keeping quiet before God and pray-reading His word

Do You Know How Important Being Still Before God Is for Christians

4 Keys to Build a Relationship With God, Help You Restore God’s Presence

Do you want to restore God’s presence? You need to build a proper relationship with God. Four principles in this article will show you the way of practice.

Don’t Be a Cactus, Cast Out Beam in Our Eye to Mix Well

Don’t be a person like a cactus with spines who doesn’t mix well. Her experience will tell you how to cast out spines.

4 Principles of Your Practice Can Be After God’s Heart in Disease

How do Christians act in accordance with God’s heart when facing all kinds of diseases? It’s crucial to grasp 4 principles.


Eternal Life

What is eternal life and how to get it? Eternal Life section selects good articles to reveal the way to eternal life for you.

The Incarnation

The incarnation is the greatest mystery in the Bible and is that God Himself incarnated into the Son of man. Relevant articles in this section will explain the mystery of the incarnation for you.

Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

Finding the way to the kingdom of heaven is of great importance to Christians of the last days. Select articles in this section will explain how to enter the kingdom of heaven and other crucial truths about it.

Salvation and Full Salvation

What is salvation? What’s the relationship between salvation and full salvation? Select articles in this section will reveal the mysteries of salvation and full salvation.

Knowing Jesus

Select articles in Knowing Jesus section help you better know who is Jesus Christ and the true intentions behind Jesus’ teachings so that you will grow closer to Jesus.

God’s plan of salvation

God’s plan of salvation has great relevance for Christians and relates to our fate and destination. Select articles in this section will help you know God and God’s plan of salvation.

Spiritual Growth


Knowing God

Inspirational Stories

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