Know the Incarnate God | Korean Choir “The Eastern Light Hymns Concert Episode 12”

The Twelfth Episode of the Korean Choir of the Church of Almighty God comprises “The Incarnate God Is Very Important to Mankind” and “The Substance of Christ is God.” They convey the heart desire of the Creator, and reveal the mysteries unknown but of utmost importance to man—the significance of God’s incarnation and the substance of Christ. Now, God conquers man and defeats Satan through incarnation, and thus saves all mankind who live under Satan’s domain. Such a way of God’s work makes man know more about the substance of Christ and accept Christ’s word as their life. In the end, every nation shall worship this only true God!


Dear brothers and sisters, if you have any understanding or enlightenment from God, welcome to share with us via the online chat window at the bottom of the website or send an email to [email protected]. We sincerely hope we’ll grow spiritually through sharing with each other.

What is the Correct Attitude Towards Social Elites? One day when I read Almighty God’s word, I realized my attitudes towards people from different walks of life were not right.
Human Rights Are the Fundamental Rights that Everyone Is Entitled to Enjoy, Which Represents Dignity The right to freedom of belief also should be protected. Human rights could not be constrained because of the classification of countries and nations.

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