Get You Behind Me, Satan - Matthew 16:23

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But he turned, and said to Peter, Get you behind me, Satan: you are an offense to me: for you mind not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

Thought on Today's Verse:

Peter didn’t understand why Jesus was to be nailed to the cross, so he kept Jesus from doing that with his good intention. Jesus didn’t approve of but said severely, “Get you behind me, Satan!”, nor did He indulge His beloved disciple, Peter. Meanwhile, we realize that it’s not praised by God if we don’t know God’s work and say nice sounding words according to our will.

I read such a passage, “You must be able to submit to all the environments God sets out for you and all the people, things, and matters that He arranges for you. You must often pray, live with fear before God, and scrupulously do what you ought to do; you must scrupulously live before God, and often be at peace before God, and not be indulgent or dissolute. At the very least, when something happens to you, your first reaction should be to calm down. And what do you calm down in order to do? (Pray and seek.) When you’ve calmed yourself, hurry up and pray! Pray, wait, seek, and attain an understanding of God’s will. Is this the attitude of fearing God? Is this a good state, a good start, for the fear of God? (Yes.) With this mind, by cooperating like this, and practicing thus, you can be protected. You will not encounter temptation, and will not offend God, and will not do things that interrupt God’s management work, nor will you go so far as to provoke God’s loathing.” After reading these words, I come to realize that when it comes to the second coming of Jesus, we should seek before God and don’t judge it based on our notions and imaginations, in case we play the role of Satan to offend against the disposition of God for our ignorance.

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