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God Is Calling | Gospel Music “Korean Choir Episode 11”

In this final age, man is deeply corrupted. He has lost God’s protection, and is dragging out an ignoble existence in this world. Misery, perplexity, and despair pervade throughout the heart of man. Mankind, being swept away by waves of the evil tide, strays further and further from God. In order to arouse man’s numb heart and soul, God became flesh for a second time and came among man, and He has expressed all the truths that could supply man’s life. As long as man humbly seeks God’s words and listens to His personal utterance, he will find God’s footprints, and where the truth, the way, and the life exist. Now, have you seen God’s appearance? Where are your heart and your soul?

1. How to Search for God’s Footprints
2. God Is Seeking Your Heart and Your Spirit

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