Where Is Your Destination?

There is news reported: On July 1st, 2015, in the center of Panyang City, China, a woman stood at the  window of the tenth floor in an attempt to commit suicide. When she was just hesitating whether to jump off, a crowd of bystanders downstairs actually whistled and jeered. More and more people gathered around to watch the fun downstairs. Some residents said that many people were very excited, and some of them even took out their cell phones and called others, Come see someone really jumping off the building! Very exciting! According to the report, the crowd of onlookers made whistles and jeers constantly, and some shouted, “Stop doing pointless things! If you’re really brave enough, jump down!”, “Jump quickly! We’re tired of waiting!” And someone called the police, saying that the housing estate exploded and was on fire. The report says that the moment the woman fell off the building, there was not a sound around, and after that, people continued with various discussions, “Alas, who would have thought that she really did it?”, “Is such a living life gone just like this?”, “It’s too miserable! Alas, if we hadn’t jeered, perhaps….”

By the news, I feel sad for the woman’s suicide, and feel that people are so frail and their sudden impulse may bring their self-abandonment and the harm to their relatives. And I even more feel afraid of the indifference, sneer and contempt of life on people nowadays. Such news emerges frequently. There is no human touch and no real concern and help between people. Each of them is “letting things drift if they do not affect him personally” and “sweeping away the snow from his own doorstep and not heeding the frost on his neighbours’ roof.” When seeing others in trouble, many people even take delight in their misfortunes and kick others when they’re down. We can’t help but ask ourselves, “Since when have we lost the original innocence? Why have we become so cold? What kind of pain has caused us to make such a choice? Do we hope some people can encourage and understand you/ us? Have we ever thought of such a consequence? Where is our destination?”

Woman walking with luggage has no destination

Almighty God says,“In the beginning, Adam and Eve, who were created by God, were holy men. That is, in the Garden of Eden, they were holy, were not contaminated by filthiness, and were faithful to Jehovah, and they did not know to rebel against Jehovah, because they were not disturbed by Satan’s influence and did not have Satanic poison. They were the holiest mankind. They lived in the Garden of Eden, with no filthiness defiling them and no flesh occupying them, and they feared Jehovah. Later they were beguiled by Satan, and they had the poison of the serpent and had the heart of rebelling against Jehovah and lived under Satan’s influence. In the beginning, they were holy and feared Jehovah, and only such ones were man. Later, after they were beguiled by Satan, they ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and lived under Satan’s influence and were gradually corrupted by Satan, and thus they lost man’s original image. Mankind in the beginning had Jehovah’s breath. They did not have any disobedience at all and had no evil in their heart. The men at that time were real men. After men were corrupted by Satan, they have become animals, and what they think about is only evil and filthiness, without goodness or holiness. Aren’t such men Satan?” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

The root of men’s corrupt disposition is that they have been poisoned by Satan and trampled by Satan and that their mind, morals, insight, and sense have been badly damaged by Satan. The reason why men resist God and do not understand the truth is that their fundamental things have all been corrupted by Satan and are not the same as they were when originally created by God. So, the transformation of men’s disposition should start with their mind, insight, and sense, thereby changing their knowledge of God and their knowledge of the truth. People who live in the most deeply corrupted land know even less what God is and what believing in God is. The more deeply people have been corrupted, the less they know God’s existence. The more deeply they have been corrupted, the poorer their sense and insight are. The root of men’s resisting God and disobeying God is that they have been corrupted by Satan. Due to the corruption of Satan, their conscience becomes numb, their morals corrupt, their thinking decadent, and their mental outlook backward. Men who were not corrupted by Satan were obedient to God, were obedient to God’s words when hearing them, were sound in their sense and conscience,and were normal in their humanity. After they have been corrupted by Satan, their original sense, conscience, and humanity all become numb and are damaged by Satan. Thus, their obedience to God and their love for God are all gone.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

From Almighty God’s word, we have seen that men who were created by God weren’t corrupted by Satan in the beginning and had no evil in their heart, and only the men at that time were real men. Men nowadays have been poisoned by Satan and lived in this dark and evil world controlled by Satan. The general mood of society is getting worse day by day. The moral is declining. The world is dangerous, sinister, and cold. Between people, there is no true affection and warmth. From this, we have known it is because we have been afflicted by the evil one and been away from God’s care and keeping that we become so painful and helpless, as well as indifferent and selfish.

Some people may ask, “Can we be transformed if we believe in God? What kind of life will we have?” Let’s read another passage of Almighty God’s word, “With My word becoming complete, the kingdom progressively takes shape on earth, and people also progressively return to normal. Thus the kingdom in My heart is established on earth. In the kingdom, all the people recover the normal human life. It is no longer the icy winter, but a world of spring all the year round. And people no longer contact the desolation of the world or endure the coldness of the world. People do not fight against each other, and nations do not war against each other; there is no more slaughter, and there is no more blood of slaughter flowing. The whole earth is full of joy, and every place is brimming with the warmth of the world. I travel over the whole earth, I enjoy on the throne, and I live among the stars. The angels offer new songs and new dances to Me and are no longer tearful due to their ‘fragility.’ In My presence, the angels’ weeping is heard no more, and no one pours out his sorrows to Me anymore. Today, you all live before Me; tomorrow, you all will live in My kingdom. Isn’t this just the greatest blessing I bestow to people? Due to the price of today, you will inherit the future blessing and live in My glory. Are you still unwilling to contact the substance of My Spirit? Are you still willing to kill yourselves? Men are all willing to pursue the visible promise, even if it is transient; but no one is willing to accept the promise for tomorrow, even if it is for eternity. However, what men have seen is just what I am going to destroy, and what men cannot touch is just what I am going to accomplish.” (from The Word Appears in the Flesh)

God means what He says and will surely accomplish what He means, and it will be forever! I believe you have found the answer in God’s word!

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