The Love of Many Shall Wax Cold. A Commentary on Matthew 24:12

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And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

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In a co-worker gathering, we discussed why the desolation occurs in churches. It is recorded in Matthew 24:12, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” What specific acts are increasing lawlessness?

Dating back to the Age of the Law, the Jewish chief priests, scribes served God in the temple, but they didn’t obey His commandments, murdering the prophets and devouring widows’ houses. To protect their status, they only focused on explaining Bible knowledge and preaching men’s traditions or doctrines, and performed religious ceremony to delude believers, becoming enemies of God. These lawless acts are facts apparent to us all.

When Jesus did His work, those Jewish leaders didn’t investigate but spread rumors to deceive believers. Because they resisted and went against God, the Holy Spirit didn’t work in the temple and the temple became desolate. The other reason of the desolation of the temple was that Jesus had done a new work outside of the temple. As we know, Jesus not only preached the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, but performed many miracles. Those who sought with a true heart, such as the disciples of that time, recognized Jesus as the coming Messiah and followed the steps of His work through hearing the voice of the Lord.

Now, we read the Bible without any enlightenment, and cannot gain provision of life in gatherings, and feel no presence of the Lord when we pray. The same goes for other Christian denominations and sects. Some believers start to swim with the tide to pursue material comforts; Some just follow ceremony in their worship every week, but don’t read the Bible or pray to God at free time; some engage in jealous disputes and don’t put Jesus’ words into practice. The faith of brothers and sisters has grown cold.

Now, the situation of churches is the same as the temple in the latter days of the Age of Law. This makes us ponder: Is it because we don’t follow the work of the Holy Spirit? It is recorded in Revelation 14:4, “These are they which follow the Lamb wherever he goes.” Isn’t that the Lord’s guidance for us to search for the work of the Holy Spirit?

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