Stand Witness and Follow True God in Spiritual Warfare

By Wang Hua

I lost my parents at a very early age and grew up in my elder brother’s family. Lacking food and clothing, my days were so hard. As time passed, I had neuralgia in my head and this illness became worse and worse after I got married. It was not until I believed in the Lord Jesus in 1994 that my illness gradually got better. This gave me more faith in the Lord

In 2002, a sister testified to me the last-days work of Almighty God—the returned Lord Jesus. I felt that what she fellowshiped was in accord with the Bible, and thus I agreed to read the book and investigate the way. However, misfortunes came upon my family one after another since then. A few days later on one morning, when I went to buy food on my cycle, I was accidentally knocked down by a car. Another several days later, while waiting for the bus in the road with my four-year-old granddaughter, I was absorbed in chatting with others and thus neglected my granddaughter. When the bus arrived, she suddenly fell down in front of the bus. Fortunately, the bus driver braked in time so that she didn’t get hurt. Scared by this, I was ill for some days. Hearing what had happened to me, the preacher from my original denomination began to spread these everywhere, saying, “Wang Hua has believed in Eastern Lightning. Since she has moved away from the Lord, the Lord no longer blesses her, and thus she has suffered these misfortunes.” When hearing these words, I thought: Yeah, I have just read the book for a few days, and then these things happened to me. Could it be that the Lord disciplined me for my wrong faith? But then it occurred to me: As we’re all right, it can’t be the Lord’s discipline. Besides, it was because I didn’t take good care of the kid that she was nearly hit by the bus. There are often times when people stumble. At this thought, I didn’t take these accidents to my heart, and continued to read the book and investigate the way.

About two months after that, my daughter-in-law suddenly divorced my son and left home, leaving her four-year-old daughter to me. My little granddaughter kept calling for her mother, and my son wore a woebegone look every day. Seeing this, I was heartbroken, thinking: How could my family, which was filled with happiness before, become like this? The more I thought about it the more awful I felt, and I couldn’t help but drop tears unceasingly. I thought: How do these happen? Why have bad things befallen my family since I agreed to investigate the work of Almighty God? Can it be that, as my former leader said, the Lord doesn’t care for me because I have moved away from Him? Maybe I should return to my original denomination. I thought and thought, and decided to return the book to the sister in her next visit.


After two days the sister came to me. I said, “Sister, please take away this book. I don’t want to read it anymore. Since I read this book, misfortunes came one after another: I was knocked down by a car; my little granddaughter almost got hit by a bus; then my son got divorced. I wonder if it is because my faith is wrong so that the Lord punished me. Therefore, I can’t keep this up.” The sister said smilingly, “Sister, the things you encountered are Satan’s disturbance, and Satan’s purpose is to make you suspect and stray from God. Just as Almighty God says, ‘Because God has become flesh, Satan has employed all sorts of methods of accusation, wanting to attack God this way. However, God does not retreat because of this—He just speaks and works among mankind and allows people to know Him through His incarnate flesh. Satan is red-eyed with fury and has put forth a great deal of effort on God’s people to make them negative, retreat, and even lose their way. But because of the effect of God’s words Satan has failed, thus adding to its wantonness. This is why God has reminded everyone: “In your lives, there may come a day when you will meet with this kind of situation: Would you willingly allow yourselves to fall captive to Satan, or will you have Me obtain you?”’ (‘Interpretation of the Thirteenth Utterance’ of Interpretations of the Mysteries of God’s Words). From God’s word, we can see that God has done three stages of work to save man, while Satan has ever snapped at the heels of every step. It disturbs whatever work God does. Now is the last days, and God’s work of saving man is drawing to a close. When Satan sees that God wants to obtain people, it becomes red-eyed with fury. When one accepts God’s work of salvation in the last days, Satan will carry out some schemes and use various people, events, and objects to disturb him, make him negative and retreat, and in the end make him stray from God and betray God, and thus reach its objective. Sister, we should stand witness for God and never fall into Satan’s trap.” Through her fellowship, I came to realize that what had happened to me was Satan’s cunning trick. That was close! I had almost fallen into its scheme. I must betray Satan and continue to follow Almighty God.

