Thank God’s Keeping, I’m No Longer Troubled by Acne

By Qian Ning

With the alarm clock sounding, Xiaoxiao awakened from sleep. Before she opened her eyes, she hurriedly touched her face with her hands. Alas! None of pimples disappeared … For many times, she repeated this action. Rubbing her eyes disappointedly, she thought back to the past two years. In order to treat acne, she had eaten lots of health food worth over 10,000 yuan, and then she went to an agency to get rid of acne for a year. Later on, she took Chinese herbs for half a year. However, these ways all failed in the end. Acne which had accompanied her for seven years still willfully occupied her face now. Recalling that time, no matter how painful she felt when the doctor squeezed the acne, no matter how difficult to swallow the decoction, she still bore silently, even if the tears poured from her eyes and she grasped the bed sheet. She always comforted herself with the thought that she would be better after that period of time. Then she would not be judged by others and would no longer be introduced folk prescriptions on the street and no longer be “taken care of” by her relatives and friends. On the contrary, she could live proudly and didn’t need to lower her head to hide from others. But now … She had tried traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, and even the clinical diagnosis, but these ways didn’t have effect. She had suffered pain, so she didn’t have the heart to let her parents bear more pressure again. Because they labored very hard and scrimped and saved to send her to school, she really couldn’t bear to see their hard-earned money be thrown away in this way. Looking at the acne which covered her face in the mirror, she was not happy at all. She prayed to God in her heart, “Oh God! May you enlighten me and make me understand your intention. Now I’m very miserable and I don’t know what to do. May you lead me to overcome this environment!”

It wasn’t many days before Xiaoxiao read such a paragraph of God’s words, “And so, illness is often a protective umbrella for people. If you are without illness—if you are full of beans—then you are very likely to commit evil; as soon as you become insolent or dissolute, you lose your rationality, and when you lose your rationality you do bad things, after which you feel regret; at that time, it’ll be out of your control. And so, some illnesses are a good thing. It could be that you are able to solve other people’s difficulties and the problems in your own thoughts, but when your illness can’t get better, there’s nothing you can do. It is truly outside of your control, and when it befalls you, no prescription or cure will do—this is the hardship you ought to suffer, and you shouldn’t try to cast it off. You should pray, seek to obey, and seek God’s will: ‘God, I know I’m corrupt and my nature is bad, I know I’m capable of doing things that rebel against and oppose You, that hurt and pain You. It’s so good that You make me suffer this illness, and I should obey. But I beg You to enlighten me, to make me understand what Your will is, what about me You wish to change and make perfect. I ask only that You guide the direction of my path, make me understand the path of human life, make me understand Your will, and make me aware of this aspect of the truth.’ You must seek and pray, and cannot be muddleheaded….” Having read this paragraph of God’s words, Xiaoxiao had a sudden realization. Wasn’t it her reality? She had tried Chinese traditional medicine and Western medicine, but none of them worked. Though acne wasn’t the serious disease, yet whether it could be cured wasn’t controlled by her. Pondering God’s words, Xiaoxiao thought back to the past two years. When acne on her face wasn’t so terrible, she always pursued worldly trends with her classmates and friends and went to all kinds of amusement places. Sometimes, she would even smoke and drink. Since acne became more and more, she was unwilling to see her reflection in the mirror any more and was reluctant to expose in public places. So she avoided the environments that corrupted her and had more time to quiet her heart before God. Led by God’s words, she knew the root and the true facts of mankind being corrupted by Satan, and knew that worshiping and obeying God and living by God’s word is a true human likeness. Meanwhile, from God’s words, she also saw clearly the evil of the worldly trends, and knew that only if she rely on God and look upon God can she forsake Satan’s temptation and seduction and receive God’s salvation.

One day, Xiaoxiao saw another passages of God’s words, “As man grows up, Satan’s gaze is fixed on every one of them, like a tiger eyeing its prey. But in doing His work, God has never suffered any limitations of people, events or things, of space or time; He does what He should and does what He must. In the process of growing up, you may encounter many things that are not to your liking, encounter illnesses and frustrations. But as you walk this road, your life and your future are strictly under God’s care. God gives you a genuine guarantee to last all your life, for He is right there beside you, guarding you and looking after you.” “That which God provides, His enlightenment of man and His guidance all allow mankind to know more and more the essence of truth, and to increasingly know what people need, what road they should take, what they live for, the value and meaning of their lives, and how to walk the road ahead. … When man’s heart is revived, they no longer wish to live the life of a degenerate, corrupt disposition, but instead wish to seek out the truth in the satisfaction of God. When man’s heart has been awakened, they are then able to make a clean break with Satan, no longer to be harmed by Satan, no longer to be controlled or fooled by it. Instead, man can cooperate in God’s work and in His words in a positive way to satisfy the heart of God, thus attaining fearing God and shunning evil. This is the original purpose of God’s work.

From God’s words, Xiaoxiao understood God’s good intention of saving man. This acne is God’s protection for her. It is God who uses this mean to pull her out of the whirlpool of the sin and keeps her away from the evil trends and cuts off the opportunities for sinning. After understanding these, she didn’t worry about her acne anymore; instead, she felt lucky that she could keep away from the corrupt and painful life because of God’s special protection.


Afterward, Xiaoxiao went to meetings more often and seriously read God’s words. Through reading God’s words, lots of her opinions, views of life as well as true values were changed. Having the truth to guide her life, she became happy. Later on, when her relatives came to comfort her, she said calmly, “I think suffering acne isn’t bad. Otherwise, I will be trapped in the trends for the world is so evil that I can’t resist.” Her relatives also agreed after hearing her words. Afterward, Xiaoxiao heard that her friend who is a beautiful girl received a red paper containing 5200 yuan as gift from her boss on May 20, and that another woman friend of hers was made drunk with a goblet full of white wine when she engaged in social activity with her boss … Xiaoxiao even more felt she was indeed so happy because she could gain God’s protection and keep away from the evil in this evil social trends. Now she is ordinary and even more a little ugly, but she doesn’t complain any more. Because this acne keeps her away from lots of temptations, makes her have the opportunities to come before God and to get close to Him. By reading more of God’s words, praying to Him and relying on Him, when facing with the temptation of the evil trends, she can stand with strength and completely shake off its enticement and bondage. When she thinks about this, Xiaoxiao can’t help but offer thanks and praises to God: Thank God for His protection! Thank God for His salvation!

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