“The Black Hole” Short Film

This 3 minutes mini film portrayed man’s greediness incisively and graphically. Therefore, it won the best mini film award in Cannes Film Festival. The black hole, true to its title, brings man into temptation step by step, causing him to fall into the abyss, the black hole of extravagant desire, in which he can never put himself out.

In the beginning of the film, a sleep-deprived man was photocopying some material overtime alone in the office, but the photocopier jammed and nothing was coming out of it. The man was so annoyed that he punched buttons and even kicked the machine. Unexpectedly, the photocopier spit out a paper with a large black spot on it, which shocked the man. And the story gets to the point from here. When the man found his plastic cup disappeared inside the black spot, he looked at the paper unbelievably, gingerly reached into the black spot and picked up the plastic cup from the black hole. At this moment, he discovered that the black spot worked as a black hole. Afterward, he sticked the paper on a vending machine, and successfully took a bar of chocolate out of it. Then he thought for a while and came up with a wicked idea. With a savage look, he decided to get something out of the company’s safe through the black hole. Firstly, he used the black hole to open a locked door. Secondly, he sticked the paper on the safe. Then he looked around gingerly. At first, he fished a pile of money out of the safe with a happy and unusual smile. Then he kept stealing money from the safe through the black hole until his hands couldn’t reach more. He then got into the safe through the black hole. The moment he totally entered the safe, the paper with the black spot sticked on the safe fluttered to the ground. At last, the man got stuck in the safe and rapped the door of the safe from inside. The story ends here, and we have no idea what will happen to the man later.Although the plot of this mini film is simple, the details are portrayed so meticulously. Through the black hole, the man gets a bar of chocolate first, and then keeps fishing money out of the safe. The change of his expressions and body movements shows that his desire is expanding. After tasting some sweets, he gets greedier and greedier, and even crosses the bottom line of humanity. In the end, he is swallowed up by his desire and only reaps what he has sown. After watching this mini film, I think the man is really greedy. However, if I got the black hole, I might do the same thing as him. Because the greediness of humanity is a universally acknowledged fact. However, who knows why man becomes so greedy and always has a growing desire?

I found the answer from God’s words: “The flesh belongs to Satan. Within it are extravagant desires, it thinks only for itself, it wants to enjoy comfort, and revel in leisure, wallowing in sloth and idleness, and having satisfied it to a certain point you will ultimately be eaten up by it. Which is to say, if you satisfy it this time, next time it will come asking for more. It always has extravagant desires and new demands, and takes advantage of your pandering to the flesh to make you cherish it even more and live among its comforts—and if you don’t overcome it, you will ultimately forfeit yourself.” From God’s words I understand that our pursuit of money and material comforts is for satisfying the extravagant desires of the flesh, because mankind has been corrupted by Satan, and our flesh has satanic corrupt disposition, therefore, we always pursue fleshly comforts and enjoyment and our personal interests. Besides, Satan also follows us, tempting and testing us in various ways. Sometimes our eyes are deceived and unable to tell good from evil. If we continue pursuing to satisfy our desires on and on like this, we’ll forfeit ourselves one day.

Then how can we solve the problem? God’s words also shows us the path of practice: “When you recognize that your motivations are wrong, if you are able to stop practicing according to your conceptions and motivations, and are able to bear testimony to God and stand firm in your position in all that happens to you, this proves that you have rebelled against the flesh. When you rebel against the flesh, there will inevitably be a battle within you. Satan will try and make you follow it, will try and make you follow the conceptions of the flesh and uphold the interests of the flesh—but God’s words will enlighten and illuminate you within, and at this time it is up to you whether you follow God or follow Satan.” “Thus, if you wish to love God, you must pay the price of pain and endure hardship. There is no need for external fervency and hardship, reading more and running about more; instead, you should put aside the things within you: the extravagant thoughts, personal interests, and your own considerations, conceptions, and motivations. Such is God’s will.” From God’s words we can see that if we want to control our desires, we need to forsake our flesh, put aside our wrong motivations and conceptions, and obey the leading and guidance of God’s words. In this way, we’ll have the strength to triumph over Satan’s temptation and trials. Now after we have found the path of practice, can we make a choice different from the man in this story if we meet the black hole one day?

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