Short Encounter, Pursuit Forever

It is a little cold in March in America. At 9:15 in the evening, Xuan Xi came out from the bakery. She zipped her coat up and breathed a sigh of relief: Alas! I have worked another overtime today.

Xuan Xi has walked the way from the bakery to home for three months. To be honest, she was not happy during the three months working in the shop. Because she was very tired of doing too much work everyday. Especially when her colleague needed a day off, she had to do all the work by herself. What’s more, she was always asked to work overtime without being paid.


Living in the fast-paced city, Xuan Xi knew that it was unavoidable to face with heavy working pressure and to work hard. But she didn’t get enough salary for what she had done. The boss employed her with 6 dollars per hour at the beginning. But after 3 months, Anan’s salary increased to 6.5 dollars per hour, although she just came a month before her. And the cashier Lucy, who came one month later than her, got more salary because her English is better.

Every time when thinking of this, Xuan Xi felt so angry, aggrieved and emotional. So whenever her boss’s wife found fault with what she had done, she was so annoyed that she had to suppress her inner anger so that she wouldn’t quarrel with her.

On the way home, Xuan Xi felt very depressed. Unknowingly, she reached her rental house. Whatever grievance she suffered outside, she knew her home was warm. Xuan Xi got along well with the sisters living with her. Especially Si Wen, a sister in the Lord, always cared about her a lot.

Looking up at the warm light poured through the window on the fourth floor for a while, she went upstairs, opened the door and walked into her bedroom directly. She threw herself into the bed and didn’t want to think more, wanting to forget about all the troublesome matters.

What’s the matter, Xuan Xi? You are tired, right?” Si Wen walked to her bed gently and sat beside her. Xuan Xi managed to force a smile and answered feebly, “Oh! Still those matters in my work place.” Si Wen knew the grievance in Xuan Xi’s heart because Xuan Xi had poured out her heart to her many times.

What was different that day was that Si Wen didn’t sigh with her, instead, she seemed to have something new to say to Xuan Xi. She said, “Xuan Xi, give me one minute. I have something to show you and I am sure it will surprise you.” As she said with Xuan Xi, Si Wen left quickly and soon she came back with her phone.

Si Wen opened an APP on her phone and said, “Xuan Xi, I have read a passage of God’s words today and I think it is suitable for us to enter at this moment. I will read for you.” Then Si Wen read, “In the Bible are the words ‘Rejoice ever more. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks’ (1Ts 5:16-18). Rejoicing ever more, is this easy to achieve? This must be put into practice, you must make it into reality. Praying without ceasing—this is a source of, and path to, rejoicing ever more, and in this you will be able to give thanks in every thing. When you have joy and know thankfulness, when you know that all God does is good, and know how much grace you have gained from God, and how many blessings you have gained from Him, then you will know to be thankful to God. Only when you have a heart such as this, and knowledge such as this, will you be able to truly obey God, have love for God in your heart, be satisfied, and know to obey all of the environments arranged by God. You’ve remembered these words, yes? Some words are but little words, yet they are indispensable to the process by which people’s lives grow. It is not the case that people can be saved and sated by abstruse doctrine and great messages; if people are able to put these small words into practice, and do so often, then they can make you change, they can transform you, they can turn your states around, and make you strong, you won’t be timid, you won’t retreat, they will turn you into someone with confidence. … And what is in the hearts of those who have no joy? Sorrow, sadness, pain, grievances, complaints, incomprehension—these negative elements are suppressed within them, and so when something happens to them they cry for days and days, whenever they think about it they cry. What should such people do? In their free time, they should repeat these words to themselves: ‘Rejoice ever more. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks.’ … These words are practical, and in the process by which people’s lives grow, they are practices that are indispensable, and the most practical. They are the states that people should possess, the path to practice that they should possess, and they are an attitude of obedience to God. Above all they are an attitude, and when you have this attitude you are blessed by God and accepted by God, and at the same time the states within you—the negative, depraved, and rebellious states–these negative things will become fewer and fewer, and the states will take a better and better direction.

Listening to God’s words, Xuan Xi became lost in her thoughts. She recalled 3 months ago, when she just came to the United States, she needed money for everything. What she needed the most was to make money to support herself. However, due to her unfamiliarity with the environment, and the regional and linguistic difference, she found it difficult to find a stable job. She often came before God to pray, willing to maintain a heart of obedience to God and let God arrange for her. God responded to her: On the first day she went out to find jobs, she found the bakery. Though the salary was not high, she could at least support herself. During that few months, many people were hired but dismissed within a few days. Xuan Xi was the one who stayed the longest, because God knew she needed such a stable job.

Having figured out God’s grace, Xuan Xi smiled! She thought: Indeed, I need to give thanks for everything, rejoice ever more and pray without ceasing. These are the attitudes of being satisfied and submitting to God. Actually, God has given me sufficient grace, but I often ignore it and cannot see His love, instead I still hold extravagant desires in my heart and I am not satisfied with what I have and never give thanks for everything. How can I obtain true happiness in this way?

Si Wen grabbed Xuan Xi’s hands and said earnestly, “Xuan Xi, the Lord Jesus had said: ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God’ (Matthew 4:4). Only God’s words can supply us. No matter what difficulties, adversities or things that are not in line with our notions we encounter, we just need to come before God, read God’s words and then God will lead us and point out ways of practice for us. If we seldom read God’s words, our hearts will move away from God, and we will often live in natural corrupt dispositions and in all sorts of pain. I know you are always busy with work and have no time to read God’s words, but you can install The Church of Almighty God APP. It’s very convenient. For example, whenever you are waiting for the bus or on the bus to go to work, you can read God’s words with it, or during your break time, you can use it to listen hymns of praising God. With the APP, we can practice our spiritual devotions and let God’s words lead and water us anywhere, anytime, no longer being restricted by time and place. In this way, the difficulties we encounter in life or during work can be solved anytime, and our pain and trouble will be vanished as well.”

Xuan Xi, did you know that The Church of Almighty God APP is very rich in content? There are God’s words in the new age and also many kinds of hymns of praising God. Not only can you listen online, it also allows batch download! With that, even if you are in places without internet, you can also read God’s words, listen to hymns or learn to sing hymns. Furthermore, there are all kinds of movies, MVs, choir music, etc. in this APP, and also life experience articles written by brothers and sisters. They are very practical and helpful. There is something more thoughtful! This APP has a spiritual devotion planning feature, with specially made spiritual devotion content. For every aspect of truth, it has carefully selected classic God’s words and related videos with suitable length for reference, which makes our spiritual devotions more convenient. I think this APP is very helpful for us to establish a good relationship with God. We can get close to God anywhere, anytime. Then our relationship with God will eventually become closer. Xuan Xi, look!”

Meanwhile, Si Wen had already installed the APP on Xuan Xi’s phone. At this moment, Xuan Xi felt very warm in her heart. She knew these were all God’s love! She took back her phone and scrolled through expertly, looking up the contents in the APP. Xuan Xi mumbled to herself: It’s so rich in content! Thanks be to God! From now on I will use it everyday, let it become my partner in my spiritual devotions and my guide in life!

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