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Music of Praise | Korean Choir —The Eastern Light Hymns Concert Episode 9

The soul-stirring chorus will guide you to see God’s deeds and find God’s footprints.
When everyone is eagerly expecting the Lord Jesus to openly descend upon a white cloud, God has been incarnated again to be the Son of man. He came to the world quietly, expressing His word and doing the work of “judgment beginning with God’s family.” Through the judgment and chastisement of Almighty God’s word, we see clearly the true fact that we have been deeply corrupted by Satan, and know the inherent righteous disposition of God. Thus, we are transformed in life disposition, and gradually have true reverence and obedience for Him.
Almighty God’s end-time work of judgment is to save the whole mankind from the domain of Satan thoroughly, make them the ones who worship God and submit to Him, and bring them into a beautiful destination. Now, Almighty God’s end-time gospel has spread to the entire universe. His name has been made known to every family and every person. The holy name of Almighty God will be magnified among all nations and all places. This is God’s only work to be fulfilled in the last days.

1) No One Is Aware of God’s Arrival
2) God’s Name Will Be Magnified Among the Gentile Nations

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Explore Eastern Lightning – Where does the Eastern Lightning come from? Is the Eastern Lightning the second coming of Jesus? Come explore with us.
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