Without Position, We Can Also Live Out a Meaningful Life

By Yucheng, United States

In the morning after rain, the sky looked especially blue. The drooping grass straightened up, the grey branches were covered with fresh green, and the moist and cool air was mingled with the sweet smell of grass and soil. If we take a deep breath at this time, we will feel comfortable and nice. However, this beautiful scene couldn’t cheer up Xiaoyu, who was dispirited. Although the sunshine was bright outside, he was depressed in his heart.

Not long after seven in the morning, Xiaoyu went out early to attend the gathering at the church. Seeing passing people and vehicles, he couldn’t help but think of what had happened in the company a week ago …

“Xiaoyu, do you know what serious repercussions your mistake had on the reputation of the company this time?” said the manager in a tone of mild reproof.

Xiaoyu said, “Yes, sir. I know.” There was some guilt and uneasiness in his tone.

The manager sighed, shook his head and said, “Xiaoyu, you have performed well since you came to our company, and we all can see that. But this time the serious mistake you made has caused irreparable losses to the company, so our company decided that you should return to the publicity department and your work will be taken over by Xiaoyang …” Xiaoyu could hardly believe his ears, looking at the manager unbelievably.

The manager seemed to read Xiaoyu’s thoughts, and he asked with concern, “Xiaoyu, what do you think of this arrangement?” At the time, Xiaoyu was silent, and bent his head helplessly.


Every word of the conversation between him and the manager appeared clearly in Xiaoyu’s mind, as if it had just happened. Just on that day, Xiaoyu left his position which was prized by himself and envied by others, with reluctance and sentimentality. He thought: Maybe I will never have a chance to come back.

In the first few days when he was at the publicity department, he, who brimmed with self-pride, lost his former enthusiasm, and even more, he felt heartbreaking and sad. He thought that when he was in the personal department, the manager appreciated and highly esteemed him, and the stuff in the company also thought highly of him and respected him; thus he became the focus among people whether in the company or at home. However, since he came to the publicity office, all people in the company knew that he had left his position. Not only did they not gaze at him with admiration anymore, but few of them concerned him, which made him feel especially sad.

He once said to himself again and again, “Xiaoyu, be strong. No matter what the environment is, there is God’s permission. No matter which post you are assigned to, you should obey the Creator’s arrangement. Don’t feel dissatisfied or complain about something …” However, no matter how he encouraged himself, he found it was just the excuse to comfort himself. The sense of loss didn’t disappear, and he always felt depressed that he became an ordinary clerk. At this time, he couldn’t help but call out to God in his heart: “God! At such an ordinary post, how should I experience? How should I truly obey Your sovereignty?”

When he was thinking, he suddenly raised his head and found that he had already arrived at the gate of the church. At the moment, Xiaoyu accidentally found that at the foot of the wall outside the gate of the church, there was a field of green grass which was sprinkled with little yellow flowers. Unknowingly, they had grown luxuriantly. He didn’t know their names nor remembered what they looked like; he even didn’t notice when they sprouted and grew. Xiaoyu bent down and looked carefully: The petals of golden flowers cupped upon their gentle green stalks, adding the green leaves, looked specially delicate. Although they can’t send forth inviting fragrance like the peony and rose, they are still specially charming.

yellow flowers

He suddenly found that the appearance of the unremarkable flowers and grass brought vigor and vitality to the silent corner. He also suddenly felt these plain flowers and grass which grew at the foot of the wall where they belonged was a beautiful sight. At this time, the scene before his eyes made him understand something. He thought of a passage of fellowship he once saw online: “If God asks us to be grass, then we should be grass, not be a big tree. If you are a big tree, don’t try to be a towering building. Be what you are, keep your position, pursue the truth well, and fulfill your duty well. Living like this is the best and not tiring. … As long as we can live out the truth to satisfy God and worship God normally, we will have the happiest life. Don’t be dominated by your ambitions or motivations. Instead, you should obey God’s sovereignty and arrangements.”

At the time, Xiaoyu saw the light: Yeah! I shouldn’t be dominated by ambitions but should stick to my position, play my role well, and submit to God’s sovereignty and arrangements; this is the most significant. Xiaoyu thought that everything God created has its meaning and value of existence. Everything appears for the sake of the Creator’s predestination and sovereignty, and they play their own roles for fulfilling the mission the Creator arranges for them. Although the grass is small, its existence also witnesses the deeds of the Creator. In the boundless grassland, a blade of grass cannot resist the wind and sand, nor protect water and soil, much less adjust the temperature. On the contrary, it looks so weak and fragile in the face of the harsh environment. However, it never feels itself inferior because of its plainness nor complains about the Creator’s predestination due to its insignificance. It just silently experiences the alternation of spring, summer, autumn and winter, from sprouting, growing, withering to perishing. It keeps its position and plays its role. Maybe it has never been noticed all its life, but it obeys the Creator’s predestination silently. When thousands of grass cluster together to form boundless grassland, they can adjust the temperature, prevent water loss, soil erosion and desertification, and ensure the balance among the creatures. As long as God sees that it is good, even if it is obscure all its life, it lives wonderfully. Xiaoyu couldn’t help but think of himself: Why am I not willing to stick to my post silently like the grass? When I was appreciated and thought highly of by others, I felt content and happy. But why did I feel my life was dim and gloomy once I lost the honor?

Later, Xiaoyu saw another passage of words: “When a commitment or promise is uttered from the mouth of God, all things serve its fulfillment, and are maneuvered for the sake of its fulfillment, and all creatures are orchestrated and arranged under the dominion of the Creator, and play their respective role, and serve their respective function.” Having seen these words, he just understood: It is dominated and arranged by God what everyone can do or cannot do when they come to the world. With different missions, everyone is assigned to different positions, performs their respective function, and plays their respective role. Today my concern about gains and losses is because I have desire and ambition within me. I pursued to put myself above others and be top dog, thinking that only if I have others admire and look up to me can I have a meaningful life, and I also enjoy being supported by others from the bottom of my heart. So after I left my position, I worried about my gains and losses for losing my status, not willing to be an ordinary and humble person. In fact, isn’t each of us the same as these flowers and grass? In the vast sea of humanity of this great world, we are humble, insignificant and plain. But in a narrow scope, if we can offer whatever we can, embodying the meaning and value of our existence and experiencing and knowing the Creator’s sovereignty, isn’t this a meaningful life? Thinking to here, Xiaoyu suddenly saw the light. The sorrow and anguish that always troubled him before vanished like smoke. He knew: As long as I’m alive, I should obey the Creator’s sovereignty and predestination and perform my duty with all my heart and mind at the position God arranged for me. Even if I’m just an ordinary clerk in the company in future, I should do the duty and play the role well as a clerk and do my job well, so that I can truly live the most valuable and meaningful life for completing what the Creator has entrusted me with and the mission given by the Creator.

On that day, Xiaoyu spent the meeting relaxing. He felt relieved and shared his experience with the brothers and sisters in the church. After he got home, he offered up a grateful prayer to God. He also made a resolution before God: I will no longer oppose God’s sovereignty for my reputation and status. In future, I only wish to stand earnestly and pragmatically on my position as a created being to obey the Creator. I will no longer neglect the beautiful sight at the foot of the wall due to looking up at the towering tree.

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