Only If Mankind Worships the True God Can They Have a Good Fate

As members of the human race and devout Christians,
it is the responsibility and obligation of us
to offer up our body and mind to fulfill God’s commission,
for our entire being came from God, and exists thanks to God’s sovereignty.
If our bodies and minds are not for God’s commission
or for the righteous cause of mankind,
our soul will be unworthy of
those martyred for God’s commission, much more unworthy of God,
who’s provided us with everything, with everything.
God created this world. He created this mankind.
He was the architect of ancient Greek culture and human civilization.
Only God consoles, consoles this mankind.
Only God cares for this mankind day and night.
Human development and progress is
inseparable from God’s sovereignty, God’s sovereignty.
The history and future of mankind
are inextricable from the designs of God, the designs of God.
If you are a true Christian,
then you will surely believe
that the rise and fall of any country or nation
occurs according to the designs of God, the designs of God.
God alone knows the fate of a country or a nation.
God alone knows the fate of a country or a nation.
God alone knows the course that this mankind is to follow.
If mankind or a country wishes to have a good fate,
man must bow down to God in worship, bow down to God in worship.
And man must repent and confess before God,
or else the fate and destination of man will unavoidably end in catastrophe.

from “God Presides Over the Fate of All Man” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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