Relying on God, Our Life Will Be Easy

No matter how many difficulties you meet in your daily life, God’s grace is sufficient for us.

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I, who was born clever and bright, learned everything fast. No matter what difficulties I faced, I felt I was totally able to deal with them by relying on my brain, caliber, and knowledge. And many people’s assessment of me was that I was a strong and successful woman. Whenever I met with difficult problems in my work, I would look up various materials and turn to personages of all circles for the solutions. I had to pay a great price for this. Besides, I was besieged with complicated social engagements apart from work. I was very tired every day, feeling that such a life was really exhausting. I also often thought: Is that what life is?

One day, I saw the Lord Jesus said in the verse, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” (Matthew 11:30). Indeed, the life the Lord gives us is not so tiring, but is light and easy, and always rejoices us. Then, why am I so wearying? Why do I have a heap of work to do every day and have endless social activities to engage in? The word of the Lord is the truth, and is never wrong. Then something must go wrong with me. I offered up a prayer to the Lord for this and asked Him to guide me so that I could know how to live easily in my life.

Shortly after, once the leader in my work unit asked me to finish a task as soon as possible. But I was stumped by it all at once, because it was something that I had never encountered before. I felt myself under a lot of pressure in an instant: Time is pressing, the business is unfamiliar to me, and a series of difficulties will come one after another. O Heaven! What should I do? I sat before the computer and worked all day long but had no idea. I also consulted several professionals, yet the result was still not ideal. I felt extremely depressed by this: The deadline is tomorrow, but today little work is done … Alas!

Just then, it suddenly struck me that as a Christian, I should pray to the Lord for He is the almighty God and my reliance. Thinking of this, I prayed to Him without cease, “Lord! I offer You praise and gratitude. I’m willing to commit problems in the work to You. I ask You to guide and lead me. At this very moment, my knowledge, academic qualifications, rich experience, and connections—all this cannot help me through the difficulty….” After calling to the Lord again and again, I thought of a passage of words that a church friend had shared with me the other day, “When someone encounters an especially thorny difficulty, when they have no one to turn to, when they feel especially helpless, they trust in God as their only hope. What are their prayers like? What is their state of mind? Is it sincere? Do they have any mixed purpose at that time? When you trust God as though He were the last straw that you clutch onto to save your life, when you hope God will help you, only then is your heart sincere. Though you may not have said much, your heart has already stirred. That is, you give your true heart, your sincere heart to God, and God listens. When God listens, He sees your difficulties, and He guides you, enlightens you and helps you. … People spend most of their time living in an unconscious state, not knowing whether it’s right to rely on God or on themselves. Then most of the time they choose to rely on themselves, to rely on the beneficial conditions and environments around them, as well as the people, events and things around them that are beneficial to them. This is what people are best at. What people are worst at is relying on God and looking to God, because they feel that looking to God is too much bother. They can’t see Him or feel Him, so they feel it is vague and not realistic to do so. People perform the worst with this lesson, and their entry into it is the shallowest.

Only now did I feel as if I were awakening from a dream. No wonder I was so tired all day and felt unhappy in heart. This was because I only depended on the people, things, and events around me that are beneficial to me, as well as my social experience, academic qualifications, and social relationships, but I never relied on God. As a result, in my work I could not see God’s guidance. God is wise and almighty. For example, after God created Adam in the beginning, Adam did not go to school, but he was able to give all the animals their names as his intelligence came from God. For another example, Solomon, who was able to govern the nation because he relied on the intelligence God gave to him. Moreover, the scientists often say “Success is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration.” In fact, inspiration comes from God. If God does not give it to man, scientists cannot be rewarded no matter how much painstaking price they pay. Since only God is the source of wisdom. However, I, who was too ignorant, did not see God’s almightiness and wisdom as precious. Rather, I viewed the knowledge, caliber, experience, and social relationships of this world as the basis of my existence. Therefore, my life was full of distress. After I understood this, I entrusted all my difficulties to God, for I knew that only He is the source of wisdom.

God’s wisdom and grace are really sufficient for us man. Not long after my prayer, under God’s guidance, I saw a related business message on the internet, and then I knew how to complete the task. God is really too almighty, and His wisdom is really everywhere. Regardless of where we are or what our job is, who we are least able to leave is God. And the greatest wisdom is to rely on God and pray to Him in all things. As long as we rely on and look to God in our life, we can see His existence. At that moment, there came to mind a cautionary proverb that King Solomon once said, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding” (Proverbs 9:10). To pursue to know God and attain obedience to Him and worship of Him in life is what’s most important. How much knowledge we have of God determines how much we can see His deeds. Without knowledge of God, our belief will be merely a vague belief. If we regard God as empty air, and merely attend meetings regularly, make an offering of ten percent, give an appearance of forbearance and patience, and bear our cross, but we are unable to experience the work and the words of God in real life, and have no true understanding of how God rules over and leads us, as well as how He guides us through every day of our lives, we will never be able to God’s deeds and neither can we receive God’s grace and blessings. Thank the Lord for His wonderful deeds. Through this experience, I have come to know why my life was so tiring. Without God’s guidance, our life will be a mass of jangling fibers. But when we learn to depend on God in all things, our life will become different. May all the glory and honor be to our heavenly Father!

God’s authority and sovereignty cannot be replaced by any created being. Only God can rule over all things and is the support in my heart. You might be interested in this article: Don’t Panic! We Can Pray to God, to see how she prayed and called out to God when she was either in a interview or a sea storm, then she saw God’s wonderful deeds!


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