One Human Family, Food for All

Based on an ancient story, the “allegory of the spoons”, this short video tells that a bunch of people sat around the edge of the cliff, and a bowl of soup was in the middle. Every starving people had a pretty long spoon. At first, everyone fought over the soup, but nobody could drink it. But later, everything changed after a woman sent the soup to feed the person who sat across the cliff, and then others followed this woman. Finally, the black-and-white images turned colorful, people wearing a smile, and the images got more and more vivid. The plot twists and turns make this video more instructive. If we can put aside our selfish hearts and often help others around us, our life will get more harmonious and beautiful.

To serve others is to serve oneself” is the message to me from this video. Also, the Lord Jesus teaches us to love one another. However, because we are corrupted by Satan, we become more and more selfish and fall out with others on account of our profits. We are used to loving ourselves than others. Especially in adversity, we will preserve ourselves first. This reminds me of God’s words, “For many years, the thoughts that people have relied upon for their survival have been corroding their hearts to the point that they have become treacherous, cowardly, and despicable. Not only do they lack willpower and resolve, but they have also become greedy, arrogant, and willful. They are utterly lacking any resolve that transcends the self, and even more, they don’t have a bit of courage to shake off the strictures of these dark influences.” Just as God reveals, we live in this world with such view of life and values. Influenced and afflicted by evil trends, we get more evil. Without true love, people scheme and fight against one another, being full of calculations and defense. Struggling in such distress, many people cannot escape.

Later, I found the way to solve this problem in God’s words, “After God created mankind and gave them spirits, He enjoined them that if they didn’t call out to God, then they would not be able to connect with His Spirit and thus the ‘satellite television’ from heaven would not be received on earth. When God is no longer in people’s spirits there is an empty seat left open for other things, and that’s how Satan seizes the opportunity to get in. When people contact God with their hearts, Satan immediately goes into a panic and rushes to escape. Through mankind’s cries God gives them what they need, but He does not ‘reside’ within them at first. He just constantly gives them aid because of their cries and people gain hardiness from that internal strength so that Satan dare not come here to ‘play’ at its will. This way, if people constantly connect with God’s Spirit, Satan dare not come to disrupt.” “Because the essence of God is holy, that means that only through God can you walk the bright, right road through life; only through God can you know the meaning of life, only through God can you live out a real life, possess the truth, know the truth, and only through God can you obtain life from the truth. Only God Himself can help you shun evil and deliver you from the harm and control of Satan.” When we come before God, read His words, often pray and call to Him, we can maintain a proper relationship with God. With God’s care and protection, we are able to withstand Satan’s temptations and attacks. When we get along with others according to God’s words, we can put aside our self-serving thoughts, and open up our hearts to commune with or help each other. Sometimes, there are squabbles or conflicts of interest between brothers and sisters, but when we both put aside wrong intentions depending on God’s words, our relationships take a turn for the better. Though not related by blood, we are much like a big family. Hence, we can achieve these effects, it’s totally God’s word that changed us and made us live more relaxed and relieved, and our lives are getting happier. If everyone comes before God and breaks free from Satan’s shackles, then everything in this world will become new and everywhere is filled with joyous exaltation.  

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