the material world and begun to undertake its role, to play its role.” God’s words unveiled the mystery of life and death for us: Mankind’s life is predicated upon the soul’s incarnation in turn; each person’s physical life comes from their soul. When a person dies in the material world, his soul has gone from his flesh and so his physical life comes to an end; when a person is born in the material world, a soul under the sovereignty and arrangements of the Creator has come to the world to undertake his new mission. That is to say, man’s soul dwells in his body, and supports the existence of his flesh; if the soul is reclaimed, then the life of flesh will come to an end. Consequently, the dream can never be achieved that people want to preserve the flesh by means of science to be raised from the dead years later.

Then why do people so strongly believe in cryogenic technology and enthusiastically try it out in person? God’s words say, “What is science? To speak plainly, science is the thoughts and theories of things man is curious about, things that are unknown, and not told to them by God; science is the thoughts and theories of the mysteries man wants to explore. … So what does science do for people? What science does is that it only allows people to see the objects in the physical world and merely satisfies man’s curiosity; it does not allow man to see the laws by which God has dominion over all things. Man seems to find answers from science, but those answers are puzzling and bring only temporary satisfaction, a satisfaction that only serves to confine the heart of man to the physical world. Man feels that they have already gotten the answers from science so whatever issue arises, they firmly believe in their scientific views to prove or accept it. … So how does Satan want to use science to corrupt man? Doesn’t Satan want to use scientific conclusions to deceive and benumb people, and use the ambiguous answers to hold on to people’s hearts so that they won’t seek out or believe in God’s existence? (Yes.) So this is why we say it is one of the ways Satan corrupts people.

From God’s words, we know that science is actually one of the means that Satan employs to corrupt man. Satan instills many poisons in man like “Science shows the future,” “Science can solve all the problems,” “Science can open up all the mysteries,” and so on. And it uses science to explain various phenomena in the world to satisfy our curiosity and thus in a disguised form uses scientific theories to deny God’s deeds. As a result, we are deceived into denying the existence and dominance of God, and increasingly venerating science and being distanced from God. Gradually, we are willing to rely on science to solve all the problems, and thus we increasingly deny God. When we fear death and yearn to continue the life of flesh, Satan again uses scientific theories to deceive us, making us believe in such a ludicrous assertion that we will be resurrected from death in a certain number of years as long as our bodies can be preserved well. The facts have already proven that science is merely one of the tools that Satan uses to corrupt and deceive people. It is not the truth, unable to bring people back to life; it cannot create a soul, let alone a living being. On the contrary, it can only make us increasingly deny God and resist God and ultimately be destroyed by God. This is Satan’s sinister motive.

Some people can’t help but ask: Who is our rock? Who has the final word in our life and death? Let’s read God’s words, “Man’s life originates from God, the existence of the heaven is because of God, and the existence of the earth stems from the power of God’s life. No object possessed of vitality can transcend the sovereignty of God, and no thing with vigor can break away from the ambit of God’s authority.” “When the Lord Jesus did something such as bringing Lazarus back from the dead, His goal was to give proof for humans and for Satan to see, and to let humans and Satan know that mankind’s everything, mankind’s life and death are determined by God, and that even though He had become flesh, as always, He remained in command of the physical world that can be seen as well as the spiritual world humans cannot see. This was to let humans and Satan know that mankind’s everything is not under the command of Satan. This was a revealing and a demonstration of God’s authority, and it was also a way for God to send a message to all things that mankind’s life and death is in God’s hands. The Lord Jesus’ resurrection of Lazarus—this type of approach was one of the ways for the Creator to teach and instruct mankind. It was a concrete action in which He used His ability and authority to instruct mankind, and to provide for humans. It was a way without words for the Creator to allow mankind to see the truth of Him being in command of all things. It was a way for Him to tell mankind through practical actions that there is no salvation other than through Him. This type of silent means of His instructing mankind lasts forever—it is indelible, and it brought to human hearts a shock and enlightenment that can never fade.

God’s words give us the answer: Except God there is no salvation. Think about the time when God created mankind in the beginning. God only breathed the breath into our ancestors, Adam and Eve, and then they became the living beings endowed with spirit, that is, they were given life. During the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus brought Lazarus back to life only through one line. All these facts tell us: God is the source of life for all things; God governs and controls mankind’s life, death, and fate. Only if we come before God can we gain the way of eternal life. Just as God promises us, “When man enters the eternal destination, man will worship the Creator, and because man has gained salvation and entered eternity…. At that time, man will have gained a life illuminated by God, a life under the care and protection of God, and a life together with God. Mankind will lead a normal life on earth, and the whole of mankind will enter onto the right track.” “Such a life is man’s future life on earth, it is the most beautiful life on earth, the kind of life that man longs for, the kind that man has never before achieved in the history of the world. It is the final outcome of the 6,000 years of work of management, it is what mankind yearns for most, and it is also God’s promise to man.

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