The Good Remedy for My Mother’s Cancer

The Good Remedy for My Mother’s Cancer

Ever since I began to understand things, I knew my mom was often ill and had never stopped taking medicines, and that all the work in our home had to be done by my father alone. My mom often burned incense, worshipped Buddha, and even went to some witches for the treatment of her illness, but to no avail. At that time, a blind fortune-teller often came to our village. (Everyone said he was an expert fortune-teller.) He told the villagers that my mom would encounter a crisis at the age of 53. That year, not long after I left home for Japan, my mom was diagnosed with a terminal uterine cancer. Then she was hospitalized and had an operation. The doctor said that she had at most two years to live. My father sighed all day long on account of worrying that my mom couldn’t pass the crisis. All the people in our village remarked that my mom’s cancer would not possibly be cured. Those patients who were in the same hospital room with my mom all had money and position. They ate highly nutritious tonics and took the best medicines. As a contrast, because our whole family lived on the little money gained by my father farming and we couldn’t afford the treatment, my mom didn’t accept chemotherapy after the operation. To our surprise, in that ward, my mom was the only patient who finally survived. When she went to hospital for a second examination, the doctor was utterly astonished and said that she had fully recovered from her cancer.

After three years abroad, I came back home. from The Church of Almighty GodUntil then did I know my mom once had a cancer. Then she testified about the wondrous deeds of Almighty God to me. Not long after I went abroad, one of our distant relatives preached the gospel of Jesus’ return to my mom. She said that God has returned to flesh to do the work of saving and purifying man through His words, and that the truth expressed by Almighty God can solve all the difficulties of man. Therefore, my mom accepted Almighty God’s end-time gospel, and she often prayed and read God’s words with brothers and sisters. Later, as the illness was aggravated, my mom had to go to hospital for an examination. Although she was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, she thought of Almighty God’s words, “The coming of illness is God’s love, there must be God’s good purpose in it. Although the flesh suffers a bit, do not accept Satan’s thoughts. Praise God in illness, and enjoy God in praises. Don’t lose heart in the face of illness. Seek repeatedly and don’t give up. God will illuminate and enlighten you. How about Job’s faith? Almighty God is an almighty doctor! Living in illness, you are ill. Living in spirit, you will be fine. As long as you have one breath left, God will not let you die. … God’s word is a sovereign remedy! Shame the devils and Satan! Touch God’s word and we will have support. God’s word remedies our heart instantly! Nothing will go wrong and everything will go peaceful.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) Almighty God’s words gave my mom faith and strength! During her illness, she never left the word of God, but prayed to God at all times. Through reading God’s word, my mom acquired some knowledge about God’s six-thousand-year management plan of saving man and God’s disposition expressed in each stage of His work, and realized her corrupt nature. My mom said that the coming of illness is truly God’s love! Otherwise, men would not rely on God and would not be so close to God in their heart, nor know God and know themselves, let alone see God’s wonderful deeds.

Afterwards, I read Almighty God’s words, “God has the authority to let a person die, telling that spirit to leave the flesh and return to Hades or return to the place where he should go. When a person will die and where he will go after death, these are determined by God. God can do these things at any time and in any place. He is not restricted by people, matters, things, space, or geography. As long as He wants to do them, He can do. For all things and living beings are under His sovereignty, and all things come into being or perish because of His word and His authority. He can raise a dead person, and this is a thing He can do at any time and in any place. This is the unique authority of the Creator.” “When the Lord Jesus raised up Lazarus, He said nothing except such a word as ‘Lazarus, come forth.’ What does this one word show? It shows that God can accomplish everything by His word, including raising up the dead. In the beginning when God created all things, when God created the world, it was by His words, the words of command, the words with authority, that all things came into being and things were thus accomplished. The one word spoken from the mouth of the Lord Jesus is just like the words spoken from the mouth of God when He created the heavens and the earth and all things, which has God’s own authority and the power of the Creator. All things were established and accomplished because of the words from God’s mouth, and likewise, Lazarus came out of the tomb because of the word from the Lord Jesus’ mouth. This is the authority from God. He is manifested and realized in God’s incarnated flesh. Such authority and power belong to the Creator and also belong to the Son of man in whom the Creator was realized. This is the knowledge God has taught man through the fact of His raising up Lazarus.” (from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh)

From Almighty God’s words, I see the authority and power of God’s word. In the beginning, God used words to create all things. All things were established and accomplished because of the words of God’s mouth. In the Age of Grace, the Lord Jesus raised up Lazarus from the dead by a single word. In the Age of Kingdom, the word expressed by Almighty God is even more the foundation of man’s existence and the good remedy that cures man’s illnesses. From the creation of the world until today, God has always been leading and supplying man with His words, so that man can live in God’s care and protection. God is the truth, the way, the life, and the One who holds sovereignty over all things and presides over the fate of mankind! Money cannot save man’s life; good medicine cannot save man’s life; fortune-tellers, though able to tell one’s fortune, cannot control nor change one’s destiny, either. My mom’s personal experience is a witness to God’s wondrous deeds, a witness that the good remedy for her cancer is Almighty God’s word and that only God Himself presides over the fate of mankind. Hearing her testimony, my younger sister, some neighbors, and I all accept Almighty God’s work in the last days, and return before Almighty God. Thank God!

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