Knowing Jesus – Why Did Not the Lord Jesus Keep the Sabbath?

Liu Jing Previously, when I saw the scriptures recorded in the Bible, “At that time Jesus went on the sabbath day through the corn; and his disciples were an hungered, and began to pluck the ears of corn and to […]

Fate And Destiny – My Fate Is Beyond My Control

Jiajia    Singapore When I was eight years old, my dad could not get over the shock of my mother dying. He neglected his job, squandered all the savings, living in a decadent life of indulgence and not caring about […]

Daily Bible Reading – Why Did the Lord Jesus Approve of Peter’s Faith?

Zhang Jin In Matthew 16:18-19 the Lord Jesus said: “And I say also to you, That you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I […]

Daily Bible Reading – Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone

Daily Bible Reading: God’s Word Is the Guarantee That Ensures Man’s Survival He Miao The Bible says: “And he humbled you, and suffered you to hunger, and fed you with manna, which you knew not, neither did your fathers know; […]

Marvelous Salvation – God’s salvation

John Gatura    Africa Editors’ note: John Gatura is a minor building materials dealer from Africa who was born into a Catholic family. Recently, his trucks always had problems. In order to better transport building blocks and sand, he decided […]

Out of Emptiness – The Spiritual Salvation

Tian Mei Some time ago, entertainment media continually reported the death of a star. On the day when the incident occurred, the police, who had received a call about it, found a man dead in a residential building. A preliminary […]

Bible Questions – Goats and Sheep Are Separated!

Li Jing In February, 1999, the jealousy and strife among the co-workers in our church made me upset and low-spirited. I could not feel the presence of the Lord, had no enjoyment when listening to the sermons of the pastors, […]

Inspirational Stories: Woe to the Conservative!

Xiaowen There is an ancient Chinese story called “Carving the Boat to Seek the Sword.” It goes like this: During the Spring-Autumn and Warring States periods, when a man from the state of Chu was crossing a river, his sword […]

Christian Devotions – Blessed Are Those Who Listen and Obey

Jingyuan Bible-readers are very familiar with the story of Noah’s Ark. About 4,500 years ago, the earth was filled with violence, and people became licentious and evil and abandoned themselves to hideous depravity. Just as the Bible says: “The earth […]

Have You Welcomed the Second Coming of Jesus?

Zhang Liang Since I believed in the Lord, in order to welcome the Lord Jesus’ return and be raptured to the kingdom of heaven, I have been passionate, preaching the gospel, sustaining the weak brothers and sisters and so on. […]