What is the Right Way to Welcome the Lord’s Coming?

What is the right way to welcome the Lord’s coming?

Question: What is the right way to welcome the Lord’s coming?

A. Waiting for His revelation.

B. Observing the sky and clouds.

C. Seeking the utterance of His second coming.

D. Listening to the sermons of those who preach the Lord’s return, examining and confirming it.


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Now, disasters are occurring frequently everywhere. In the Philippines, the pandemic and the famine have not passed yet and powerful Typhoon Molave, Goni and Tropical Storm Atsani have landed. Biblical prophecies of the coming of the Lord have been fulfilled. It stands to reason that the Lord has returned—so why have we yet to welcome His arrival? Will we not be plunged into the great tribulation if this carries on? And just what should we do to welcome the Lord’s coming?

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