God’s Love: A Miraculous Medicinal Plant

By Yang Xia

Typhonium giganteum Engl. is commonly known as “Ding Dudou.” Its seed is brown and oval, like a bean. After sowed in the field for as long as one or two months, it begins to sprout. The shoot will grow fast day by day. Its leaf is in the shape of that of Alocasia macrorrhizos. Yet only after a growth of three years will it blossom. Its flower is purple red, a little bigger than Iris ensata Thunb, with a dark purple pistil shaped like swab’s heads.

Although Typhonium giganteum Engl. seems ordinary, it has many medicinal properties. One winter three years ago, my husband was away on business. Owing to the cold weather, he got rheumatism, and thus had cold legs and feet. Even in dog days, he had to wear cotton pants inside and a pair of trousers outside. He must wear thick socks all year round; otherwise his feet would feel as if cold air was leaking in. When he went to bed, he had to cover up his legs and feet with a thick cotton quilt, daring not to leave even one slight opening. It was really that his upper body was sweating in sultry summer, while his lower body was freezing in cold winter. Owing to his disease, no matter how hot the summer was, our family couldn’t use a fan but had to suffer with him. Owing to his disease, my husband’s legs didn’t work well, so although he was only in his early fifties, he had to move little by little to get out of the kang (a bed-stove), just like those in their seventies or eighties. Owing to his illness, he lost his ability to work; therefore, without the only labor force, we couldn’t sell the fruits full in our cellar, and at last they all went rotten. At that time, my elder daughter had mailed him many kinds of medicine for his feet, yet he still didn’t get any better after using them for quite a long time. Seeing my husband’s painful look, I was worried about him very much, but I didn’t know what to do.

One day, after meeting his friends, my husband came back home. He told me that he saw Typhonium giganteum Engl. was used to treat toothache by putting it on the face. And he was told it had many other wonderful uses. At this point, I was suddenly reminded that we also had some beans and flowers of Typhonium giganteum Engl. that were immersed in wine. From that day on, my husband began to rub the wine every night. After the rub he felt his legs and feet warm soon and his illness was getting better and better by the day. Only one month later, my husband was cured of his serious and intractable disease. In summer days, he could wear cool clothes, and in fall and winter days, he could go to market to sell fruits.

Later, I told this thing to a friend of mine. She said, “Typhonium giganteum Engl. amazes us with its various functions. None of its beneficiaries doesn’t praise its wonderfulness.” She told me that her daughter was one of those who benefited from it. Having been in the advanced stages of ovarian cancer, her daughter had undergone three operations. However, only 24 days after the third operation, her belly became full of tumors again, and the doctor sentenced her to death. In her despair, someone gave her a folk remedy for her disease: Crush seeds of Typhonium giganteum Engl. to a powder, capsulize the powder, and take the capsule. After being treated in this way for some time, her daughter got better and better, gradually recovering some strength. Several months later, she went to the hospital to have another examination, and found the tumors gone. As her body was getting stronger day by day, only half a year later, she fully recovered from the illness. Nowadays, she has already been married. There is another case: A relative of my friend once had scrofula. It attacked him every spring, causing persistent fester, so he had to get injections every year. Later, he painted the sore with the powder of only half the seed of Typhonium giganteum Engl., and within only a few days, he was completely cured and thereafter he never suffered a relapse. There are many other such instances in our life. It’s really unbelievable that such an unremarkable “big bean” should have so many miraculous uses, and all that it can deal with are rare illnesses. We just can’t help exclaiming, “How wondrous everything is!”

Years later, I believed in God. Only then did I learn that all things on earth were created by God, and that God is the source of the life of all things, and surely of our humans’. And the reason Typhonium giganteum Engl. has so many miraculous effects is due to God’s creation, and God’s love for us mankind. God’s word says, “In regard to the sources of food for the lives of mankind’s physical bodies, God has made very precise, very accurate and very suitable preparations, so that people’s lives are rich and plentiful and not lacking in anything. This is something people can feel and see. Additionally, among all things, whether it is animals, plants, or all kinds of grass, God also created some plants that are necessary to resolve harm or illness to the human body. What do you do, for instance, if you get burned? Can you wash it with water? Can you just find a piece of cloth somewhere and wrap it up? It might fill up with pus or get infected that way. What do you do, for instance, if you get scalded accidentally by a flame or by hot water? Can you flush it with water? For instance, if you get a fever, catch a cold, suffer an injury from physical work, a stomach ailment from eating the wrong thing, or develop certain diseases due to living habits or emotional issues, such as vascular diseases, psychological conditions or diseases of the internal organs—there are corresponding plants to cure all of these. There are plants that improve blood circulation to remove stagnation, relieve pain, stanch bleeding, provide anesthesia, help people recover normal skin, eliminate blood stasis in the body, and eliminate toxins from the body. In short, they can all be used in daily life. They are of use to people and have been prepared by God for the human body in case of need.

The image is only a reference.

From God’s words, we see that all things created by God are perfect and miraculous, with each of them having its own particular function and value. They are the manifestation of God’s authority and wisdom, and His wondrous deeds. God has prepared them for our mankind’s survival and reproduction. Before God created various kinds of animals and plants, He had made good preparation for us human in every aspect. As we eat various types of food, no one can exempt from illness. And in our daily life and labor, we would get injuries or illnesses. In order that we wouldn’t suffer too much, God has got ready many kinds of plants that could cure various diseases in advance for us humans. God has so scrupulous consideration for us, and what He has prepared for our survival are so rich and inexhaustible.

Now we see that God’s love for us humans is everywhere, practical and real, reflected in everything created by Him. Whatever God does for man, it contains God’s concern and care for us. Air, water, and food are indispensable to our lives; medicinal plants are also our need. It can be said that all things we depend upon for survival are from God’s creation, provision, nourishment, and from His meticulous preparation. Since God created man, He has been providing us with all that we need, silently and selflessly. God’s love is quiet and reflected in every detail, by our side and at every moment. If we seek to feel it with our whole heart, we will surely appreciate it. Just as God’s word says, “Undoubtedly, we see that God’s love for mankind is real and not just something He is paying lip service to. It is actual, tangible and appreciable, not fake, adulterated, deceitful or pretentious. God never uses any deception or creates fake images to make people see that He is lovable. He never uses false testimony to let people see His loveliness, or to flaunt His loveliness and holiness. Aren’t these aspects of God’s disposition worthy of man’s love? Aren’t they worth worshiping? Aren’t they worth cherishing?

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