Who Is the True God Worthy of Your Worship?

Nowadays, the two terms, “Mr. Dreamy” (it reads “nanshen” in Chinese, which means male god in Chinese eyes) and “goddess” have become the top-trending words and popular catchphrases. People frequently show their love by using words like “my Mr. Dreamy,” or “my goddess”. Some people even spit out rankings of the most popular stars and idols, calling them “top 10 goddesses,” “top 10 Mr. Dreamy,” or the national dream guys, the national goddesses, and so on. As we open websites, there will appear a lot of news and posts about “Mr. Dreamy” and goddess, such as some headlines saying “The List of Top 10 Accepted Goddesses of China,” “The List of Goddesses to the Asian Homebodies of 2014,” and also some other headlines about “topic queen,” “photo queen,” “a list of the most popular hostesses,” “butterface queen,” “mask goddess,” and “discipline goddess,” and etc. They offered comments on a dizzying range of topics.


These people’s definition of their “Mr. Dreamy” (it reads “nanshen” in Chinese, which means male god in Chinese eyes) and “goddesses” are the idols who are unsurpassable in their heart. These so-called “gods” are mostly stars and great men. Other people, like the opposite sex they have affection for, are also called “my goddess” or “my Mr. Dreamy”. They are quoted as saying that the attitude they take toward their “Mr. Dreamy” or “goddess” is “worship”. In their minds, the standard they use to judge a “Mr. Dreamy” or “goddess” is that he or she is quite attractive, elegant, and so on. For example, a post says, “A senior schoolmate of my college is the goddess I’ve adored for 4 years. She is extremely pretty, moreover, she has a rich and powerful family, studies very well, and is gentle to others, and knows how to speak well. All in all, she is brilliant, beautiful, and rich. She is my goddess, and I have been worshiping her all along.” Some other people say, “What is the most important is that no matter how ugly or rude she is, as long as you think that she is your goddess, then she is your goddess….”

In this way, people talk about and repeat “Mr. Dreamy” (it reads “nanshen” in Chinese, which means male god in Chinese eyes), and “goddess” at will. Actually, whether people get excited or are indifferent when these so-called “Mr. Dreamy” or “goddesses” are spoken of is unimportant. What is important is that the word “God,” this holy word, has become vague in the hearts of people of the last days. This word is completely distorted and defiled, and its real meaning has never been carefully explored and sought by anyone. At one time, “heaven and god” had a place in man’s heart and people had a heart of reverence for God. Nowadays, people live in emptiness, the desires of the flesh, and indulge in eating and drinking. People have an erroneous knowledge about the word God, so they randomly treat someone as their god. And even they themselves want to become “god” or “goddess”. No one is trying to know what God’s substance is and what He has and is. Moreover, what the true God is doing now, how he’ll treat this mankind, and how he’ll arrange the destination of this mankind who has been extremely corrupted, and those topics that are closely related to mankind’s destination, are all not cared about or understood by anyone. There is every reason for us to say that this situation is mankind’s sorrow and a microcosm of this mankind who has been corrupted to the extreme.

Who is God after all? What is God’s real identity? What can God bring to man? What should the relationship between mankind and God be like? How should we treat God? Shouldn’t everyone who has a heart and a spirit calm down and consider these questions? The Creator and Master of heavens and earth and all things, says, “God is the One who rules over all things, and who administers all things. He created all that there is, He administers all that there is, and He also rules over all that there is and provides to all that there is. This is the status of God, and the identity of God. For all things and all that there is, God’s true identity is the Creator, and the Ruler of all things. Such is the identity possessed by God, and He is unique among all things. None of God’s creatures—whether they be among mankind, or in the spiritual world—can use any means or excuse to impersonate or replace God’s identity and status, for there is only one among all things who is possessed of this identity, power, authority, and the ability to rule over all things: our unique God Himself. He lives and moves among all things; He can rise to the highest place, above all things; He can humble Himself by becoming a man, becoming one among those who are of flesh and blood, coming face-to-face with people and sharing weal and woe with them; at the same time, He commands all that there is, and decides the fate of all that there is, and what direction it moves in; moreover, He guides the fate of all mankind, and the direction of mankind. A God such as this should be worshiped, obeyed, and known by all living beings” (“God Himself, the Unique X”).

