No More Obstacles That Blocked Me From Returning to God

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When I was a middle school student, I chanced to learn the gospel of the Lord Jesus at a birthday party held by a church. After that, I began to attend student fellowship and Bible study of the church. I gradually acknowledged in my heart that the Lord Jesus was the Lord of my life, and I set aside some time for the work of service in the church. Later I became a deacon of the church. But one day I noticed that the pastor helped certain believers sell health care products in the church to make profit. The other deacons and I couldn’t stand it, and we reminded him doing that was against the Lord’s teachings and would be hated by Him. The pastor didn’t listen, and instead he relied on his status to lecture and scold us. Slowly more and more problems occurred in the church, and the other deacons left the church one after another. I felt discouraged and disappointed and was particularly weak in my spirit. But I knew that the weaker I was, the more I shouldn’t be distanced from the Lord. Every day I spent an hour reading the Bible and praying, and I often browsed on Facebook, hoping to get some spiritual supply from my friends’ sharing.

One day in December, 2016, Brother Wu, one of my Facebook friends, told me that he and several brothers and sisters were listening to sermons on the Internet, and that there was a Brother Zhao who preached pretty well, and he invited me to join them. Since I couldn’t gain any spiritual supply from the church meetings and there happened to be good sermons, I accepted readily.

seek and investigate

Through listening to Brother Zhao’s preaching, I had some deeper knowledge of God’s work of leading man in their lives in the Age of Law and His work of redemption in the Age of Grace. I also knew that God would, according to the need of us mankind, do a stage of work of judgment and purification, that is, the work of judgment beginning with the house of God prophesied in the Bible…. That was the best sermon I had ever heard, which clearly explained God’s work and His intention of saving man. I felt what Brother Zhao fellowshiped was quite reasonable, and that we truly needed God’s purification, for not only we believers, but even the pastors were living in sin and unable to extricate themselves from it. Then, combining with the prophecies in the Bible, Brother Zhao testified that God’s name would be Almighty God when He returned in the last days. He also fellowshiped the truth about how to discern between the true Christ and false Christs. The more I listened the more I became interested, feeling as if the mysteries were unveiled. When he said that the Lord Jesus had come back and He was the incarnate Almighty God, I felt it was inconceivable. “Has the Lord Jesus truly come back? Doesn’t our pastor often preach that when the Lord returns, it will be the end of the world? But now it is not the end of the world.” But then I thought: Maybe I don’t understand the Bible deeply enough. Since Brother Zhao is familiar with the Bible and his fellowship has enlightenment, I’d better listen more. So I continued to actively attend their meetings online.

One day, after a meeting, Brother Zhao sent some gospel movies and passages of God’s words to the members of the meeting group. When I was browsing through them, I inadvertently caught sight of these words “Shandong Zhaoyuan Murderers” and “The Members of the Church of Almighty God” on a website. Feeling uneasy, I clicked on the video and saw that it was full of the words of resisting and condemning the Church of Almighty God. I was stunned by them. Afraid and flustered, I didn’t know what to do. I took a deep breath, trying to calm down. Then I recalled that in my contact with people of the Church of Almighty God during these days, they were very kind and had the leading of the Holy Spirit, and that their fellowships were all in accordance with the Bible and there was nothing wrong in them. Are the words on the internet rumors or facts? And what kind of a church is the Church of Almighty God?” So I searched the keywords “Almighty God,” and there were many pieces of information about the Church of Almighty God on the internet. I visited a website and saw the articles written by the pastors in Taiwan and Hong Kong, and they all condemned and denied Almighty God. I was confused again…. Then I thought of Brother Wu, who was also investigating the work of Almighty God in the last days. So I sent him these pieces of information and wanted to listen to his opinion. After he read them, he told me that through reading the words of Almighty God during this period of time, he was convinced that Almighty God was the second coming of Jesus , and that the negative words on the internet were all rumors which had no foundation in fact, and weren’t trustworthy at all. He also advised me not to easily believe those rumors online, but to read more of the book of the Church of Almighty God, for we should discern whether Almighty God was the second coming of Jesus according to His utterances rather than the online statements…. How could Brother Wu say that those online statements were all rumors? I found it hard to believe that. Since the pastors were all the ones who served God, how could they talk nonsenses? For the moment I didn’t know who was right, and I was very afraid that I took a wrong way. Thus, when Sister Yang of the Church of Almighty God asked me to attend meetings, I refused her with different excuses. When she phoned me, I didn’t dare to answer. And when she sent me messages one after another, I dared not reply. Whatever my attitude was, she was still concerned about me and worried if I was in trouble. I was moved by her invariable kindness and clearly felt that she really wanted to help me. So I opened my heart to her. I asked her, “What’s all about the May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Murder Case? What’s the relation between the murderer and the Church of Almighty God?”

