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Review About Chronicles Of Religious Persecution In China

Chronicles Of Religious Persecution In China

Often, documentary style films lack drama and focus purely on providing facts. They consist of many face to face interviews with the potential occasional dramatization. However, here we have a documentary film that seeps intensity and drama from the outset.

This drama can in no small part be attributed to the narrator who injects passion and tension into his delivery. Given the controversial and dramatic topic it’s not surprising that injecting passion into it came so effectively from the narrator.

The narrators dialogue is provided against a backdrop of dramatisations. These are acted well and offer an excellent visual accompaniment to the voice over, giving the audience a much clearer idea of he seriousness and emotion that permeates the plot.

The film is fast paced, which is surprising and impressive given it’s construction. A film that focuses on a narrator often feels long and slow, yet here the dramatisations, music and topic make it feel much quicker. An impressive feat of direction and production.

The film offers an honest ad sometimes brutal look into a topic that isn’t well known, utilising effective storytelling and film techniques to create drama and tension throughout. A strong example of how to create an entertaining and engaging documentary film.

The link of the origin news: http://largofilmawards.com/chronicles-of-religious-persecution-in-china/


Chronicles Of Religious Persecution In China (Trailer)

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