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Combined with God’s words, we can know: God’s true identity is the Creator. He administers all things in the universe; He uses His authority to establish laws and order of survival for all things; He sets boundaries for all things, and provides for and nourishes all things; and He provides a stable living environment for mankind. All God does cannot be replaced by any created being. By contrast, man’s essence is the created being who was made out of the dust of the ground and was given the breath of life by God. It is because of God’s provision of life for man that man is able to live and propagate until now. Therefore, not only does man not have the authority to create all things, but he doesn’t have the authority to rule over all things. Man, after being corrupted by Satan, has been filled with many corrupt dispositions; they are conceited, arrogant, crooked, evil, licentious, and selfish. Then, how could God and such a corrupted and rotten mankind be mentioned in the same breath? How could man be called “god”? Behind these flatteries, what cannot be concealed are interests among men, and cheating, adultery, corruption, and befuddled life. So we have every reason to say that these so-called “Mr. Dreamy” (it reads “nanshen” in Chinese, which means male god in Chinese eyes) or “goddesses” in the mouths of their fans and those people who fall in love are all in essence Satan-corrupted created beings and full of satanic dispositions. They cannot be compared with the Creator God, much less can they be called “gods”. God is God, man is man, and this is an unchangeable fact.

If it is not for the revelation of God’s words, no one will know that there are Satan’s schemes which corrupt and devour man behind this social phenomenon of “Mr. Dreamy” (it reads “nanshen” in Chinese, which means male god) and “goddesses”. God says, “It is the vain hope of Satan to corrupt mankind to a certain degree, make the world foul and evil, and so drag man down into the mire and destroy God’s plan” (“Interpretation of the Fifth Utterance”). “No matter what the time, place, or your background, you must not confuse God with any other person, thing, or object. Regardless of how unknowable and unapproachable you feel the authority of God and substance of God Himself is, regardless of how much the deeds and words of Satan agree with your conception and imagination, regardless of how satisfying they are to you, do not be foolish, do not confuse these concepts, do not deny the existence of God, do not deny the identity and status of God, do not push God out the door and bring in Satan to replace the God within your heart and be your God. I have no doubt that you are capable of imagining the consequences of doing so!” (“God Himself, the Unique I”). God’s righteous disposition is unoffendable, and God’s holiness cannot be defiled. God is unique. Those corrupted mankind who have been labeled as “Mr. Dreamy” (it reads “nanshen” in Chinese, which means male god in Chinese eyes) or “goddesses” so many times attempt to make people admire and worship them as God. But God’s authority and identity cannot be emulated by anyone, and even more cannot be replaced by anyone. Those people who live in falsehoods and worship idols all fall into Satan’s scheme. For those idols are made by Satan to deceive people, and man’s worshiping idols is in essence worshiping Satan, and thus man will perish with Satan in the end. So, Satan is the arch-criminal who deceives man, corrupts man, and devours man.

If man doesn’t know God, he’ll never get rid of Satan’s affliction, and only after attaining truth and knowing God can man truly worship God. God expresses truths to save man, aiming to change the misunderstandings man has toward God, and through His judgment to cleanse man’s corrupt dispositions, to make man know God and God’s work, know God’s almightiness and wisdom, and know how God created and manage all things and controls the life and death of man, and so on. After man has these true knowledge of God, he will see that God is the only One who is worthy of man’s worship. When man can truly praise and worship God from the bottom of his heart, then they will live in God’s blessings.

God says, “I urge the people of all nations, countries, and even industries to listen to the voice of God, to behold the work of God, to pay attention to the fate of mankind, thus making God the most holy, the most honorable, the highest, and the only object of worship among mankind, and allowing the whole of mankind to live under the blessing of God, just as the descendants of Abraham lived under the promise of Jehovah, and just as Adam and Eve, who were originally made by God, lived in the Garden of Eden” (“God Presides Over the Fate of All Mankind”). Now, God becomes flesh on earth to save man, and it’s the best opportunity for man to know God and worship God. May those who still ascribe to “polytheism” sober themselves up, no more muddle along, and walk out of the falsehoods of “Mr. Dreamy” (it reads “nanshen” in Chinese, which means male god in Chinese eyes) or “goddesses”, clear the eyes of their spirit, listen to the words of the Creator, keep pace with God’s work of saving man, and be an upright created being who only worships the true God.

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