Troublesome Interpersonal Relationships

Troublesome Interpersonal Relationships

Nowadays, everyone assumes their different roles in society and contacts all kinds of people. In this environment, our interpersonal relationships are as complex as a cobweb and are as profound and unfathomable as academic research.

In the associations between children, classmates, family members, husband and wife, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, friends, or colleagues, people are always cautious about getting along with each other, as if treading on thin ice. Although they try their best to maintain the vast web of relationships, they are still inevitably confronted with rigid relationships due to some trifles.

Children quarrel with each other over a candy or a toy;

Classmates engage in a brawl for a pen or an eraser;

Family members wrangle with each other over the meal that is too salty or too insipid and is not to their taste, or even overturn the table and go away;

Husband and wife dispute with each other over some trifles, such as where to have a meal or to play, whether the socks should be turned over before washing, and whether the closestool lid should be lifted up or not, and so on. But who should submit to whom? Who is right? For the sake of self-esteem, they engage in verbal battles or even not talk to each other;

If the daughter-in-law throws away something unusable, the mother-in-law will make complaints that she is wasteful and can’t manage the affairs of the family methodically. Whereas, the daughter-in-law will complain much more that the mother-in-law is long-winded and officious. Thus, they dislike each other;

Friends may misunderstand each other just because of a fairly innocuous joke, and thereby they gradually separate from each other;

Colleagues may have jealous hatred of each other because the boss thinks highly of the others instead of themselves;

Everyone is compelled to face these complicated relationships. All these are like an intangible ties that has bound people from generation to generation, binding you, binding me and also binding him, but no one can free himself from it….

I couldn’t help asking: Why do we live so tired? Why are there always full of jealousies and conflicts among man? Later, I thought of a passage of Almighty God’s words.

Almighty God says, “How cruel mankind is! They trick each other, fight against each other, struggle for fame and fortune and destroy one another. When are these going to end? Despite that God has said millions of words, no one comes to a realization….” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) From the words of God, I know the reason why man lives so tired and has no normal interpersonal relationships with one another. It is that man pays not the slightest heed to God’s words, and thus lives under the bondage of Satan, being mercenary and struggling for fame and fortune, and doesn’t live out the likeness of a real man. Then, how can man live happily and live out the likeness of a real man? We can find the answer in Almighty God’s words.

Almighty God says, “When mankind has a real human life on earth, all Satan’s forces will have been bound, and man’s life on earth will be very easy and will not be as complicated as it is now. Such things as interpersonal relationships, social relationships, and complicated family relationships are too troublesome and too painful! It is too miserable for man to live in these things! After man has been conquered, man’s heart and mind will have been changed, and all men will have a heart of fearing God and a heart of loving God. When all those in the entire universe who pursue to love God have been conquered, that is, when Satan has been defeated, Satan will have been bound, that is, all the forces of darkness will have been bound, and man’s life on earth will be free from any disturbance and man will be able to live on earth freely. If man’s life is without the fleshly relationships and without the complicated fleshly things, it will be much easier. Man’s fleshly relationships are too complicated. That man has these things proves that he has not broken away from Satan’s influence. When you have the same relationship with the brothers and sisters as you usually have with your family members, you will be free from trouble and will not worry about anyone. That will be best. Then you will be relieved of half of your sufferings. When men live a normal human life on earth, they will be like angels. Although they will still be flesh, they will be almost like angels. This is the final promise, the promise bestowed to man in the end. (from The Word Appears in the Flesh) From the words of God, I understand only if man accepts God’s work in the last days and lives under the guidance of God’s word, can he break free from Satan’s influence of darkness, and finally live in the light of God’s word and enjoy the new life God bestows upon man.

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