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If a Man Can Live Out God’s Image, Will He Be Able to Become God?

Zhao Zhigang was an elder of the Local Church in China. Like hundreds of millions of Christians, his greatest expectation was to be raptured alive, to meet the Lord and reign with Him. In 1999, his religious leader released the message: “The Lord will return in 2000; all believers will be raptured alive.” He was greatly excited at the news, and pursued more fervently, waiting in full confidence… However, the year 2000 passed, and nothing happened. His expectation was unfulfilled and the Local Church fell into an unprecedented crisis, which forced him to reflect on the path he walked.
Later, with Almighty God’s gospel of the descent of kingdom spreading to the Local Church, Zhao Zhigang and his co-workers had a series of profound fellowships and intense debates with the preachers from the Church of Almighty God about the viewpoints they believers in the Local Church had held onto for years… In the end, Zhao Zhigang saw through the true substance of religious antichrists deceiving man. He woke up suddenly and completely, embraced Almighty God’s work, and was raptured before God’s throne at last. He couldn’t help but sigh, “My rapture is such a peril!”

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