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The CCP—the Maker of Lies and the Source of Evil (I)

Over three years have passed after the world-shocking “May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Incidence.” But the CCP government, which is well known for being deceitful, evil, malicious, and arrogant, has not at all ceased its campaign of cracking down on religious beliefs and persecuting Christians. Since 2014 until now, the CCP has unceasingly intensified its efforts to suppress the underground house churches and the Church of Almighty God in China. It has demolished the churches and crosses and arrested the preachers and believers across the whole country, and even has stretched abroad its evil hands of persecuting Christians. It has placed spies and bought off pro-CCP members and some websites and media around the world to widely spread all sorts of rumors and fallacies that libel and defame the Church of Almighty God, much with an aggressive air of never giving up till abolishing the Church of Almighty God thoroughly. About this, many people are puzzled: Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus and He has come to do the work of judging, purifying, and saving mankind in the last days. Why does the CCP government try every possible means to condemn and persecute the Church of Almighty God, resolved to abolish it? It even goes so far as to stigmatize the Church of Almighty God as a political organization and spread rumors on big websites and major media, saying, “The Church of Almighty God claims that China is under the ruling of the great red dragon (mentioned in the prophecy of Revelation in the Bible), and that the Chinese Communist Party is the great red dragon that comes out to persecute God’s chosen people in the last days, as prophesied in Revelation. It even predicts that the great red dragon will be destroyed by God. The rapid development of the church is worrying the government, and we fear that it has the political motive of overturning the government.” But, what is the truth? Next, let’s expose the CCP’s sinister intention of slandering and framing the Church of Almighty God so as to restore the truth and recognize clearly the devilish face of the evil CCP—the maker of lies.

christian persecution in China

The label of “overturning the regime,” I believe, is not unfamiliar to most Chinese. Most of us deeply know that the “great, glorious, and correct” Chinese Communist Party is always “concerned about its country and its people” and “worried” its regime might be overthrown and its people would live in misery. Therefore, the slightest sign of disturbance from outside would touch the sensitive and fragile nerves of the CCP. In 1989, many young students, who truly cared for the fate of the county and offered advice to the CCP, were labeled “counter-revolutionaries” by the CCP and fell in pools of blood from the slaughter in Tiananmen Square. In 2010, Liu Xianbin, a Chinese activist who safeguarded civil rights in China, had his home ransacked and was arrested by the national security police and sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment on the charge of “instigating others to overturn the regime” just because he criticized in his writing the jelly-built project of the school buildings destroyed in the earthquakes in Sichuan Province. Alimjan, a Uygur Christian, was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment on the charges of “being implicated in instigating others to disrupt the state” and “providing illegally state secrets to foreigners,” after the CCP learned that he had mentioned to his Christian friend in the U.S. that the local Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau was investigating his so-called “preaching the gospel illegally.” In China, more and more people are labeled “overturning the government” by the CCP, so that everyone feels insecure and keeps his mouth shut. Now, the CCP government repeats its old trick, putting the label on the Church of Almighty God.

In fact, those who have some common sense are all clear that any party or organization whose political purpose is to overturn the government will surely rush about and appeal for its political aim, clearly put forward its political slogan, state its political idea, and announce its political program, and the operation of the whole team will be centered around its political objective and power struggle. In history, a peasant uprising of any dynasty or a party of any country has its slogan and objective. For example, Chen Sheng and Wu Guang revolted toward the end of Qin Dynasty, and they used the slogan “Birth cannot make a great general or minister” to boost the morale of the army. Zhong Xiang and Yang Yao in the Southern Song Dynasty revolted with the goal that “All, whether noble or lowly, rich or poor, shall be treated equally and share and share alike.” The Chinese Communist Party has its political slogans not only at the beginning when it was established but also at different periods since it came into power, such as “Land to the tiller” during the period of the land reform, “Revolution is no crime, to rebel is justified,” and “Down with American imperialism! Down with Soviet revisionism!” during the Cultural Revolution, and so on. However, since the Church of Almighty God was founded, all the Christians in the church have done is preach the gospel to people and testify that the Lord Jesus has returned and He is the incarnate Almighty God in the last days. They have been spreading and testifying the words of Almighty God, telling people how to be human according to God’s words and live out a meaningful life. They have never had any political slogan, nor have they announced any political program, and even less have they expressed the intention of overthrowing any government or political party. It is clearly stated in The Manual of Principles for Church Work that no one is allowed to participate in any political activity, and that God’s chosen people must abide it strictly. Whether when having meetings or when contacting each other in everyday life, the Christians in the Church of Almighty God all hold a heart of reverence for God, and share with each other their experiences and knowledge of God’s words. They have never talked politics, and even less have they participated in any political activity. As the saying goes, “Mouth is the door of the heart.” And the Lord Jesus said, “the tree is known by his fruit. … for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:33-34). Just think: If the Church of Almighty God had any political purpose, if the believers in Almighty God had the ambition and desire of overturning the government, could they refrain from talking about it? Could they resist the desire for political power and not in the least talk politics? Even if they can control the desire for a while, it is impossible for them to control it for decades. In addition, the Church of Almighty God has publicly testified the return of the Lord Jesus to the entire world. The website of the Church of Almighty God is open and transparent to all the people in the world. Has anyone seen any political petition on its website? Has anyone found its political slogan or program on its website? The kingdom gospel of Almighty God has been preached in China for more than twenty years; has anyone heard the Christians of the Church of Almighty God stirring up others to overturn the government? Obviously not! The fact sufficiently proves that the Church of Almighty God is ruled by Christ and that the duty of the Christians in the church is to spread and testify the words of Almighty God so that the whole mankind can hear the utterances of the Creator and know the Lord Jesus has come back, and more people can come before God to be saved by Him. This is the fundamental work of the Church of Almighty God and all of this has nothing to do with politics. The fact is obvious to all!