Sister Yang said, “The Shandong Zhaoyuan Murder Case is a criminal case. It has nothing to do with the Church of Almighty God, much less do the murderers have connection with the Church of Almighty God. The CCP intentionally fabricated this case to frame and make false charges against the Church of Almighty God and blacken its name, for the purpose of attacking and even abolishing all religious beliefs to safeguard its dictatorial regime. The CCP is the representative of evil and is the enemy of God. Three days after the May 28 McDonald’s Murder Case, CCTV hastened to bring it to the screen and publicly condemned the Church of Almighty God without giving any evidence. It’s obvious that this is a long premeditated plan of the CCP. The CCP is an atheistic and dictatorial government. Since it assumed power, it has been cheating the people with lies and suppressing dissidents with schemes to consolidate its authoritarian regime. In over sixty years, it has meticulously contrived countless world-shaking frame-ups and massacres. In order to suppress the religious people and every kind of dissident to maintain its dictatorial regime, the CCP has taken various means like fabricating rumors, distorting the facts, framing innocents, conducting suppression with violence, and so on. These are what the CCP has been doing all along.

Every time when the CCP carries out a large scale of suppression, it will create a false case, fabricate public opinions and incite the masses, and then conduct bloody suppression and wanton massacre on that excuse. With the Falun Gong event in 2001, the CCP followed a set pattern. It found some people beforehand to act as Falun Gong practitioners on the Tiananmen Square and create the ‘Tiananmen Square self-immolation’ incident. Then, on that excuse, it conducted suppression, persecution, and slaughter of Falun Gong practitioners…. The May 28 Case is no exception. The CCP seizes the chance to deceive more people who do not know the truth with this rumor, so that they fear and dare not investigate the work of Almighty God and thus lose God’s salvation in the last days. This is the CCP’s sinister motive. It’s so despicable!

On the other hand, the Church of Almighty God has principles in preaching the gospel and admitting people: ‘First, we should preach the gospel to those who truly believe in the existence of God, are willing to seek the true way, and have a good humanity. Second, we can preach the gospel to those who have a good humanity and can accept the truth, regardless of their job, level of education, age, or gender. Third, if members of any religious community, including those who believe in superstition and those who worship the evil spirits or false gods, are not professionals or possessed by the evil spirits, we can preach the gospel to them. Fourth, if a famous person or a person of high station in the society has a good humanity, can accept the truth, and doesn’t condemn the true way or resist God intentionally, we can preach the gospel to him. Fifth, if the leaders of the religious communities do not have a bad name, can acknowledge the true way and accept the truth, and are absolutely not wicked people, we can preach the gospel to them’ (“Doing the Utmost to Enforce the Expanding of the Kingdom Gospel Is God’s Eager Will” in Annals of the Fellowship and Arrangements of the Work of the Church II). From this we can see that the people whom the Church of Almighty God preaches the gospel to and admits are those who have a good humanity, are relatively honest, have conscience and reason, and can accept the truth. However, Zhang Lidong and the others in the case have vicious and brutal dispositions, killing a person without cause. They are purely the wicked people. The Church of Almighty God had never preached the gospel to such people, much less had admitted them to the church. Lyu Yingchun and Zhang Fan stated clearly that they had never been involved or associated with the Church of Almighty God, that they didn’t believe in Almighty God at all, and that they themselves were God. However, the CCP government has insisted that these vicious murders are members of the Church of Almighty God. This is purely a fabrication and false accusation.”

After saying these words, Sister Yang sent me the video “Why Does the CCP So Frantically Suppress and Cruelly Persecute the Church of Almighty God?” and asked me to watch it.

Through listening to Sister Yang’s patient answer and watching the video, I felt ease within and understood that the Shandong Zhaoyuan murder was not at all committed by the people of the Church of Almighty God. Actually we were all cheated and deceived by the lies of the CCP government. In order to make people associate the Church of Almighty God with violent organization so that they would fear and dare not to investigate the way, the CCP confused black with white, persecuted Christians so cruelly, and deceived people by such contemptible means. The CCP government is too heinous!

Peace be with you all! Dear brothers and sisters, if you have any understanding or enlightenment from God, welcome to share with us.
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