Not long after, one evening my husband went to the washroom and didn’t come back. When I went to see him, he was lying in a pool of blood, and his mouth and anus were bleeding freely. I was scared and immediately asked my son to take him to the hospital. After getting to the hospital, my husband was still bleeding uncontrollably. He bled while he was given transfusion. In a few days, the fee for blood transfusion alone was more than 30,000 yuan. After my husband underwent surgery, we learnt that he burst the blood vessel of the duodenum, which caused the hemorrhage. And the doctor said it was difficult to heal him. At that moment, I felt as if the sky had fallen. I thought: Before, my family was pretty harmonious. How could it become like this? My son’s divorce has already troubled me greatly, and now my husband is seriously ill. If his illness is incurable as the doctor said, then won’t my family break apart? In those days, my whole family accompanied my husband in the hospital, leaving me and my granddaughter at home. If not for my granddaughter, I would have committed suicide. At the time, the people in my former church ridiculed me, “See? We advised her not to believe in Eastern Lightning, and she just didn’t listen. See what she gets now. She not only has lost the Lord’s care and protection, but also suffered His punishment. She is just a living example. We must be cautious.” Their words made me even more distressed. The things my family encountered had already broken my back, yet I also had to suffer the ridicules of my former church members. Under such double pressure, I had another attack of head neuralgia. The headache had been nagging me all day so that I couldn’t sleep at night. Day and night my head was full of the misfortunes happening to my family, and I just couldn’t get rid of them. During that time, I came near to a breakdown, and even felt it was better to die than to live. Then my sister-in-law came to my house and told me, “The disasters befalling your family are all caused by your belief in Eastern Lightning. You’d better confess your sin and repent to the Lord soon. As long as you admit your mistake, the Lord will forgive you, and then your family will regain peace.” After associating her words with what had happened in those days, I felt more doubtful: It’s true. Since I believed in Almighty God, my family hasn’t had any peaceful days. Now my husband is very sick and his life hangs in the balance, and my headache has also recurred. It seems that I really shouldn’t read this book anymore. I may as well return to my original denomination. But when I thought of this, I felt a little sad, for the words in the book were indeed good and had unlocked all the mysteries in the Bible. There’s no way that a person could speak these words. In a dilemma, I prayed to the Lord in tears, “O Lord! Since I investigated the work of Almighty God, my family has encountered a chapter of accidents. My sister-in-law asked me to repent and confess to You and return to my previous denomination. But I don’t want to return this book to the sister. O Lord! What should I do?” I kept praying and seeking the Lord.


One day, it was especially cold. Snow fell to a depth of over one chi, and the water in my vat was frozen. As my husband and my son were still in the hospital, and no one helped me draw water out of the well, I couldn’t cook the meal. Feeling utterly hopeless, I clasped my granddaughter and cried my eyes out. How I hoped that someone could come to help me in that difficult situation. A sister from the Church of Almighty God stumbled to my home. (The road had been closed up because of the heavy snowfall, so the sister walked for fifteen or sixteen miles to my home.) Seeing my swollen eyes, she asked me considerately, “Sister, what happened? Did anything unpleasant befall you?” As soon as I heard her ask this, I couldn’t hold back my tears. Then I told her all my sufferings and said, “My sister-in-law told me that it was because of my belief in Almighty God that these things befell my family. People in my previous church also said that I had offended the Lord and thus suffered His punishment. And they all told me to confess and repent to the Lord. Sister, I really have no faith now, and I don’t know what to do.” After knowing my troubles, the sister comforted me patiently. Then she hurriedly helped me carry water, scraped the snow away and picked up the wood, and made a meal for me.

