Why Do People Live Further Away from Civilization Gradually?

Why Do People Live Further Away from Civilization Gradually?

Lin Ting

One day, I took my three-year-old daughter to go out. After getting on the trolley, we walked to the priority seating area specially reserved for the elderly, infirm, sick, disabled and pregnant. I saw three young people aged over 20 sitting there. One kept his eyes closed, another one was holding a mirror to make up, and the third was playing mobile phone with his head down. Thus, my young daughter could only stand aside and hold the handrail with her hands because there was no empty seat left. However, these three young people pretended that they hadn’t seen my daughter at all, and none of them offered their seats all the way. A few minutes later, I felt someone pull my bag. When I turned back, an old lady who was going to get off showed me to take her seat. Then my daughter and I sat there after saying thanks to her.

This little thing reminds me of some uncivilized phenomena in ylwmthis society, such as dine and dash, stealing, cheating the old, making trouble after getting drunk, and indecent assault on females in the trolley…. When seeing these bad social behaviors and such corrupt morals and evil trends, I can’t help but fall into a deep meditation: Why do people live further away from civilization gradually? In my imagination, either in courtesy or culture, the advanced country which I lived in is not inferior to any other countries. But now there also exist many uncivilized phenomena. This reminds me of the words of Almighty God, Perhaps your country currently prospers, but if you allow your people to stray from God, then your country shall find itself increasingly bereft of the blessings of God. The civilization of your country shall be increasingly trampled underfoot….” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) From Almighty God’s words, I understand the reason why the morals of this relatively civilized country decline gradually. It is because the ruler of this country doesn’t worship God, nor does he lead his people to worship God. So they lose the blessings of God, and the phenomena of moral anomie, lack of credibility and the decline of civilization appear. Meanwhile, because man was corrupted by Satan and began to adore money, science and social trends, they became more and more fallen and decadent. People always want to find some excitements to enrich their lives, feeling as if that lifestyle is enjoyable. Slowly, the civilization of this country is becoming worse and worse. Although rulers and sociologists wrack their brains to preserve human civilization and improve human moral standards by various means, it is to no avail. They think that laying down some laws and rules and regulations can restrain people’s words and deeds. However, the facts prove that these laws and rules and regulations that are laid down by man can restrain man for a time, but it can’t bring man life, for it is not the truth. So people can hold this time, but can’t next time. This is the reason why people live further away from civilization gradually.

Almighty God says, “God created this world, He created this mankind, and moreover He was the architect of ancient Greek culture and human civilization. Only God consoles this mankind, and only God cares for this mankind night and day. Human development and progress is inseparable from the sovereignty of God, and the history and future of mankind are inextricable from the designs of God. If you are a true Christian, then you will surely believe that the rise and fall of any country or nation occurs according to the designs of God. God alone knows the fate of a country or nation, and God alone knows the course this mankind is to follow. If mankind wishes to have a good fate, if a country wishes to have a good fate, then man must bow down to God in worship and repent and confess before God, or else the fate and destination of man will unavoidably end in catastrophe.(from The Word Appears in the Flesh) From God’s words, I know that it is God who created this world and this mankind, and was the architect of human civilization. Human development and progress and the rise and fall of a nation are all under the sovereignty and arrangement of God. If mankind wishes to have a good fate, man must come before God to worship Him, repent to Him and accept His leading and provision. And then, they can live in God’s blessings. Otherwise, the development of this country will come to a standstill and the country will tread the road to ruin. Because without God’s leading, no matter how many rules and regulations man lays down, they can’t put an end to these uncivilized phenomena. So, only if we come before God to worship Him and live by His word, can these uncivilized phenomena be solved from the root, and can people treat each other with sincerity, help each other, live in harmony and finally live in God’s blessing.

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