The Scheme Behind the “Brainwashing Drama”—Rebut the CCP’s Fallacies That Defame the Church of Almighty God

On September 19, 1853, 21-year-old British James Hudson Taylor farewelled his parents and went far away to preach Jesus’ gospel in China. He dedicated his whole life to the work of the Lord and passed away in China. In 1885, […]

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The Word of Almighty God

The Hymn of God’s Word “God Is Abundantly Merciful and Profoundly Wrathful” | The Church of Almighty God

God Is Abundantly Merciful and Profoundly Wrathful 1. God’s mercy and tolerance indeed exist, but at the same time God’s holiness and righteousness in His casting out anger make men see His unoffendable aspect, make men see His unoffendable aspect, unoffendable […]

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