Former Buddhists Convert to God – God Saved me

By Muyi

Like many Chinese traditional families, when Siyuan was very young, his family worshiped Bodhisattva. At that time, his mother said through worshiping and praying to Bodhisattva, their disasters could be avoided, but he didn’t understand that. After Siyuan became older, at the New Year and other festivals, his mother would ask him to burn incense for Bodhisattva with her, begging that it could help him to be successful in his studies in the future. Siyuan knew that his mother greatly hoped that he could walk out of the poor countryside, not like his ancestors who had lived there all their life. So his mother rested her hope on Bodhisattva. In those days Siyuan thought to himself: He who can really change people’s destiny should be the true God. But could the clay Bodhisattva painted with colors before me really rule over man’s destiny? He was not sure, yet he couldn’t do any textual research.

buddha in the temple

When Siyuan was going to graduate from junior middle school, his mother was seriously ill. This disease swallowed up all their money, but it turned no better. Seeing his mother possessed by the disease and his gloomy father every day, Siyuan, still young, had already felt that man’s destiny was really changeable and couldn’t be controlled by man at all. Sometimes when seeing the clay Bodhisattva, he smiled bitterly. No wonder there is a saying: “A clay idol fording a river is hardly able to save itself. How could a dead clay statue rule over living men’s destiny? But where is the God who can truly rule over their destiny? Feeling very confused in his heart, Siyuan wasn’t willing to give up expectation.

At the end of that year, when every household was preparing for the Spring Festival jubilantly, Siyuan’s house was cold and quiet. While others were enjoying the festive cheer, yet Siyuan felt his family was tormented, and each day seemed like a year. Until the arrival of his little aunt, vitality and hope were brought to his family. She came to spread to his family the gospel that the Creator saves mankind. At that moment, although Siyuan’s family were familiar with the word “God,” the gospel spread by his little aunt still made them feel very wonderful and close. She said that there is only one God in the world, and He is the one true God who created the heavens and earth and all things. He was once called Jehovah and the Lord Jesus, and is called Almighty God. He is the ever-existing and unique God. He governs and orders the laws of all things, manages and provides for all things, and presides over the fate of mankind. It is recorded in the Bible: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). All things were created by God’s words. His words rule and accomplish all. In the course of the history of mankind, God expresses words to lead mankind in different ages, which makes mankind walk to this day. In each age the words God expresses are the truths and can be capable of providing mankind with everything they need. He is the source of the life of man and all things. He is the Creator, the Lord and God of mankind. So created beings should only obey and worship the Creator, which is Heaven’s law and earth’s principle. However, the Creator, the only one true God, loathes those who worship Him as an idol. He demands people to worship Him in spirit and in truth. His little aunt read many words of God to them. She also told them that those clay statues and Bodhisattvas are false gods, evil spirits, and are the tools that the archangel—the devil Satanbetraying God specifically uses to deceive man and stop man from worshiping God. Only if people come before God, truly believe in and worship Him, abandon idols and evil spirits, and have faith in and obey His sovereignty and arrangement, will He save man from Satan’s harm…. That day, Siyuan’s little aunt combined the words of God to fellowship lots of truths and mysteries about God’s management and salvation of mankind. Before she left, she gave a book of God’s word to them.

In the days that followed, Siyuan’s family read God’s words piece after piece, feeling that they were getting closer and closer to the Creator. Now, thinking back, Siyuan feels that the excitement and joy they had are like those of the one who has lost his way suddenly sees the beacon or of the drowning person suddenly catches a raft. For several years, Siyuan has gradually understood that why they, when reading God’s words in their desperate life, felt that they had the place to which their hearts belonged, the direction in their life, and the feeling of a wandering person who suddenly finds his family. Actually, it was because their destiny came right to the point of being predestined by God. No one could change the destiny decreed by God. If they hadn’t reached their end, they having been deceived and harmed by Satan, would have only worshiped false gods and evil spirits, and their hardened and rebellious hearts wouldn’t have been easily changed. In distress, it was God who saved Siyuan’s mother from death and renewed their hearts. It was also God’s wonderful work that awakened their numb hearts.

Today, Siyuan still remembers clearly the first time when their family, who only knew to worship Bodhisattva and their ancestors from generation to generation, bowed their knees and prayed before God, shouted out His name, and expressed their gratitude and praises to Him for the sake of thanking Him for His salvation. Their feelings couldn’t be expressed by words. They shed tears of joy, but not that of grief. Before they believed in God, their hope of life had already been destroyed completely. After believing in God, they were regenerated by God. It was that not only did Siyuan’s mother recover miraculously without treatment, they also had in their hearts a feeling of assurance and peace that they had never had before from God’s words and the power given by the work of the Holy Spirit. People living under the domain of Satan, often use “there is no grief so great as despair” to describe their perplexity about and hopelessness for life. However, due to God’s salvation, the dying person can recover without treatment and the dead heart can be renewed. Not everyone can taste such life experience.

Afterward, Siyuan didn’t bring honor to his ancestors through study, but he still walked out of the village, and even his country. His parents were willing to allow their only son to leave them because he was to perform his duty as a created being to expand God’s kingdom gospel. The strength of us mankind is small, yet it is always right and proper to perform our unshirkable duty as a created being to testify about God. Siyuan often thinks that since he and his parents threw the clay Bodhisattva into the trash and they resolved to pursue the truth and perform their duties, they have already walked the bright and right road of life ruled and arranged by God. God has become the flesh and come among man humble and hidden, gratuitously bestowing upon us all the truths of purifying and saving man, and revealing the mysteries of the heavenly kingdom to us. God is saving all the people who truly believe in Him from Satan’s afflictions, so that we can live by His words and be freed from sin to be saved and enter the kingdom of heaven. Having obtained God’s salvation of regaining life, how could we not fulfill our duty well to repay His love?

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