“Christ’s Kingdom Is a Warm Home” (Chinese Worship Song): The Best Praise Song that Speak of the Happiness to Live in the Love of God

The Best Praise Song that Speak of the Happiness to Live in the Love of God

Christ’s Kingdom Is a Warm Home Lyrics

Christ’s kingdom is my warm home, it belongs to all of God’s people.
Christ walks and speaks in the church and lives together with God’s people.
The judgment and chastisement of God’s words is here, as is work of the Holy Spirit.
God’s words water, supply and guide us, and our lives grow.
This is the kingdom ruled by Christ, it is a fair and just world.

Christ’s kingdom is my warm home, it is so dear to God’s people.
God’s words reign in the church, we act on the truth and exalt Christ in our hearts.
There is no more infighting or intrigue, there’s no need for defense or fear.
Christ is the resting place for man’s soul, I need not wander anymore.
This is God’s kingdom people long for, it is mankind’s peaceful home.

Christ’s kingdom is my warm home, all of God’s people treasure it.
Here I experience God’s judgment and trials,
and my corrupt disposition is purified and changed.
My cheers and laughter, the story of my growth are here,
my quiet words to God are also here.
My unforgettable memories are here,
a record of the price God pays.
Everything here moves me, words cannot express the sincere devotion here.
Christ of the last days, my beloved, so lovely,
You have given me this warm home.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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