God Himself, the Unique (III) God’s Authority (II)” (Part Three)

God’s words in this video are from the book “Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh”.
The content of this video:
Progeny: The Fifth Juncture
1. One Has No Control Over What Becomes of One’s Offspring
2. After Raising the Next Generation, People Gain a New Understanding of Fate
3. Believing in Fate Is No Substitute for a Knowledge of the Creator’s Sovereignty
4. Only Those Who Submit to the Creator’s Sovereignty Can Attain True Freedom

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Is Mankind Really in Control of Its Own Fate? I always believed I could change my fate with my own hands. Yet after years of rushing about I failed. In pain, God’s salvation came upon me and I woke up.
The Word of God in the Last Days – God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself ... God promises to give abraham a son.abraham offers isaac.No one can hinder the work that God resolves to do.

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