Film Review: The Party Is Not Done Talking

—Who Is the Culprit for Breaking Up Christians’ Families?

By Fu Dan, Switzerland

This gospel movie “The Party Is Not Done Talking” is genuine and moving. And I was deeply touched after watching it. The movie opens with a conflict. The whole family is making dumplings as they watch a TV program joyously, then suddenly several policemen burst through the door. Li Mingai’s seven-year-old son Yangyang, who hears their dog barking and sees the police, rushes into her embrace, almost toppling the stool. At this sight, I felt this kid is really timid and is nervous of meeting strangers. Then when I saw her mother-in-law also timidly and slowly take the child to pass by the police, I was somewhat puzzled why this family was all so frightened of the police? Aside from the elder and the child, even the host also acts submissively, which is really bewildering.

still from the movie

Later, the words of the police chief reveal significant news: First, Li Mingai was arrested and even fined because she believed in God and had meetings; second, the CCP is an atheistic party and issues its national policy that no one is allowed to believe in God and whoever believes will be arrested and fixed; third, once Li Mingai is arrested one more time because of believing in God, not only will she be given a sentence of eight or ten years, but even her family will suffer. So it is not difficult to understand why this family, kid or adult, are very timid and scared at the sight of the police break in. The play at this point is quite ironic. Watching the scene where the police intrude into the house, I felt as if the devil enters the village, and it is even more horrific than that.

Because Li Mingai believes in God, the police go to her house many times to threaten and intimidate her; not only that, but the village headman repeatedly comes to warn her. Under the threat of cutting off their livelihood, her husband is coerced into submission, standing on the CCP’s side and persecuting Li Mingai. Besides, the villagers are pointing fingers at her family. This brings great pain to her family. Under all this pressure, I thought that Li Mingai would give up believing in God. However, when her husband beats her and her mother-in-law tries to persuade her, she speaks out her heartfelt words. It turns out that Li Mingai got a cancer, and that it were not for God’s salvation, she would have died long ago, let alone has such a blessed family. And furthermore, her family has enjoyed much of God’s grace because of her belief. This is obvious to all her family. Here is the only explanation why she resolutely believes in God. But the CCP government is just so evil: To those who believe in God and pursue the truth to be a good person, they furiously implement crackdowns and arrests; yet to those evildoers or corrupt officials, they just turn a blind eye. This really made me both indignant at the CCP government’s evil deeds and worry about Li Mingai’s situation. Alas, a harmonious family is thrown into chaos on account of the CCP’s persecution.

Once when Li Mingai is at a meeting, she is reported by a bad man. Then the police Chief Wang takes a gang of police, like tigers or wolves, to intrude into Li Mingai’s family. Fortunately, her neighbor Sister Tang takes the risk to inform her in time so that she has a narrow escape. But since then, she begins a life of leaving her hometown and wandering about. Though this part is short, it serves as a little climax of the movie, causing people to shed tears. When Li Mingai says in tears “How can I take care of my child if I leave,” this is really a direct counterblow against the rumors spread by the CCP. How can it be said that Christians forsake their families and don’t look after their children? It clearly shows that they are persecuted by the CCP so that they have to leave their families and can’t stay by their children’s side. Should the CCP not endlessly harass and capture them, who would flee their families?!

still from the movie

The three years’ fugitive life never stops Li Mingai from giving up her longing for her family. During her time outside, she once secretly went home to see her child and her parents-in-law by running the risk of being captured. The police soon get the news and rush to her house, so she is compelled to flee again at night. Over those few years, Li Mingai has gone here and there, escaping from dangers several times. But she is finally arrested by the CCP police on her way to attend a meeting. The continual arrest truly gives people a sense of suffocation. The Christians really don’t have the right to subsistence in China. Even if they survive between the cracks, the CCP will thoroughly uproot them. How frantically the CCP fights against Heaven or God! Just as the movie conveys: When the police don’t get any news they want from Li Mingai, they takes another way of their dialogue with her—torture. The electric baton ruthlessly prods Li Mingai producing a cracking sound. She is greatly pained by the electric shock. At this moment, it is thundering and lightning outside and darkness covers everything, which also symbolizes the fact that the CCP’s brutality incurs God’s wrath and man’s resentment.

The most wonderful part of the movie is when Li Mingai is taken to her family under the “elaborate” arrangement of the CCP police, that is, as the policemen put it, “coming home in glory”. Li Mingai dreams of going home, but never does she expect that she will meet her family in this way. Before they bring Li Mingai back to her family, Chief Wang not only does the ideological work with her parents-in-law, but spreads rumors about her, attempting to use ignorance of the villagers to create public opinions and exert pressure, in order to force Li Mingai to submit to them. But never do they expect that the fact is contrary to their imagination. The conversation between Li Mingai and the CCP makes the villagers see more clearly. Just as they say, “Mingai is right! All human beings have soft hearts and tender feelings. Should the police not come to catch her, who would leave their families and children?” “Right! The government always sends someone to monitor her family, how dare she come back?”

still from the movie

Though her parents-in-law wish her to come home, yet they are clear that it is the CCP who has brought about their daughter-in-law’s leaving their family, especially when they hear her say, “Over these years of my believing in God, how the CCP persecute me and our family? I can’t betray my brothers and sisters for the sake of my desire for peaceful life to let them be captured and tortured like me.” Her parents-in-law are both sensible people, and since they also have been tremendously persecuted over these years, how do they have the heart of letting more families bear such pain? Ultimately, this farce staged by the CCP ends up with its crushing defeat.

The most painful thing in one’s life is nothing more than parting forever. After the police are shamed and defeated, the scene where they forcibly take Li Mingai away brings the audience to tears again. The sight of the mother being compelled to be parted from her child broke my heart. The crimes that the CCP has committed are too numerous to be listed. The director didn’t shoot more of Li Mingai’s life in jail but roughly ended the movie with the final song. This is really a wonderful movie. The movie has reached its proper result and has given the exact answer. The short and intensive plot can more easily capture people’s heart.

movie still

Finally, I’d like to say something more. The lines “shut up” repeat five times in the whole movie, inadvertently suggesting the screenwriter’s subtle conception. This line sticks to the subject. On the one hand, while the party is not done talking, how are the civilians qualified to speak? On the other hand, careful audiences must have found out in the title of this movie the word “Party,” sounds like the Chinese word crotch, has a profound implied meaning. As the “Party”— the CCP, can speak out no good words, they talk either filthy things or a load of nonsense. None of those awakened civilians are glad to listen to its speech.

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