Review: The Party Is Not Done Talking—Disclosing the Truth Behind Christians Forsaking Their Families

By An Ming, United States

The movie “The Party Is Not Done Talking” is the first Christian documentary movie using Christians’ personal experiences to directly strike back against the CCP’s rumor that Christians forsake their families. The sarcastic title is a pun which has a profound meaning. The Chinese character “党” (dang, “Party” ) sounds like the Chinese character “裆” (dang, “crotch,”) indicating that the words of Party are nothing but a load of bullshit, which are just like the filthy things from the crotch. No one listens to the CCP’s speech anymore; even if some people are forced to listen to them, most of them have long ago had discernment of the words of Party and don’t follow its words anymore. They are just angry but don’t dare to say anything. The Party Is Not Done Talking, on the one hand, is well reflected in the movie. When both Li Ming’ai (the heroine) and other public stand up to expose the CCP, they are all rebuked by the CCP police and given no freedom of speech. People must listen to the Party and talk as the Party asks, which evidently reveals the authoritarian regime of the CCP in China and its affliction on Chinese people. However, the CCP’s fragile lies cannot hold water, and the facts will be known to all sooner or later. On the other hand, what The Party Is Not Done Talking wants to tell people is that as long as the CCP does not collapse, its control and persecution of Chinese people and Christians will not slacken. This is the deeper meaning.

The Party Is Not Done Talking

The rumor that Christians forsake their families spreads like wildfire in China due to the CCP government’s malicious propaganda. Surprisingly, people just simply follow whatever others have said but not investigate the authenticity of this saying, acting as CCP’s accomplices and tools. For example, Yang Tao and a villager in the movie say, “No matter what, now that the government forbids you to believe in God, you must obey” and “Is it worthwhile for her to do so? She should stop believing in God as the government doesn’t allow people to do!” From these lines in the movie we can see that Chinese people have been completely subdued to be obedient citizens by the CCP with means of revolutionary and brainwashing. None of them have any control over themselves.

The movie makes it clear that how Li Ming’ai is gradually forced to flee her hometown and begin a life of “forsaking her family” and wandering. As mortal beings, all Christians are of blood and flesh and have affection and faith. They are not cold-blooded animals. But why do they have to leave their hometowns and “forsake their families”? Is it really caused by their believing in God? Most people in the democratic Western countries with religious freedom have belief in God. Why don’t they need to flee their hometowns for belief in God? The hidden truth will come to light after a moment’s thought.

Although it is a movie about torture on Christians, it doesn’t have many scenes where Li Ming’ai is tortured and tormented when she is in the detention center and labor camp, because the movie aims to expose the CCP and restore the truth. For example, the message that Li Ming’ai is sentenced to 5 years in prison is conveyed by her writing in her diary. Even her five years of life in jail is not much shot. The director focuses on presenting the emotions of the characters, making the movie real and touching. As the plot moves forward, it brings the audience to involuntary tears many times, allowing people to feel sad for Li Ming’ai’s family and about her experience. Additionally, there are two recommendable plots in this movie:

The first recommendable one is a montage in which Li Ming’ai is being beaten by the prisoners in the detention center while her son Yangyang is dreaming about his mom being beaten and then wakes up in horror. The two shots show us the psychic connection between mother and child. Especially, when Yangyang asks when his mom will come back and if mom really doesn’t want him. We can see that the CCP’s persecution of Christians has a harmful influence on their families, leaving an implacable imprint in the young heart of the child. Seeing this, I come to understand a little bit why Li Ming’ai would rather be sentenced than sell out other believers. I believe anyone with spirit and heart who is in that situation will do the same thing as Li Ming’ai has done. As she and her family have been persecuted so cruelly by the CCP, Li Ming’ai will never sell out others and make their families suffer the same torture. I have sympathy for Li Ming’ai as well as admiration for what she has done. This must be the “love” that Christians have been preaching.

The second recommendable one is the scenes where the family are making Chinese dumplings. When the movie begins, the whole family are making dumplings as they are watching a TV program joyously. Yangyang sits aside and draws a picture of a family. In addition, when Li Ming’ai is sent home under escort of the police, her mother-in-law and her son are making dumplings for her. In Chinese culture, eating dumplings symbolizes reunion. It should have been quite normal for a family to eat dumplings together, but now it becomes an extravagant hope for her family due to the CCP’s persecution. It is sad that the only time Li Ming’ai eats dumplings is in her memory. In the end, the police forcibly take her away, leaving the dumplings scattered on the floor which are carefully made by her mother-in-law. Seeing these, do we still think that Christians abandon their families for believing in God? Who is the real culprit for making Christians flee their homes? It is now self-evident.

Through Li Ming’ai’s personal experience, the CCP’s propaganda that Christians forsake their families is revealed and rebuked completely. What a moving story it is! Although the actress is portraying Li Ming’ai, she must be playing the story of herself, and even the stories of thousands of Christians in China who are persecuted by the CCP and cannot return to their homes, such that they bear the charge of forsaking their families.

Full movie:  Keep the Faith in the CCP’s Persecution | “The Party Is Not Done Talking!”

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