Do You Know the Root of Marital Fraud?

By Li Mowen

Marriage is an important juncture in everyone’s life. Many people have beautiful expectations on their marriage and have a great longing for it, hoping to find a reliable and ideal companion who can accompany them for their lifetime. However, in recent years, there are an increasing number of cases of marriage fraud and it continues to intensify. All kinds of means of fraud really have made people fearful and it is really hard to guard against. Please read the following news:

It was reported according to American media: American woman, known by police as the “Military Mistress,” personated a general’s daughter who was going to inherit a large fortune from her father. And she had been married to eleven American military servicemen over the past seventeen years. Every time after she got married, she cleaned out her husbands’ bank accounts, and absconded with all the money, leaving them in financial ruin.

Chinese media reported on November 23, 2010: Ms. Li, coming from Sichuan Province, used the excuse of marriage to defraud some overage youths. In two years, she committed five frauds and swindled victims of 140,000 yuan.

The Mirror Evening News reported on November 28, 2011: A 29-year-old man from Beijing, impersonating a rich man by counterfeiting an identity of Hong Kong and faking house properties, committed frauds on the pretense of making friends on Chinese dating sites. In a year, he defrauded half a dozen female senior executives of up to 5,786,000 yuan.

A woman, from Jianli County, Hubei Province, was rather good-looking. She was married to twenty-two men across seven provinces in the past six years to defraud betrothal gifts with the help of matchmaker. The shortest period of her marriage lasted for less than a month and the longest one not more than three months.

These cases of marriage fraud really made people sighed: Marriage which should be longed for by people now is reduced to a manner of fraud. Some people deceive individually and some deceive as a group. Even selling their flesh and integrity, they do not care. We can’t help asking: Why does the society become so evil and dark? Who is the one that controls all of this?


One day, when I was practicing spiritual devotion, I saw God’s words say, “‘Money makes the world go round’ is the philosophy of Satan and it prevails among the whole of mankind, among every human society. You could say that it is a trend because it has been instilled into the heart of every single person and is now affixed in their heart. People went from not accepting this saying to growing used to it so that when they came into contact with real life, they gradually gave tacit approval to it, acknowledged its existence and finally, they gave it their own seal of approval.” “Satan uses these social trends to lure people one step at a time into a nest of devils, so that people caught up in social trends unknowingly advocate money and material desires, as well as advocate wickedness and violence. Once these things have entered man’s heart, what then does man become? Man becomes the devil Satan! This is because of what psychological leaning in the heart of man? What does man advocate? Man begins to like wickedness and violence. They do not like beauty or goodness, much less peace. People are not willing to live the simple life of normal humanity, but instead wish to enjoy high status and great wealth, to revel in the pleasures of the flesh, sparing no effort to satisfy their own flesh, with no restrictions, no bonds to hold them back, in other words doing whatever they desire.

From God’s words, it can be seen that the source of darkness and evilness of this world is that Satan the devil takes power. The hidden hand behind each of marriage fraud cases, which brings ruin to people and their families, is Satan. Satan poisons people by raising one-by-one evil trends such as “Money makes the world go round,” “Money is firs,” “Every man for himself, and the devil takes the hindmost,” “Prostitution is better than poverty,” and so on. Under the edification and contagion of these evil trends, people believe that as long as one is alive, he must seek money, wealth and glory, pursuing to meet fleshly desires, so he puts money above everything else. For the sake of money, people spare no effort and even sell their flesh, integrity, and dignity. Just as the above frauds, they committed marriage frauds, aiming to get money. For money, they made up lies to win others’ confidence and then defrauded their property; for money, they sold themselves and got fake married; for money, they committed crimes together and used beauty to defraud. … Clearly, when Satan’s poison controls man’s mind and act and becomes his life, man will become more and more greedy, crafty, insidious, and malicious, losing conscience and reason. Man becomes a puppet of Satan, cheating and bullying everywhere and bringing harm to others. Therefore, the whole society becomes increasingly evil and dark There is no faith or sense of safety between people—it is all harming, using, cheating, and fighting against each other; and they all live in fear and nervousness. This is the result of Satan corrupting man.

So, what is the final result for those who follow Satan to pursue social trends and engage in evil? God’s words say, “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone” (Revelation 21:8). “And, behold, I come quickly; and My reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be” (Rev 22:12). “He is tolerant and merciful toward things that are kind, and beautiful, and good; toward things that are evil, and sinful, and wicked, He is profoundly wrathful, such that He is unceasing in His wrath. These are the two principal and most prominent aspects of God’s disposition, and, moreover, they have been revealed by God from beginning to end: abundant mercy and profound wrath.” God’s disposition is righteous and holy and doesn’t tolerate man’s offense. The principle with which God treats man is rewarding the good and punishing the evil. To those who murder, fornicate, practice sorcery, and engage in evil, God shows profound wrath and finally, they will suffer God’s righteous punishment and destruction. On the contrary, to those who love the truth, long for the light, and seek the beautiful and good, God’s mercy is with them. Even though they have corrupt disposition after being corrupted by Satan, they are willing to repent to God and let go of evil deeds in their hands, and they are able to seek the truth, practice the truth, and long for God’s salvation. So God will lead them to cast off their corrupt disposition, to gain God’s salvation, and to live in God’s care and protection. From this, we can see that everyone’s deeds and the way he walks determine his own fate and destination. Whoever follows Satan and does all kinds of wicked deeds must suffer God’s curses.

In this dark and evil age, all kinds of satanic evil trends are poisoning and destroying our minds and bodies. What should we do to avoid being corrupted and afflicted by Satan?

God’s words say, “God has given life to man, given man everything, and bestows on man unconditionally without demanding anything, without any ulterior intention. He uses the truth, uses His words, uses His life to lead and guide man, bringing man away from the harm of Satan, away from Satan’s temptations, away from Satan’s seduction and allowing man to see clearly through Satan’s evil nature and its hideous face.” The substance of God is beautiful and good and holy. Only God has the true love for us humans, and only God has the authority and power to save us from Satan’s influence and bondage. Even though Satan indulges in pleasures and stirs up disorder and wantonly afflicts man in the world, God doesn’t sit there and do nothing, but instead He saves us by personally coming among man to do His work and express word. He calls and supplies us with His word of life to awaken our heart and spirit, so that we will be able to see through tricks of Satan and discern both positive things and negative things, and thereupon, we will no longer listen to Satan’s temptation, but walk the bright path of fearing God and shunning evil. So, only by coming before God to accept His salvation and accept His words as our lives, can we completely escape the affliction of Satan and live in God’s care and protection and blessings.

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