Prayer Outside Operating Room After Daughter Suffering Car Accident

By Li Xing

It was a hot summer noon and the blue sky was cloudless. The sun fully gave out its heat and burned the land. It was stifling hot. Li Xing had been sweaty in a short while after she got out of the gathering point. So she quickened her pace and wanted to hurry home for a bath to remove the sweaty smell. She had scarcely unlocked her door when her son came running breathlessly and said: “Mom, my brother-in-law called me to ask you to go to the city hospital right away.” At the news, Li Xing’s heart sank: going to the hospital? Li Xing quickly asked her son: “Why does your brother-in-law ask me to go there?” Her son said anxiously: “I didn’t ask. But it’s really urgent. You can call him and ask about it. I still have something to do in my unit and I have to go.” With that, he left in a hurry.

At this moment, Li Xing couldn’t calm down anymore. She thought: What has happened? Usually, my daughter calls my family, not my son-in-law. This time he actively called, does it mean that anything happens to my daughter? Thinking of this, Li Xing hastily dialed her daughter’s phone number, but no one answered. Li Xing’s heart immediately flew into her mouth and she had a gloomy foreboding: Does anything really happen to my daughter? Li Xing didn’t dare to think further, and then she quickly knelt down and prayed to God: “O God! My mind is in a whirl now. I don’t know what is going on. Please give me confidence and strength to face all that happened. May You be with me.” After praying, Li Xing gradually calmed down and was not as flurried as just now.

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Li Xing didn’t have lunch and hurried to the hospital. Just as soon as she got off the elevator in the hospital, her son-in-law caught her hand, crying: “Mom!” Then his tears flowed incessantly. Seeing the scene, Li Xing’s heart leapt into her throat and she asked in a trembling voice: “What’s up? Has something happened to Xiaojuan?” Her son-in-law nodded, and then took Li Xing to the door of the operating room. He said with a sad face: “Xiaojuan had a car accident and the police sent her here. Now she is being rescued inside. It has been a long time since she was wheeled into it. The doctor said Xiaojuan got injuries to her large intestine and lost too much blood, and that even her blood vessel couldn’t be found. She is in danger now and the doctor can’t guarantee she will be rescued.” Hearing what he said, Li Xing suddenly collapsed on the chair with her head buzzing, feeling as if all her blood had congealed. She thought that if the rescue failed, her daughter would lose her life. At the idea of the scene that she would lose her daughter and bury her, Li Xing felt a terrible wrench to her heart, so much so that she almost lost her breath. Her son-in-law saw that she had difficulty breathing, and quickly came forward to clap her on the back and comforted: “Mom, don’t worry! Xiaojuan is young and she can survive. She will be okay.” In despair, Li Xing prayed to God earnestly in her heart: “O God! The doctor said my daughter could hardly be rescued. I’m afraid of losing my daughter. God, please lead me….”

In her prayer, she remembered God’s words: “When God sees someone’s heart, He doesn’t just use His eyes; He arranges environments for you and He touches your heart with His hands. Why do I say this? When God arranges an environment for you, He looks to see whether your heart is disgusted by it, hates it, likes it or is obedient, or whether it waits quietly, or seeks the truth—He sees how your heart changes and in which direction it goes. … People use their eyes to see you, and God uses His heart to touch your heart—He is this close to you. And if you are able to sense God’s scrutiny, then you are living before God.” God arranges every environment, in which He will see people’s heart and look to see whether they can be obedient, seek the truth and rely on God, and live before God. At the moment, Li Xing felt God was by her side examining her every action. She knew that even if she didn’t understand God’s will, she shouldn’t make complaints but should believe whatever God did was good. Pondering over God’s words, Li Xing gradually became peaceful in her heart, no longer afraid that much. She just leaned on the chair waiting in silence. And she couldn’t help reflecting on herself: She always wanted to take care of her children by their side every day. But in the face of this disaster, she appeared so insignificant. No matter how great a mother’s love is, it can’t save her daughter’s life. …

The time passed one second and one minute at a time. Li Xing took a look at her watch. Over six hours had passed since she reached the hospital, yet the operation for her daughter was still going on. Li Xing was agitated within and fixed her eyes on the screen displaying her daughter’s name. Another five hours had slipped away. As the time went by, Li Xing became nervous. She asked her son-in-law with anxiety: “The doctors have come out, but how come Xiaojuan is not wheeled out?” He said in a broken voice: “I don’t know, mom. But don’t worry. Please be seated and wait for another while.” Li Xing returned to the seat, but she still kept staring at the screen, which displayed the operation was in progress. Then unexpectedly, the screen suddenly stopped displaying her daughter’s name, but it didn’t display the “operation is over” or “recovery room.” At that time, Li Xing’s heart sank and she jumped to her feet all at once. She couldn’t believe her eyes and rubbed them to watch the screen carefully, still without finding her daughter’s name on it. So, she couldn’t help guessing: Could it be that my daughter had departed from this world after the rescue was futile?

Li Xing anxiously paced back and forth rubbing her hands, and her panic and unease grew. In helplessness, she could only silently pray to God in her heart: “O God! I’m very weak now. I’m afraid of losing my daughter, but I can do nothing but commit my daughter to You. Please keep me from complaining against You. I beg You to give me confidence and strength….” Then she thought of God’s words saying: “Of everything that occurs in the universe, there is nothing that I do not have the final say in. What exists that is not in My hands?” Li Xing suddenly became brightened in her heart: That’s right! God is the Creator. Among all things in the universe, none is not under God’s sovereignty and control, to say nothing of people created by God. Isn’t my daughter’s life even more controlled in God’s hand? Without God’s permission, no matter how serious her injury is, she will never lose her life. After she knew this, her anxious heart gradually calmed down.

