Let Go of Worry, Son’s Prospects Are in God’s Hands

By Xiaoxue

A day of heavy snow left us a white world outside, and the ground shined brightly. It was already dark in the evening. The snow started to slow down, but the wind was still howling. Min was eagerly waiting for her son’s arrival at the entrance of the yard. She kept rubbing her hands as they were numb from the cold temperature. Various thoughts came to her mind …

Yesterday, Min’s son spoke excitedly on the phone, “Mom, I’ve graduated and finally can live on my own. I want to seek my fortune in this society …” She could tell that her son was so excited and was full of confidence about his future. Min was happy and worried at the same time. To her delight, her son finally has grown up. However, everywhere was competitive, higher education and specialized skills were mandatory to find a job. Her son just graduated from a secondary technical school, so she was worried. Several children of her relatives and friends were college graduates, experienced a lot of difficulties in their job searches, and still couldn’t find a suitable job. It was said that their education was too low, and a lot of companies were expecting to hire people with undergraduate or graduate degree. Min’s son only got a diploma from a technical secondary school. How could he possibly find a good job? Whenever she thought of this, there was often an unspeakable sadness in her heart, especially the day of her son’s graduation approached day by day, her concerns and misgivings grew heavier.

It was all dark, and another gust of cold wind nipped at Min’s face. She shivered, and zipped up her clothes. There were a lot of things appearing to her mind. Almost an hour passed away, but her son had not yet arrived. She was a bit anxious, so she turned back to the house. Once Min entered the door, her son arrived. Snowflakes covered all over his body. He looked tired as one hand was carrying a luggage, and the other was carrying a quilt. Min approached to him and helped out, “I told your father to pick you up, but you refused, are you worn out? But finally, you’ve graduated and got home. Now you can have a good rest at home.” He said, “I’ll rest tomorrow, and go job-hunting the next day.” Min smiled, and thought, “He is really fearless, and doesn’t know much about the society. Well, just let him experience it and taste the hardships of life. It’s a good chance to enrich his experience.”


Min’s son was looking for jobs in the near city. He told Min that he didn’t find any job after paying close attention to various job ads and attending interviews in different companies for days because of his low education. The minimum qualifications for most jobs were college or University graduate. Although her son’s setbacks in job-hunting was within her expectation, she was worried after hearing his sharing. Min recalled his teacher’s comment for her son, “I am afraid it will be difficult for you to find a job because of your young age, low education and weak skills.” Min had tried to convince her son to learn more, but never succeeded. He disliked study, and didn’t want to go to school anymore. All he wanted to do was to explore in the society. Min worried more about his future whenever she thought about this, “He’s not good at study; he gives up learning web design in the halfway because his English is not good since junior high school, and it’s hard for him to understand. Despite these, he is still hoping to find a good job. Isn’t it a fantasy? How can he survive later?”

Min intended to persuade her son not to find a job hurriedly but study some more. However, he said he would like to seek a job in the southern China with his classmate since he couldn’t find suitable jobs in the neighboring city. Min became even more worried after hearing this because she was afraid that he could not find a suitable job at other places. She tried to convince him, “It’s not necessary to move to the south. It’ll be more difficult for you to find a job in big cities. If you can’t find a job matching your major here, you can do something else. Your father and I don’t need your financial support. You take care of yourself only.” However, he insisted, “I’ve made my decision.” She failed due to his stubbornness and walked away with a big sigh. She couldn’t calm down at all because she didn’t want to be distant from her son, and worried that he would be rejected everywhere else. When she was in panic, a passage of God’s words appeared to her mind: “When one reaches maturity, one is able to leave one’s parents and strike out on one’s own, and it is at this point that one truly begins to play one’s own role, that one’s mission in life ceases to be foggy and gradually becomes clear. Nominally one still stays closely tied to one’s parents, but because one’s mission and the role one plays in life have nothing to do with one’s mother and father, in actuality this intimate tie slowly breaks down as a person gradually becomes independent. From a biological perspective, people still cannot help being dependent upon parents in subconscious ways, but objectively speaking, once they are grown they have entirely separate lives from their parents, and will perform the roles they assume independently.” Min calmed down slowly after the reminder of God’s words. She understood that her son has grown up, he’s got the right to choose whatever he wanted, and also got a mission to finish independently. Parents couldn’t control his subsequent fate. What he will do or experience is predestined by God, and nobody can change that. She walked to his room and spoke to him honestly, “Wherever you go, mom supports you. But when you go out, you should rely on God and look up to Him anytime. Call out to God and ask Him to guide you in all things. Dad and Mom cannot always take care of you at your side, but God is our ever-present help and reliance. Never stray from God!” He nodded and replied with a warm smile, “I know, Mom, don’t be worried.”

