On the Verge of Death, I Was Saved by God and Convinced of God’s True Existence

By Tiantian, China

dripVery late at night, a hospital ward was brilliantly illuminated. “Beep … beep … beep …” the alarm on the monitor, beside a hospital bed, kept sounding, and it broke the still of the night. A nurse came running, read the patient’s blood pressure, and scurried out to get the doctor on duty. The doctor then came in a hurry and glanced at the monitor. He bowed his body, checking the patient’s pupils while speaking to her in a low voice, “Xiaoman … wake up … how do you feel now?” It was some time before the doctor heard a weak reply “It … hurts.” The doctor turned to the nurse behind him and said, “Hang another bottle of normal saline … and pay close attention to her blood pressure.” Hearing hurried footsteps going in and out, Xiaoman lying in her hospital bed tried to open her eyes and dimly saw that many people were at the head of her sickbed. She tried to hear what they were saying, but it seemed as if they purposely dropped their voices lest she hear their talking. As a medical student, she knew what it meant that her blood pressure had been dropping. Wanting to know her condition, she asked her mother, “Mom, what’s my … blood pressure … now?” “It’s 80/50 mmHg,” answered her mother Cao Jing. But later, her mother did not answer her anymore; she merely told her to get more rest and speak less.

After some time Xiaoman wanted to relieve herself. With the help of her mother, she urinated into her bedpan. Suddenly, her mother looked terrified, and she couldn’t believe her eyes: There were big blood clots in Xiaoman’s urine.

Devastated, Cao walked to the deserted corridor with tears in her eyes. She knelt down and earnestly prayed to God, “O God! Such a great trial comes upon me today, and I know this is Your test to me. Now my daughter’s condition is really serious, and I’m willing to entrust her to You no matter whether she will be dead or living. No matter how You arrange this environment, I won’t make any complaint. In the past seven years, I’ve preached the gospel to her, but she hasn’t accepted it all along for she has been too rebellious and her heart has been too hardened. If she lives through this juncture, this is You taking pity on her. I’m ready to do my best to bring her before You.” After the prayer, she was much calmer. She wiped away her tears and returned to the ward.

A short while later, Cao was called out of the ward by the doctor. He said to her, “Xiaoman has lost a lot of blood and she is still hemorrhaging. She needs an immediate blood transfusion. Though I’ve been practicing medicine for so many years, I never run into such a case. Her test results clearly show nothing wrong, but her blood pressure is still low. We’ve kept her hydrated intravenously, but there’s been no improvement. Be prepared. If it continues like this, her life would be in danger at anytime. We doctors have limitations, and we can only cure illness. Whether your daughter’s life can be saved is out of our reach.” After saying this, the doctor made Cao sign two pieces of paper, a consent for blood transfusion and a critical condition notice.

As a Christian, Cao knew clearly in her heart: Man’s life is in God’s hands, and man’s life and death are controlled by God. Any advanced instruments, experts or professors can’t determine whether or not my daughter can get out of the hospital alive. I’ll willing to commit my daughter to God. If God allows her to live, then she won’t die. So Cao signed the papers placidly.

Bags of plasma flowed into Xiaoman’s body down the transfusion tube. She still felt much pain, especially in her stomach. She would’ve loved to fall asleep to release her pain. At the point, her mother was still trying to persuade her to call upon God, saying, “You’ve been in such pain, why not try to call upon God? Just call upon Him and see whether He will alleviate your pain.” She was stirred by these few words “Why not try to call upon God,” and thought: Right, I’ll have a try. In any case, the worst situation is the way it is. If … So, Xiaoman called upon God in her heart, “O God! My mom said only you can save me. Please alleviate my pain. It’s almost unbearable. Please help me!”

Unconsciously, Xiaoman finally fell asleep after being racked with pain for over 10 hours.

On the next day, after Xiaoman woke up, she said to her mother, “Mom, I am convinced! I really am! The God you believe in is true! When I couldn’t bear the pain yesterday, I asked God to save me, and then before I knew it I had fallen asleep. I don’t feel much pain now. It is God who saved me! I remember I once read some words in a book, saying: ‘He who loves people because of loving is God, while he who loves others because of being loved is man.’ In the past, I didn’t know God, nor did I believe there is a God. During the past seven years, I’ve refused God’s gospel time and again. I was so resistant to Him, but He saved me because of loving me. Only God possesses such selfless and pure love. He saved me because of loving me. God truly exists!” Hearing these words, Cao shed excited tears, and all she could do was repeatedly say, “Thank God! Thank God! …”

At this point, the understanding that God truly exists, like a storm, occupied Xiaoman’s mind and shook her heart. She felt that the strong castle of atheism in her heart was on the verge of collapse.

Accompanied by God’s love, Xiaoman’s body recovered very fast. On the third day, she could walk by herself. On the fifth day, she was full of life and energy just like nothing had happened. When the doctor made his rounds and saw Xiaoman’s situation improved, he joked with her, “You scared us stiff that night. But now look at you, you are full of life and energy in the blink of an eye just like nothing happened. You’ve really given us an impressive lesson on life and death.” Xiaoman just answered him with a smile, exclaiming in her heart: God has truly taught me a lesson—God exists.

girl blowing blowball dandelion

Seeing her daughter was gonna be fine, Cao began to tell her what had happened that night, “The doctor knew you are a medical student. So he didn’t let me tell you what your blood pressure was, fearing that you would be nervous. Your blood pressure was low and had been dropping, and the alarm kept beeping, causing us to worry about you a lot. We four—the doctor on duty, two nurses, and I—kept reading your blood pressure by turns every three minutes. Your blood pressure had been dropping and it was even down to 50/30. Our nerves were all on edge. The doctor even gave me a critical condition notice. He asked me for your blood type, but I didn’t know. Then they hurriedly typed your blood. After knowing your blood is A-B positive, they hurriedly called the blood bank to see whether there was your blood type left. The wonderful thing is that only type AB blood was left. This truly was arranged by God and God had already arranged everything for you. Thanks be to God!”

