The End of Those Who Oppose the Lord’s Return

How can he see the Lord appear yet still refuse to accept the Lord’s second coming? How can he be always waiting and watching for the Lord to come, but at the time of his death leave behind a lifetime of regret? This movie clip will tell you the answers.

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So This Is How the Lord Returns They believe that when the Lord returns, He will certainly descend on a cloud, but there are prophecies that the Lord will come in secret, So what is the truth about His return?
Why Has God Become Flesh as the Son of Man in the Last Days? Most people believe that it will be the spiritual body of the resurrected Jesus that will appear to us when the Lord returns. But why has God appeared to man incarnating as the Son...
How Can We Welcome Second Coming of Jesus? The four blood moons have already appeared. This means that the great disasters will soon befall us. Before the great disasters befall us, How can we welcome second coming of Jesus...

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