A Hymn - Life’s Testimony - An Inner Feeling of Christians


Music can cultivate people’s taste, make people forget their worries and anxiety, give them encouragement and inspiration, and also make them crazy and mad about it. You can be filled with surging feelings due to the content of lyrics, and can also shed tears owing to the plot of a MV. However, seldom have we met a song truly endowed with value and significance. Recently, I heard a song titled “Life’s Testimony” which is very inspiring and touches me so much.

Life’s Testimony

Firstly, it is presented in the way of theatrics and breaks with the usual form of expression of song, which enables us to truly feel the meaning and stunning power within. The theatrics begins with the scene: The CCP police is implementing a document from the central government, arresting Christians everywhere, which makes everyone disquieted. In the whole scene, there isn’t bright and dazzling stage light, but only alternating between black, white, purple and blue. It gives prominence well to the style of the song. In the prelude to the song, the whole stage is shrouded in darkness, giving us a sense of dangerous anxiety, which successfully paves the way for Christians’ inner words in this song.

As the voice is singing, the cold white stage light turns quickly garnet, and then hyacinth. When we see the blue light, our hearts straining just now have a slight sense of relief. With moving melodies rising, the scene was revealed as the light turns stronger: A Christian is arrested and persecuted by the CCP police. Then, while the singer is singing, the camera cuts to three policemen punching and kicking the Christian who is completely defenseless. From it, we see the situation and hardship of Chinese Christians’ belief in God in the harsh environment, which touches us a lot. Especially under the dark lighting, the scene of Christians’ being tortured and beaten makes us feel as if we were in there. The lighting effects continue to the refrain of the song. With inspiring accompaniment, the light is getting bright and the stage becomes lit. Actors recite a speech from the lyrics, “God’s words spread all across the world, the light has appeared among man. Christ’s kingdom arises and is established within adversity. The darkness is about to pass, a righteous dawn has come. Time and reality have borne testimony for God.” From the process of the change of light, we can also feel Christian’s spiritual journey of growing in the persecution and harm of the CCP government. In addition, these lyrics present countless Christians’ determination amid the hardships and trials and their resolution to follow Christ until death with no fear of the hardships and dangers and fight with the forces of evil to the very end, which makes us feel extremely inspired.

The tune of the song is sometimes sonorous and agreeable and sometimes loud and inspiring. It reflects that, under the dark rule of the CCP, Christians are fearless in power, and still set their determination to follow God even if they experience great hardships and undertake a perilous journey. Meanwhile, it also conveys an important information: Faced with the cruel suppression, arrest and persecution of the CCP, Chinese Christians are fearless, stand strong together, and willingly give themselves for spreading the gospel of the kingdom. It is God who gives them this strength and confidence.

The song “Life’s Testimony” describes countless Christians’ rough and arduous course of believing in God and gives voice to their own thoughts. The lyrics, which a Christian wrote down after experiencing vicissitudes and countless tribulations and trials, make us cry tears full of emotion and at the same time deeply encourage us, allowing us to feel that unlimited energy is surrounding us. Though the song comes to an end, yet we are unable to calm down within for a long time.

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