Later, she fellowshiped with me, “Sister, this is Satan dragging you. When it saw you remained strong and didn’t flinch after encountering the previous difficulties, it carried out schemes again. Let’s read a passage of God’s word. Almighty God says: ‘The building of the kingdom is aimed directly at the spiritual realm. In other words, the battle of the spiritual realm is made plain directly among all My people, and from this can be seen that all people are always warring, not just in the church, but even more in the Age of Kingdom, and that although man is in the flesh, the spiritual realm is revealed directly, and man engages with the life of the spiritual realm. … In My plan, Satan has ever snapped at the heels of every step, and, as the foil of My wisdom, has always tried to find ways and means to disrupt My original plan’ (‘The Eighth Utterance’). From God’s words, we can see that now the battle in the spiritual world has reached its climax. God wants to save people, while Satan wants to devour people. As Satan knows that your purpose of believing in God is to receive peace, it deliberately makes you encounter something unpleasant and lose your peace, so that you will suspect God and even betray God. However, there is also God’s wisdom in it. God just uses Satan’s disturbance to test whether your faith is true or false. Those who do not truly believe in God will deny God and be captured by Satan when encountering some misfortunes; while those who sincerely believe in God are surely able to stand firm in all kinds of circumstances. In addition, we should know that Satan can only corrupt and disturb man but cannot control man’s fate. Man’s life and death, the blessing and the curse are all controlled by the hands of God. If we can truly put aside our future and fate, and commit everything into God’s hand, Satan will be put to shame and turn back. Just as God’s word says, ‘When people are ready to sacrifice their lives, everything becomes trifling, and no one can get the better of them. What could be more important than life? Thus, Satan becomes incapable of doing any more in people, there’s nothing it can do with man’ (‘Interpretation of the Thirty-sixth Utterance’ of Interpretations of the Mysteries of God’s Words). So we must see clearly the spiritual warfare and never be tricked by Satan.” After her fellowship, I felt much brightened in my heart and said, “So what I’ve encountered is not the Lord’s punishment, but Satan’s affliction and disturbance. Satan is really detestable! I will never be taken in by it. I’m willing to follow God to the end and make Satan fail in humiliation.”

During that time, the sister often came to fellowship with me and helped me do chores, which made me truly feel God’s love. On the contrary, the people in my former church had never given me a hand when I was in great distress, and they even ridiculed and laughed at me. It allowed me to gain discernment and see clearly who were my true brothers and sisters.

Afterward, I prayed and made a resolution before God, “Almighty God! Since I didn’t recognize the spiritual war before, I misunderstood You and even wanted to leave You. Now I have realized that Satan can only afflict and torture man, but it cannot control man’s fate. My husband’s life and death are in Your hand. I’m willing to leave everything under Your control and submit to Your arrangement. Even if a greater misfortune comes upon me, I will not complain against You. I will follow You resolutely to the end and make Satan fail in complete humiliation.”

Later, I saw more of God’s words: “Almighty God, the Head of all things, wields His kingly power from His throne. He rules over the universe and all things and He is guiding us on the whole earth. We shall often be close to Him, and come before Him in quietness; never shall we miss a single moment, and there are things to learn at all times. The environment around us as well as the people, matters and objects, all are permitted by His throne. Do not have a complaining heart, or God will not bestow His grace upon you. When sickness happens it is due to God’s love and His good intentions are surely behind it. Even when your body endures suffering, take no ideas from Satan. Praise God in the midst of illness and enjoy God in the midst of your praise. Do not lose heart in the face of illness, keep seeking and never give up, and God shall shine His light to you. … Faith is like a single log bridge, those who cling abjectly to life will have difficulty in crossing it, but those who are ready to sacrifice themselves can pass over without worry” (“The Sixth Utterance” of Utterances and Testimonies of Christ in the Beginning). After reading these words, I was filled with peace and joy. In those days, I often read God’s words and prayed to God, and sang the hymns praising God with my granddaughter while doing chores. The more I sang the happier I felt, and those worries no longer occupied my heart.

Not long after, my husband was better and was discharged from the hospital, and I also recovered from my headache. I really saw God’s deeds. Since then, calm returned to my family, and we regained the happy life we had before. Through this battle in the spiritual realm, I saw clearly Satan’s baseness and ugliness, and even more saw God’s love for me. It was thanks to the guidance of God’s words that I saw through Satan’s schemes and had the confidence and relied on God to cross the barriers. I wish to fulfill my duty to repay God’s love during the rest of my life. All the glory be to Almighty God!

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