Liu Zhen is an ordinary rural old lady, aged 78 years old. Since she accepted the end-time work of Almighty God, she listened to the recital of God’s word every day, and often prayed, had meetings and performed duty with the brothers and sisters. Her life was full of happiness. However, good times didn’t last long. The CCP police arrested and persecuted her because of her believing in God, and threatened and instigated her family to strictly confine and constrain her…. Since then, she lost the church life, lost the supply of God’s word, falling into a plight. She lost her sleep and appetite, spending everyday like a year and suffering agonies of leaving and losing God. In the persecution and tribulation, she prayed earnestly and called to God. Unexpectedly, Almighty God personally made a way out for her: She accidentally dropped into a severe coma, but miraculously regained consciousness after being in a coma for eighteen hours. That wonderful deed of Almighty God not only amazed the people around, but also made her family no longer persecute her. From then on, she regained her freedom and a new lease of life….

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One thought on “God is Love | Micro Film “The Persecution and Tribulation Made Me Love God More”

  1. From this microfilm, I get a lot. On one hand, I see the authority of God’s words, after reading the Almighty God’s words, brothers and sisters’ living out are tolerant and loving and they treat each other with sincerity. Brothers and sisters in the Church of Almighty God are really different from the unbelievers. On the other hand, I see God’s blessing and marvelous deeds. After Sister Liu Zhen accepted the Almighty God’s end-time work, she gradually recovered from the former diseases. She accidentally dropped into a severe coma, but miraculously regained consciousness after eighteen hours. That was the Almighty God’s keeping. On the other hand, I see the believers must pay high price in believing in God in China. The chosen people of Almighty God are severely persecuted. However, God’s wisdom is based on satan’s schemes. Under the guidance of God’s word, a group of overcomers have come out of the tribulation.

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