Just then, someone suddenly shouted: “Who are the relatives of Xiaojuan?” Li Xing turned around and saw the doctors wheeled her daughter out of the operating room. She rapidly walked up to take a look: Her daughter had a black and yellow face because of losing too much blood, and her hair was loose. She hardly recognized her daughter. As Li Xing knew that her daughter was still alive, her afflicted heart couldn’t help feeling comfort and she was very grateful to God in her heart. Then before she could calm herself, the doctor seriously told her: “The patient’s intestine was  pierced through. The discharged excrement is mixed with blood, which will make her susceptible to infection and lead to septicemia. Tonight will decide whether she can survive or not.” After that, they wheeled Xiaojuan into the intensive care unit.


Hearing the doctor’s words, Li Xing’s heart that had just felt peaceful plummet to an all-time low again. She sat feebly at the door of the intensive care unit, with the feeling of sadness and desolation welling up in her heart and her tears running down ceaselessly. She thought her daughter would die so young, and that once she lost her daughter, how she would go through the days in future. At this moment, her daughter’s six-year-old son called and asked for his mom. Her son-in-law said in tears: “Nannan, listen to your granny at home. Mom is ill. She will not pick you up until she is better.” As soon as the child heard his mom was ill, he insisted on asking his mom to answer the phone. Her son-in-law couldn’t reply to the child and hung up. After that, the child called five times in succession. Seeing that, Li Xing had a broken heart and thought: My daughter has a six-year-old child; if she died, my son-in-law could build a family again, but this child would lose his mom at such a young age. Thinking of this, Li Xing felt as if her heart were pierced with a knife. In pain and desperation, she repeatedly prayed to God in her heart: “O God! I’m afraid and have no idea what to do. Please lead me….” Then, God’s words arose in her mind: “God’s life force can prevail over any power; moreover, it exceeds any power. His life is eternal, His power extraordinary…. Man’s life originates from God, the existence of the heaven is because of God, and the existence of the earth stems from the power of God’s life. No object possessed of vitality can transcend the sovereignty of God, and no thing with vigor can break away from the ambit of God’s authority. In this way, regardless of who they are, everyone must submit under the dominion of God, everyone must live under God’s command, and no one can escape from His control.” God’s words made Li Xing realize: God rules over and controls all things, and His authority is supreme. Whether her daughter will live or die is controlled by God’s hand, and it’s not decided by the doctor. Only God is the Master who holds the power of life and death over people. Li Xing was willing to commit her daughter’s life and death to God’s hand, and no matter what the outcome was, she was just willing to be obedient. With this knowledge, she was no longer as timid and afraid as before, willing to face the fact.

Then, the doctor told Li Xing and her son-in-law: “Normally, a healthy female  can’t have less than 12 grams of haemoglobin in every 100 ml of blood. She only has 2.7 grams of it, so a drug must be applied to increase her haemoglobin.” Her son-in-law looked at Li Xing with gloomy eyes. At that time, having the leading of God’s words, Li Xing was no longer frightened of the doctor’s words but had confidence in God. She believed in God’s sovereignty and believed that it is God who has the power of life and death. So she signed six agreements without hesitation.

After that, Li Xing said to her son-in-law: “The child misses his mom, so you’d better go home to see him. It’s all right that I stay here alone at this time.” After her son-in-law left, Li Xing calmed herself down and recalled what had happened that day. Though it was extremely frightening, she saw God’s wonderful deed: The doctor said her daughter’s condition was very critical, but she was still alive. Wasn’t this God’s wonderful deed? “Since God leaves my daughter this breath of life, there must be God’s kind intention in it.” At the time, Li Xing was willing to submit to God’s arrangement and no matter what God did, she wouldn’t complain against God.

The next day, at the visiting hours when Li Xing went to see her daughter, Xiaojuan opened her eyes and could speak feebly, and her first word was: “Mom, please pray for me.” Hearing that, Li Xing immediately shed tears of excitement. As she saw that her daughter was helpless yet still wanted to survive, she thought: My daughter doesn’t believe in God, but she knows that when she is on the edge of death, none but God can save her. Li Xing said to her in a low voice: “Thank God for saving you. You should cherish His salvation. Now where do you hurt?” Her daughter answered: “There’s no pain or uncomfortable feeling on me.” Hearing her daughter’s words, Li Xing was very grateful to God for His mercy and protection to her daughter. God not only kept her daughter’s life but also spared her daughter all the pain. These were really God’s wonderful deeds as well as the true manifestations of God’s authority. This reminded Li Xing of God’s words: “The authority and power of God are unconstrained by time, geography, space, or any person, matter or thing. The breadth of God’s authority and power surpasses the imagination of man; it is unfathomable to man, unimaginable to man, and shall never be completely known by man.” God’s deeds are really miraculous and unfathomable. Li Xing had seen them with her own eyes, and thus her faith in God increased.

On the third day, Li Xing’s daughter was transferred to a general ward. When refreshing the bandage for Li Xing’s daughter, the doctor looked at her in disbelief and said: “You’re really the most fortunate one among the unfortunates. In fact, you should have injured your vital organs, but miraculously you avoided them.” Hearing the doctor’s words, Li Xing couldn’t help giving praise to God in her heart: “O God! You’re so almighty!” Li Xing said with a smile: “Thank God for His miraculous arrangement.” The doctor quickly straightened up, nodded and said: “Yes! Yes!” After the doctor left, Li Xing said to her daughter: “You’ve heard the doctor’s words, right? Even the disaster discriminates; you can survive the disaster, and this is really God’s wonderful deed.” Her daughter nodded happily and said: “Yes. I’ve seen it.” Ten days later, Li Xing’s daughter was discharged from the hospital. Li Xing knew it was God’s wonderful deed that her daughter could be safe and sound.

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