My Jesus My Saviour Lyrics

This is a classic Christian praise hymn, starting with mellifluous piano accompaniment and followed with ebullient chorus, singing out our infinite longing and praise for Jesus Christ. We praise great power of the Lord and His holy name. Only the Lord is our refuge, and the only comfort. Nothing can be compared with God’s promise.
This hymn was composed by Darlene Zschech when she was faced with the family difficulties and felt downcast. When she was in despair, she cried out to God from the bottom of her heart. Then she was inspired and kept singing this song. This made her feel peaceful gradually and regain the faith in God. From this, we can see that whatever difficulties we encounter, only God can bring peace to our heart and make us confident to continue. We should believe in His authority of ruling over all things. This hymn has been widely circulated till today and wins universal popularity. When singing this hymn, we feel peaceful in the heart, wish to praise God unceasingly and extol God’s omnipotence all the life. In the modern society, when we are facing burdensome pressure from work, family and study, we need to come back to God and seek the only shelter, just as recorded in the Bible, “Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).
We are more eager for the second appearance of the Lord Jesus to save us completely from the shackles of sins and unburden ourselves. Let us accept the truth of God’s word as the life to make our heart and soul gain the true peace and thank God’s salvation sincerely!

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