When Min watched her son leaving the house, she gazed at his receding figure and still couldn’t stop worrying. She prayed silently, “Oh God, my son has left, but I’m still worrying about him. May You protect my heart. Oh God, I entrust everything of my son into Your hands, I’m willing to obey Your orchestration and arrangements, and I believe that You presides over everything.”

Surprisingly, Min’s son called and spoke to her in the next evening, “Mom, my classmate and I went to find a job separately, a company unexpectedly recruited me and asked me to work a week later. The monthly salary during the first three months of the probation period is 4,800 yuan, and the monthly salary will be 6,000 yuan after that.” He stopped and asked, “Mom, do you think I should accept their offer or look for something else? I’m afraid that I can’t handle some technical work.” Min thanked God silently. She knew that this was orchestrated and arranged by God. It was God who found a job for her son in such a short period of time. She replied, “Just let it be, you have to try first. If you can do it, just keep it; if not, then find something else.” Her son agreed happily. Min finally set her heart at rest.


Her son has successfully passed the probation. Min also learned from her son that there was always someone helping him whenever he encountered problems at work. His manager appreciated him very much, and offered him to study in Shanghai. Min thought: Being no professional skill and no high academic background, my son got a good job unexpectedly and was treated importantly by his manager. Wasn’t this orchestrated and arranged by God? Min was so grateful, and no longer worried about her son. Soon, Min heard that her son’s classmate along with him still couldn’t find a job after three months. Min can’t help giving thanks and praise to God from the bottom of her heart.

A passage of God’s words states, “Some people choose a good major in college and end up finding a satisfactory job after graduation, making a triumphant first stride in the journey of their lives. Some people learn and master many different skills and yet never find a job that suits them or find their position, much less have a career; at the outset of their life journey they find themselves thwarted at every turn, beset by troubles, their prospects dismal and their lives uncertain. Some people apply themselves diligently to their studies, yet narrowly miss all their chances to receive a higher education, and seem fated never to achieve success, their very first aspiration in the journey of their lives dissolving into thin air. Not knowing whether the road ahead is smooth or rocky, they feel for the first time how full of variables human destiny is, and so regard life with hope and dread. Some people, despite not being very well educated, write books and achieve a measure of fame; some, though almost totally illiterate, make money in business and are thereby able to support themselves…. Regardless of differences in ability, IQ, and willpower, people are all equal before fate, which makes no distinction between the great and the small, the high and the low, the exalted and the mean. What occupation one pursues, what one does for a living, and how much wealth one amasses in life are not decided by one’s parents, one’s talents, one’s efforts or one’s ambitions, but are predetermined by the Creator.

This passage of God’s words reminds her of her son’s experience in job-hunting. Min has deep feelings. She used to think that her son would have trouble in job-hunting because of his low education background and weak skills. Therefore, once she heard that her son wanted to find a job in the south right after graduation, she was concerned that he would be rejected and become frustrated during job-hunting. However, the fact proves that her worry is useless. After one steps into the society, what job he will have and what his fate will be have nothing to do with his parents, nor his academic background or whether he is skillful or not. One’s fate is totally determined and predestined by the Creator. Although her son just graduated from secondary technical school without much specializing skills, both she and the teacher thought that it would be impossible for him to find a good job. However, God has fulfilled this. Min truly can see God’s predestination and sovereignty surpass mankind’s notions and imaginations, and all things are up to God.

Min knows that her son’s journey of life has a long way to walk. But after experiencing the event of his job-hunting, she deeply feels that the secret of gratification is to leave everything in God’s hands and obey His orchestration and arrangements. Such experience fights back her notions and imaginations, and allows her to know that man’s fate is in God’s hands, and it’s wrong to measure man’s destiny according to his notions and imaginations. Min has given her son to God’s hands. Her worry is gone, like a stone over her heart has been removed.

The cold winter has passed, and the warm spring has arrived. Under the blue sky and the blazing sun, Min feels indescribably warm and steadfast in her heart.

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