Twenty-third Piece of Word in God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe

When voice comes out of my mouth and flame goes out of my eyes, I am searching the whole earth and watching the entire universe. All men are praying to me and looking to me, crying out to me not to get angry any longer, and swearing to me that they will no longer disobey me. However, it has no longer been the past but the present. Who can reverse my resolution? Can the prayers in men’s heart do? Can the words in men’s mouth do? Who can live to this day without me? Who does not live in the word of my mouth? Who is not searched in my eyes? I carry out my new work on the whole earth, and who has ever escaped from it? Can mountains avoid because of their height? Can waters resist because of their great quantity? In my plan, I have never been lightly loose with anything, so not a single man or thing has ever escaped from the manipulation of my hand. Today, my holy name is being extolled among all men, but again the word of protest is being lodged against me among all men, and the legend about me on earth is being circulated among all men. I do not tolerate anyone judging me or dividing my body, much less tolerate anyone cursing me. Because men have never truly known me, they always resist me and deceive me, not treasuring my Spirit or cherishing my word. Due to men’s doings and due to their attitude toward me, I give them the proper “reward.” So, men all work with their eyes staring at the “reward,” and not a single one has ever done a self-sacrificing work. Men are not willing to make a selfless consecration but like to obtain a costless “reward.” Peter, though consecrated before me, did not aim at the “reward” of tomorrow but at the “knowledge” of today. Men have never had true fellowship with me but treat me perfunctorily over and over again before me, wanting to easily obtain my appreciation through their “perfunctoriness.” I search the depths of men’s heart, so I have unearthed lots of “rich mineral deposits” in the depths of men’s heart. And I have made a new discovery even before men perceive it. Therefore, after they see the “material evidence,” they no longer “assume to be humble,” but spread the hands acknowledging their uncleanness. Within men there are more fresh things for me to “explore,” so that all men will be supplied with enough enjoyments. I have never stopped my work because men “cannot withstand,” but have been pruning them according to my original plan. Men are like fruit trees, which will hardly bear fruits without being pruned, in the end leaving only dead branches and fallen leaves to be seen but with no fruits falling to the ground.

I am arranging the “inner room” of the kingdom every day, and no one has ever burst into my “working chamber” to disturb my work. All men are doing their best to cooperate, in fear that I would “dismiss” them, making them “unemployed,” so that they will no longer have a way out for living, thus falling into the “desert” occupied by satan. Because of men’s “fear,” I comfort them every day, arouse their love every day, and educate them in their life every day. It seems as if men were all new born infants, who would depart from the earth and part with the world forever without the supply of milk. In men’s callings I come among them, and they immediately live in the world where there is light and no longer shut themselves in the “room” making prayers to Heaven. Seeing me, they immediately pour out the “grievances” in their heart, opening their mouth toward me for food to descend into it. However, after that, they are “fully at ease and fearless,” and they no longer ask me for anything but fall sound asleep or deny my existence and go to do their own business. From their “abandonment” it is clearly shown that they have no “emotion” but practice “righteousness” toward me too. So, seeing men’s inelegant manners, I leave quietly, no longer to descend rashly because of men’s sincere callings. Unknowingly, men’s worries increase day by day. Therefore, they, when busy, are suddenly aware of my existence, and then they forcibly pull at my garment inviting me to their home to be their guest.” Although there are wonderful meals for me to enjoy, men still do not consider me their “family member,” but treat me as a guest in order to obtain a little “help” from me. So, during it, they “unreservedly” present their miserable condition before me, wanting me to “sign.” It seems as if they need a loan for their business, so they try their best to launch an attack” on me. From all the acts of men, I just “somewhat become aware of their intention.” It seems that in mens eyes I do not know how to observe their speech and behavior or search their hearts and minds, so they “pour out” to me all the experiences of all the matters without any reservation and then make demands on me. I hate all deeds of men. Among men, no one has ever done the work loved by me. As if they purposely oppose me and intentionally “draw” my anger, all of them move about before my eyes and act according to their own resolutions before my eyes. Among men, not a single one lives for me, with the result that the whole mankind’s life is worthless and meaningless and the whole mankind lives in emptiness. Even so, men still do not come to themselves but go on disobeying me, leaving it to be empty.

Men have never been after my heart in any trial. Because of their unkindness and unrighteousness, they do not aim to testify my name but always “run the other way” while living on me. They have not completely turned their heart to me, so they are ravaged by satan to be covered all over with cuts and bruises and with filthiness. However, they still do not know their ugly face and always “enshrinesatan behind my back. So, with anger I cast them into the bottomless pit, making them never freed. Yet, in their weeping men still do not change their resolution, but always stiffen their neck and revolt against me, wanting to purposely provoke me to anger by that. Because of their manifestation, I treat them according to their sins rather than show them the warmth in my bosom. Angels serve me and obey me consistently, whereas men act to the contrary, as if they did not come from me but from satan. All angels are doing faithfulness on their own position, and they are not influenced by satan’s force, but are just performing their own duty. All the sons and the people, watered and fed by the angels, grow healthy, none of whom has ever been weak. This is my deed and my wonderfulness. In bursts of salutes’ sound in the founding ceremony of the kingdom, angels walk to my reviewing stand with the rhythmic accompaniment to accept my review, for they have no “impurities” or “idols” in their heart, and they do not avoid my review.

When the violent wind roars, heaven presses down in a moment of time, so that all men are suffocated, unable to cry out to me according to their own will anymore, and unwittingly all of them fall down. Trees are shaking back and forth in the wind, the branches breaking with cracks from time to time, all the dead leaves swept away by the wind. An air of desolation suddenly fills the earth. Men all hold their own body in the arms, waiting for the disasters at the end of autumn to harass their body at any time. The birds in the mountains are flying everywhere, as if weeping out their sorrows to someone. In the caves, the lions are roaring, the sound bloodcurdling, as if there is an inauspicious presentiment, which forebodes the outcome of mankind. Men, unwilling to be dealt with by me as I wish, are all praying silently to the heavenly “Ruler.” But how can the violent wind be stopped by the ripple of a brook? How can it come to an abrupt end because of men’s praying? How can the thunder restrain its anger in the heart because of men’s timidity? In the wind, men waver back and forth; in the rain, men take shelter everywhere; in my anger, men tremble with fear, fearing that my hand would come upon their body, and it seems as if I were the muzzle which shoots bullets, aiming at their breast all the time, and as if they are my enemies, but they are also my friends. Men have never discovered my true will for them or comprehended my true purpose, so they offend me and resist me unwittingly, but they also see my love unconsciously. Men can hardly see my face in my anger. I hide myself in the dark-cloud anger and stand above the entire universe showing men mercy in the thunders. Because men have never known me, I do not chastise them because they cannot understand. In men’s eyes, I get angry from time to time and show a smiling face from time to time. However, even under the condition that men have seen me, they still have never truly seen the whole of my disposition and still cannot hear the pleasant sound of the trumpets, because they are too numb. It seems as if there is my image in men’s memories and there is my figure in men’s thoughts. However, mankind having developed to this day, not a single one has ever truly seen me, for men’s brain is too poor. Men have been dissecting me, but because human science is not “developed,” they have not produced any “research result” so far. So, there has always been a blank in the research subject on “my image,” and no one has filled it or “broken the world record.” This is because it has been a mercy that mankind can stand today.

March 23, 1992

from The Word Appears in the Flesh


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