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To keep good room for everyone to pray, please carefully read the guidelines for prayers . If a prayer touches upon the following content, we reserve the right to remain, edit, or remove this prayer request at any time without warning.


In order to protect your privacy, please refrain from using real names, full addresses, or any other information that would identify your true identity. If you inadvertently share personal real information, we reserve the right to edit your prayer request.

To maintain order in this prayer wall, please refrain from using this platform to make announcements, share links to external sites or make a personal, political, or social statements. Any post that does this will be removed without exception. If you post any prayer request that includes obscenities, threats of violence, profanities or discriminations based on race, sex, religion, etc., we will remove them and strip you of your eligibility for prayer on this prayer wall.

Thank you for working with us to make this prayer wall a place of the Lord’s love and care. We look forward to praying with you.

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