Seeing her mother speak with excitement, she couldn’t experience personally how her mother felt, but she felt the existence of God. She knew in her heart, it was God who helped her fall asleep, protected her and alleviated her pain. After her discharge from the hospital, Xiaoman began to live a church life, and made a complete break with atheism. Under the nourishment and supply of God’s words, she felt the peace and happiness deep within her heart that she had never had before.

One day, she read the following words of God: “How many creatures are there living and reproducing in the vast expanse of the universe, following the law of life over and over, adhering to one constant rule. Those who die take with them the stories of the living, and those who are living repeat the same tragic history of those who have died. And so mankind can’t help but ask itself: Why do we live? And why do we have to die? Who is in command of this world? And who created this mankind? Was mankind really created by Mother Nature? Is mankind really in control of its own fate? … For thousands of years mankind has asked these questions, over and over again. Unfortunately, the more that mankind has become obsessed with these questions, the more of a thirst he has developed for science. Science offers brief gratification and temporary enjoyment of the flesh, but is far from sufficient to free mankind of the solitariness, loneliness, and barely-concealed terror and helplessness deep within his soul.

God’s word holds authority and power. It shook Xiaoman’s heart, and made her truly understand that God is the source of man’s life, and that God is the One who commands and rules over the fate of mankind. In the past, the science and knowledge she had worshiped blinded her eyes, making her not believe there is a God and also stubbornly adore atheism and theory of evolution. Xiaoman told her mother many times, “I’m a college student, and I never believe God and demons exist. Everything I have is gained by my own efforts.” Science and knowledge made her arrogant, stubborn and hard. During the past seven years, she had refused the gospel of God time and again. Only after that soul-stirring night did she realize that, in the face of life and illness, science failed to save her life, advanced instruments didn’t alleviate her pain, and the doctor was powerless. Seeing their patients are fairly far gone, doctors have to give their families a notice of critical condition. Doctors can only cure one’s illness, but can’t save one’s life. Science, advanced instruments, experts and professors are all very insignificant and powerless. However, at the point of life and death, it was God who saved her from the brink of death. Because throughout the heavens and earth, only God controls man’s life and death, and only God rules over man’s destiny. God’s salvation of man does not require science or advanced instruments, and He does not require anyone’s help. Instead, the mind of God can cause something to become nothing and can create something from nothing. Just as God says: “The heart and spirit of man are held in the hand of God, and all the life of man is beheld in the eyes of God. Regardless of whether or not you believe this, any and all things, living or dead, will shift, change, renew, and disappear according to God’s thoughts. This is how God rules over all things.

Attracted by God’s words, Xiaoman often attended meetings and read God’s words with brothers and sisters. Gradually she understood some truths and began to actively perform her duty as a created being to repay God’s salvation for her in real actions. Later on she read the following passage from the word of God: “Whenever Satan corrupts man or engages in unbridled harm, God does not stand idly by, neither does He brush aside or turn a blind eye to those He has chosen. … During this time, as man grows up, Satan’s gaze is fixed on every one of them, like a tiger eyeing its prey. But in doing His work, God has never suffered any limitations of people, events or things, of space or time; He does what He should and does what He must. In the process of growing up, you may encounter many things that are not to your liking, encounter illnesses and frustrations. But as you walk this road, your life and your future are strictly under God’s care. God gives you a genuine guarantee to last all your life, for He is right there beside you, guarding you and looking after you. … But in His heart there is something important He needs to do that far exceeds any of these things. What is that? That is, from the time man was born up to now, God must guarantee the safety of each one of them.

These motherly words of God moved Xiaoman to tears, and she felt like a child, who had wandered for years and finally returned to the embrace of her mother. Only at that time did she realize that God had always been with her, silently watching over her, and known all her sufferings, helplessness and desperation. She never knew these things before because she had been deeply deceived by Satan. From the day she entered school, she was harmed with atheist thoughts, such as “All the things were formed naturally,” “There has never been any Savior in the world,” “Build a beautiful homeland with your own two hands” and “Doctors are white angels saving lives and helping the injured.” Satan uses these atheist thoughts to poison and devour people, thus deluding us to deny and alienate God. Facing facts, Xiaoman finally understood the Creator is the source of man’s life, and that He rules over man’s birth, death, sickness and old age. When she relied on the doctor to cure her illness, she kept hemorrhaging, though the test results showed that she shouldn’t have such symptoms; when she was in great pain and her life was hanging by a thread, the doctor, just like a cat on a hot tin roof, was at a loss. But after praying to God, she didn’t feel that pain. Later on, after she woke up she stopped hemorrhaging. She, on the verge of death, miraculously survived and moreover, her body recovered very fast and then she was soon discharged from the hospital. Her wondrous experience let her acknowledge that God truly exists and that God is truly by her side. Even the doctor wondered at this wonderful change of her condition.

Xiaoman would never forget that soul-stirring night and she felt deep gratitude for it. Because on that night, at the point of life and death, she saw God’s real existence and His great grace, and also saw God’s life force is extraordinary and great, and that His authority and power are everywhere and at all times. From then on, she said farewell to those dark and wandering days, following God and walking on the correct path of life. She was determined to follow God throughout her life and live out a meaningful and valuable life.

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