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Revival in the Light – Musical Show “Chinese Gospel Choir Episode 13” (4)

All the humanity God created has at last come back to life again in the light. In the beginning, man possessed no truth. Later, he was beguiled by Satan into betraying God, and thereafter has lived tragically in the human hell of utter darkness. It is even more so in China—the old world ruled by the evil forces of the great red dragon. In order to achieve its evil purpose of ruling the whole world, the great red dragon doesn’t hesitate to carry out destruction of human life, imposing inhuman and unprecedented slaughter on God’s chosen people. When the great red dragon does evil to the utmost, God’s righteous disposition and wrath come upon it. Knowing well that its last day has come, it persecutes God’s chosen people more frenziedly, and attempts to perish with them so as to abolish God’s work of salvation on earth. However, God’s wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s schemes. God’s chosen people are equipped with the truth of God’s word as the sharp sword. They no longer fear Satan, and defeat Satan at last. For a time, Satan grows insane—it weeps and gnashes its teeth. But under the shining of God’s light, it topples over into the filthy water and dooms. And human beings become the true master of all things, who have the reality of the truth! This chorus comprises various performances like Peking Opera, rock, Haozi, Latin dance, animation. God’s chosen people use their singing and dance to testify to the entire universe: God has completely accomplished His work! God has triumphed over Satan and gained a group of people who are of one mind with Him!

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