Besides, any party or organization whose political purpose is to overturn the government will definitely do many things in attempt to overthrow the existing regime. It is well known that the CCP has a famous remark based on its experience, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” That is to say, if one party wants to overthrow the existing regime or to carry out the activities to overturn the government, it must have guns, cannons, and armed forces so that it will win power through violent revolution and armed struggle. The CCP was established and won power just through violent revolution and armed struggle. So are many regimes in history. In order to achieve their political purposes, every political party or organization would proclaim their values and political ideas to the world in various ways. This is a universally recognized fact. In contrast, the Church of Almighty God is composed of all those truly believing in God and pursing the truth. Of the Christians in the Church of Almighty God, most came from Christianity and Catholic house churches and they were “the head sheep and good sheep” who truly believed in the Lord in every denomination and sect, and a few, though they used to be unbelievers, were those who acknowledged God’s existence and had a good humanity and reputation. They are all law-abiding and unarmed common people. They have never organized any political petition, nor have they taken part in any political activity, and even less have they had any gun or canon or their own armed forces. They have never carried out any form of activity of overturning the government. Encouraged by God’s love, they work hard and run around to preach the gospel in order to perform their duty as a creature to repay God’s love. Under the cruel persecution and coercion of the CCP, they still insist on testifying Almighty God’s work in the last days for the purpose of bringing more people before God so that they can receive the truth, the way, and the life from God and cast off their sins to be saved by God. It can be said that what they do is a good deed, a virtuous act, and the most righteous cause of mankind.

In fact, it can easily be seen that the CCP’s rumors are highly absurd and untenable as long as we give them some consideration. Just think: If the Church of Almighty God wants to overthrow the government as the CCP says in the rumors, could they endure silently when they are refused, humiliated, or reported to the police in preaching the gospel? Would they endure the humiliation without any resistance for more than twenty years under the wild arrest and cruel persecution of the CCP? In the world, which organization that attempts to overturn the government would be so “slow to act” and “submissive”? Therefore, the CCP’s rumor—the Church of Almighty God has the political purpose of overturning the government—is untenable and entirely nonsense! By putting the label of “overturning the government” on the Church of Almighty God and stigmatizing that the Church of Almighty God is a political organization, it attempts to deceive and cheat the world so as to keep them away from the Church of Almighty God and hinder them from returning to God. This only reveals more clearly that the CCP is sinister, cunning, evil, malicious, and foolish to the extreme. It will only shoot itself in the foot by fabricating such rumors.

For the atheistic CCP, the political arena is the place where it can enjoy totalitarianism, seek self-interests, and do whatever it wants; its goal in playing various political games is to maintain its authoritarian regime and to achieve its ambition and desire of dominating the world in the end. Therefore, the CCP has not only frenziedly suppressed the religious beliefs and cruelly prosecuted Christians, but also fabricated various reactionary theories which are highly absurd to cheat the world and deceive mankind, attempting to lead the trends of the whole world and act as an overlord. In the CCP’s sight, politics is its lifeblood and losing politics is equal to losing everything. Being cautious anytime and anywhere, it stops at nothing to heavily defend its dictatorial regime, for fear of being overthrown by others. However, the Christians in the Church of Almighty God are not interested in politics at all. Almighty God says: “Although righteous forces do exist in this world, rule in which God holds no place in the heart of man is fragile. Without the blessing of God, the political arena shall fall into disarray and become vulnerable to attack. For mankind, being without the blessing of God is like having no sunshine. Regardless of how assiduously rulers make contributions to their people, irrespective of how many righteous conferences mankind holds together, none of this shall turn things around or alter the fate of mankind.” From these words it can be seen that being engaged in politics cannot change mankind’s fate corrupted by Satan, or make mankind break free from miserable, empty, and depraved life, and even less make mankind cast off their sins to be saved by God. Throughout history, God has not approved of any politician. Only if mankind worship God can they receive the truth, be protected by God from Satan’s corruption and affliction, and live in God’s blessings. When scrambling for power and profit in political system, people will become more and more crafty and malicious, and head for destruction in the end. Especially many of those in the CCP’s atheistic regime died miserably, even with their families ruined. This is an undeniable fact. Hence, the Christians in the Church of Almighty God have never taken part in politics. They believe in God only for the sake of pursuing the truth and eventually being saved by God; this is the goal of faith in God of the Christians in the Church of Almighty God, and also the demand of Almighty God on all Christians.

To Be Continued …

Part Two: The CCP—the Maker of Lies and the Source of Evil (II)


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