God Is in Heaven and Also on Earth (With Lyrics)

God Is in Heaven and Also on Earth

God is practical in men’s heart, when He is on earth. In heaven, God is the Ruler of all creatures. Once God traveled over mountains and waters, softly He has ever strolled among the human race. Who dare resist in public the practical God Himself? Who dare get out of the Almighty’s rule? Who dare say God is in heaven beyond doubt? And who dare say God is sure on earth? No man can say for sure where God really is. No man can say for sure where God is.

When in heaven, is God just a supernatural One? When on earth, is God just a practical One? God’s rule over all things, or His tasting of man’s sufferings, can this decide if God is a practical God? God is in heaven, but also on earth. Among all things is God, and among all men. Men can be in touch with God every day, and men can also see God every day.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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